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I am the person who will destroy China.


Went to sleep in the back room, with dog on futon.  2:10am, three rounds of slow, loud bangs directly below.  This is completely consistent with crazy-man-downstair's behaviour in the past.  He is jealous of hearing me do anything up here - this time, cooking a turkey - and he retaliates by banging on the wall, directly below.  He has been here for four years, and this is what he does.  It provoked my illness so bad that I could have died.

I got dressed and called the police.  A police guy came over fairly quickly.  I told him the story, and that this lunatic will lie about it.  So, the cop went and talked to crazy man.  You could hear his loud, whining voice, which ended with, "He should apologise."  Then the cop came over and talked to me again, as I was still outside with dog.  He apparently was convinced that crazy man was asleep at the time, and had done nothing wrong.  This has been going on for four years.  The guy lies to the police, lies to the LL, and keeps doing it.  He talks like a normal, victimised person, while, in private, he pulls this complete, immoral bullshit.  He should be in jail.

His story was that he has had problems with people coming buy and knocking on his windows.  That couldn't have happened, because the banging was against a wall, directly below, and long, drawn out - the same BANGS he has done ni the past which, apparently, are supposed to scare or something.  Whatever the rational, this guy cannot help himself, and exhibits paranoid, obsessive-compulsive 'passive' aggressions - then he lies like a psychopath.  I, myself, have never had any trouble with kids knocking on my front door or window, which are downstairs.  If they had done this, in a slow, drawn out cluster of very loud bangs, I think they would have been idiots, trying to get themselves caught.  Tonight, I listened attentively and heard NOTHING from outside, following the bangs.

Crazy man knows I am disabled with illness, and so these are attacks against the disabled.  Recall, also, the time he came out and yelled at me for shovelling at night - because I am mainly able to be out three times a day, which includes when my dog demands it, at night - and that's when the snow had fallen!  yet he shouts that he will call the police because of violations of a noise ordinance.  Meanwhile, loud snow plows are rumbling down the streets.  But, somehow, I am the problem - I am the target.

As I told the policeman, tonight's banging were entirely consistent with what he has done in the past.  But, once again, what do the police say?  "You should get security cameras."  What?  So, there is no crime without technology to easilly prove it.  How will security cameras prove anything in this case?  I go to the trouble of calling the police, and they believe anything this guy says?  Why do they give equal or more weight to his claim that someone else had been doing the banging?  There were no security camera's to prove what he said.  Why would HE not have called the police about something so extreme?  The banging made my dog bark, and he was elsewhere in the apartment.  It lasted forever - he could not have missed it, if it were someone banging on his window.  Did he report previous incidents in the past?  But I have been complaining about this guy for FOUR YEARS.  Can no one put two or two together, or do they only want to play dress-up cop, dress-up landlord?

And who what outsider would be doing this FOR FOUR YEARS, banging forever, when there are neighbours on the other side who would have caught them - neighbours who are new there every year, or even less?  What a lying piece of garbage.  This guy need to apologise to ME, four years ago.  He should be in jail.  In fact, another time I reported him, the police officer said that the next time this happened, they would arrest the guy. THIS time, I was told there would be no report written about this, there would be no call to my landlord/company, and they could not arrest the guy without proof from security cameras.  I told the police officer that, then, THIS HAS ACCOMPLISHED NOTHING.  What's the point of paying their salaries when they are no better than a bunch of weak, 'fair-minded' hippies?  Gee, it was so nice to have someone to talk to, because I am a crazy lame-ass.

This is how the poor eat themselves alive.  They attack each other with this childish, animal bull-crap, and no one comes to the assistance of the innocent, because the police assume that everyone is guilty.  What they are looking for are bullets, after the fact, making the news, making themselves feel like they are doing something important.  I've been totally on the side of the police, when it came to Antifa/BLM idiots attacking them across the country.  But many of them, at least in this hokey town, are not making sense.  Not making anything better, just kicking the can down the road, and acting like they are authorities.  I have two judges in my family, do you think they get this treatment from the police?  No, they are accustomed to opening their mouths and being immediately attended to.  And so they are under the impression that they are great, and life is grand, and any noise from the innocent or poor is a problem - proof of some secret guilt.

It's a game of class warfare, not of right and wrong.  Security cameras, my ass.  Let's just install a great computer that meters out crime and punishment, discarding any TRUE evidence from reality - discarding any whole, big picture - while the police do nothing but merge into it like male suitors into the lure fish.  And anyone who fails to pay for this will get an automatic Get-Into-Jail-Free ticket.  After all, the peace-loving Democrats are chanting about defunding the police - is this what they mean? Defunding what's right, in favour of top-down control and injustice? Welcome to China 2.

Ramps and wheelchairs are given to the visibly disabled. But if it isn't mandatory, and if nothing is seen, then it must be OK - there must be nothing wrong. Maybe, if we keep our eyes closed, everything will be just fine.
Tags: brave new world, class - dumping on the poor, crazy bald guy downstairs, justice / injustice, police / abuse

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