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Down and Out of Time

I didn't get to spend time at the library yesterday.  I did walk to Walgreens.  There is yet another Walgreen female who appears interested.  I eyed this new person about a month ago, she being my size, dark hair, energetic.  I was just trying to see if she was cute.  She remembered that.  So.  At the cash register, she was overly busy-like, and then screwed up on a coupon.  This might be a sign.  When I was done, I started to leave, and a female behind me darts right up behind, to claim the countre.  Not only rude, but not good in the age of COVID.  So, I just stopped, grabbed my ass from behind my coat, and put my wallet in my pocket, while both females stared at me.  What is he doing?  What is he going to do?  I hate when someone focuses on me, and immediately I become some kind of social commodity, for gossip, and all that.

Jackass downstairs has been banging again.  Both times when he thought I was sleeping: 7:am and 1:pm.  Nothing in the middle of the night, which is probably the only benefit from my calling the police.  And it won't last long.

Watched, "Clerks," and, "Mallrats," as I begin my Kevin Smith spree.  Shannon Doherty was hot when she was thinner/younger.  These films apparently launched the careers of several people.  But they were inspired by Smith viewing the movie, "Slacker."

Now, I saw, "Slacker," once, and I liked it.  It began the 1990's.  I always wanted to see it again.  I bought the movie, "Slackers," thinking I had found it, but it was a totally different movie, (exploiting the first one).  Well, finally, after looking up Kevin Smith on Wikipedia, I have discovered it again!  So, eventually, I'll borrow a copy via the library system.  It's a movie that says it is OK to do things that other people consider an irresponsible waste of time.  Society needs to slack at times.  Most geniuses were mental slackers.  People think I am a slacker, but I'm not - I have, "Yuppie Flu."  Can't go through life without people hating you for anything.  So many people are such jealous buggers they compete with gravestones.

In his review for the Austin Chronicle, Chris Walters wrote, "Few of the many films shot in Austin over the past 10 or 15 years even attempt to make something of the way its citizens live. Slacker is the only one I know of that claims this city's version of life on the margins of the working world as its whole subject, and it is one of the first American movies ever to find a form so apropos to the themes of disconnectedness and cultural drift".[16] Time magazine's Richard Corliss wrote, "Though set in the '90s, Slacker has a spirit that is pure '60s, and in this loping, loopy, sidewise, delightful comedy, Austin is Haight-Ashbury".[17]

The film also popularized the use of "slacker" to describe "a person regarded as one of a large group or generation of young people (especially in the early to mid 1990s) characterized by apathy, aimlessness, and lack of ambition".[22]

Linklater has said that he wanted the word to have positive connotations. For example, in a self-interview in the Austin Chronicle, Linklater stated: “Slackers might look like the left-behinds of society, but they are actually one step ahead, rejecting most of society and the social hierarchy before it rejects them. The dictionary defines slackers as people who evade duties and responsibilities. A more modern notion would be people who are ultimately being responsible to themselves and not wasting their time in a realm of activity that has nothing to do with who they are or what they might be ultimately striving for.”[23]

In the early 1990s, Slacker was widely considered an accurate depiction of Generation X because the film's young adult characters are more interested in quasi-intellectual pastimes and socializing than career advancement. Linklater - who is a member of the "Baby Boom" generation - has long since eschewed the role of generational spokesperson. Moreover, Slacker includes members of various generations, and many of its themes are universal rather than generation-specific.[24]

I have cooked up some salmon plus a side dish.  The salmon turned out perfectly.  My dog always gets a little.  My internet has been prohibitively slow, if not completely impossible.  Why is this happening?  Yes, dial-up is slow, but there is more to this situation.  By now, I am certain that my landline company, Frontier, has been processing my data as regular voice, slowing it way way down.  Some of you may remember that, when I first started with this company, they charged me hundreds and hundreds of dollars for my dial-up use.  They did this even though I had explicitly asked them if there would ever be extra charges for dial-up, and they said no.  Frontier has been sued for dastardly practices in the past.  Well, I finally got them to stop this, at least on two of my server's phone numbers.  But now, they are just slowing me down, even there.  Why?  Why not?  They are hoping I - and people like I - will finally ask for their internet service.  Ka-ching.  This countries internet arrangement is derangement.  Anyway, I am really not able to post anything tonight.  My search engine isn't working.  All others divert to Bing trouble.  My next plan is to be online at the library for a good while.  I also expect to do an Aldi's run.  Should be ill tomorrow, at least.

PS - My internet always slows down after I post things the Ferret doesn't want to hear.  So, it's possible that I am being quashed by Big Brother.  After all I have done and posted in the past, it would be no surprise to me, or anyone, actually.  The intelligence agencies, Big Tech, corporate monopolies and billionaires, China, and the Democratic party, are now all one big kabosh on free speech.  They started with Alex Jones, then others - mainly conservatives or nationalists, (i.e., anti-globalists), then they censored the president, and they manipulated the election in countless ways, including banning the truth about the Hunter/Biden scandal.  Banning the truth, because it conflicts with the politics of the powers that be.  BANNING THE TRUTH.

Competing with gravestones.

It is also possible that something is messing with the LJ servers from Russia.  Is your LJ slowing down to a halt?

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