I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

in which old TV series and decadence are mentioned

Indeed, I hiked to the far Walgreens, then to Aldi's and home.  I wasn't up to hauling a heavy load, and I had forgotten my big canvas Army bag, so I tried to keep things to a minimum, and it worked.  Although I began the trek feeling weakish, I could later be seen walking juantingly over the hills.

There are two female cashiers at the far Walgreens who like me a little.  The one who really likes me: I posted of her before.  I walked in and saw this wonderful face looking up at me, while she was stocking.  Apparently, she has locked into me now.  I'm not interested, but she reminds me Laura Prepon of That 70s Show - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laura_Prepon.  (I sometimes get her confused with My So Called Life and Igby Goes Down girls).

But she also reminds me of a girl I knew in Madison and Philly.  I met her and Amanda on a bus.  She took on a Native American name, and once dressed in skimpy black lingerie to a party.  She was the only one.  But she was skinny.  How weird it would be if this now-large Walgreen's person was her - because she acts like she knows me.  That would be soooooooo weird.  And also pathetic.  Btw - this girl, now older, was bedecked in indigo ink and flaming tongues of fluorescent hair - so it could be her, lol.  Either way, there's nothing like meeting someone who has really surveyed the underbelly of civilisation, for a long time, and yet who still thinks I'm something to be interested in.

"You may be wondering how the boy next-door turned out. Well, take care and say a prayer because he's still there..."

Which reminds me, I am now following this Russian guy posting pics of anything and everything totally decadent if not decrepit.  He (omletman) and his gang hang around drinking pot and smoking beer and sexing have and probably eating their pets.  One of his pics reminded me of those two female roomies I wrote about recently, although, no.  My roommates didn't walk around drugged and naked and all that.  But, I can see some resemblance.  In another world.  Where McDonalds means revolution - Trigger warning - naked and drugged - https://imgprx.livejournal.net/16e211fd19f081b8aaf5fe78659de5d529eccb7d/C5Jshj5oyALjiTIaE-Q5bm5tQha35n4lHfQ28JOMjtBhl58slT8wXIIydOhu08al8DLiNmMPpO9QxWsMJtQEC6iM4FoWkYlnAhsFagftMYrmUJlhNDTQpKIShLOfUI82P6M5gU-2355spJ1IvRhbuA

I drank a bottle of witch hazel in two days, and it seems to have helped.  No time to explain.  But, woke up this morning in a whole new kind of fatigue, like my brain was catching up, and cleansing itself, now that it had the chance.  It was also the end of that severe headache which was, did I mention, CAUSED BY THE MAN DOWNSTAIRS?  I am not cured - will never be - but this is something I can use.  In fact, there is a little witch hazel in tonight's wine.  I think this might also be a recommendation for minimising hangovers, along with Benadryl and stanky sock spliffs.

You may think I'm silly, but I'm way more popular than omletman.

The following picture made me think how it would be so nice to just have an anonymous Russian life, that nobody is really aware of, surrounded by your buildings and cars and other people's secret lives. Oh, to just be a Russian, somewhere that is nowhere, to live and die unknown, but to have actually lived, and been a singular entity on this terrific hodgepodge of a planet - https://imgprx.livejournal.net/fd510778f319151632ca59caea4e1b9eec2ac17f/C5Jshj5oyALjiTIaE-Q5bm5tQha35n4lHfQ28JOMjtBhl58slT8wXIIydOhu08al8DLiNmMPpO9QxWsMJtQEC-jId-4sSEg9-kGFA530m2O9jJyGe_NwAIhGbc8JBi0GRL_m8zk-ucUIMCXTmKMAwA Yes, half-naked and smoking a cancer stick in a grey smog, but - that is a life. Just a life.

I looked up Janine Turner, the pilot woman in, "Northern Exposure."  She's pretty interesting.  She looks like my Fourth Grade teacher, ikes, but she's doing all this unique stuff which should qualify her to run for president, by damnie!  Look how she has kept up her health and appearance even though she is a real real old lady.  She must be wonderwoman. - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Janine_Turner

I have my "POPsicle" mix going. At just the right, ergo wrong, time, it played a song that was important to Ashley and me. Always kills me with sadness when I hear it, and I'm guessing it does her as well, because. Things that never would be. I said goodbye to her, and never wanted to eb friends after that, as is my fashion. No one knows, though, that I cannot be friends with CFS, and still take care of the minutia of my life. I don't know what guy can continue on as friend after his gf has fawned over him like he was a superhero - and then what, after that? Too much dissonance to drag any guy back, but especially for anyone with CFS. I would rather just have friends, who realised I was a pancake, than someone hungry for my hot monkey love. ("It's over"). - "Stay..." - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k53NGe64RBU

I wish we could swim like dolphins can swim.
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