I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Tales of Coughman.

This whole apartment is poisoned with crazy man's second-hand smoke.  It's been affecting my lungs.  If I do something, like get up and go to the bathroom, you can smell him chain-smoking as a result of his hatred.  He also smokes pot, and that's apparently when most of the delusional paranoia begins, and he starts his 'retaliatory' bangs.  The fact that he waits for hours until he thinks I'm asleep, and that he follows beneath me to wherever I am, or am sleeping, just illustrates how obsessed he is.  Spending all that time on nothing, nothing positive.  He is on retirement social security, living alone - this is how he retires, in this shit-ass town, spending his days fighting with ghosts?  I'm here because I became disabled.  If I were him, I'd have moved to Florida to retire.  As I said, he did at least two more bangs lately - (which also means rain is on the way).  One of them set my dog barking.  I have a sentient creature to care for, so I would not choose to retaliate even if I wanted to.  But, I also know the problem is in this guy's head, and has nothing to do with me, and to wage a war would only amplify - wd?! - the situation, and worsen my CFS.  He literally nearly killed me, because of my illness, a few years ago.  The landlord has done nothing.  My lung mucosa goes dry, in waves, which is part of CFS.  When I go for walks, pollutants collect, and I end up having to clear my lungs and throat later.  Pretty quietly.  But, the crazy man hates ANY noise from up here, and so has retaliated against that, as well.  If he would stop smoking, I'd probably have to clear my throat less often.  Lately, his smoke has me wheezing at times.  Some people just choose to live like death incarnate.

BTW: Now that Hunter Biden has officially said that he is being investigated, the media finally acts like it is a story.  Since he himself has said it.  Ipsi dixit.  And here's how they present it, pretty much: "Hunter Biden announced today that he has been under investigation (for almost two years), but assures us that he has done nothing wrong."  Compare this to to four years of basically arguing that Trump was a Russian agent.  And, they are NOT reporting: that there are many witnesses; that this goes BEYOND Biden's taxes, and that Joe Biden is clearly implicated.  The concept of Hunter/Biden ever swaying China's influence on the USA - the elections, perhaps - the virus, perhaps - this might as well be monsters under the bed.  Like LBJ's, etc., extramarital affairs, deemed unnewsworthy.  Meanwhile, various Dems have been sleeping with, and employing, Chinese spies.  Where is the great rationality, the spine, of America?  Where is the morality I keep hearing about?  Do these people all believe in god because they are really nothing but devils?  Cough, cough.  When a lovely thing dies...
Tags: american insanity/ stupidity - usa, biden - hunter biden/scandals, crazy bald guy downstairs, media madness!

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