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People are baffled about Trump distancing himself from Sidney Powell.  It isn't hard to figure out.  The guy who's hair colouring was melting - he doesn't want her blocking his sunlight, (irony intended).  Clearly, Giuliani said to Trump, "It's her or me!"  Powell had made serious, wide-ranging allegations about the now-well-popularised Deep State, and Giuliani wanted to focus on specific challenges.  Giuliani didn't want the big picture perfect spoiling the good of his court challenges.  But, more than that:

Everyone knows corruption involves both Dems and GOPpers.  That is how merchants and the powers that be control both parties.  So, to expose the vast grip of Dominion/Smartmatic manipulation, means exposing all the GOP candidates who paid to win their contests, as did so many Dems.  That's the whole thing.  Nobody wants to go too far in exposing anything.  If there was not this grip on both parties, electoral corruption would have been taken on after the 2005 Carter/Baker report.  Most everyone in DC, including the media, want things to stay the way they are, which is corrupt, counterproductive, undemocratic, and evil.  The election of Joe Biden was apart of this cancerous un-democracy.  Now we watch Trump, the great challenger, being forced to walk back, and back.  However, the persistence of Sidney Powell, if she is not suicided, will hopeful mean the reigning in of this crap by both parties.  https://wsau.com/2020/11/16/the-video-of-sidney-powell-everyone-need-to-see/

Second thought: Did you know that Hitler most probably 'borrowed' his nifty freaky mustache from Charlie Chaplin?  I'm have become 95% certain that Charlie Chaplin was Jewish, so, you can see the irony in that.   Chaplin, the Jew, inspiring - or, better, being raped by - the Arian Supremacist.  Right?   But, History is even sneakier.  Hitler was, at least, 1/16th Jewish, himself.  Some saw his will to normative power as a way to deny that part of him that was Jewish.  And yet he dons Carlie Chaplin's mustache.  Too rich.  Like making soap out of one's distant relatives.  Or lamp-shades.

But, deeper: Chaplin never admitted that he was Jewish, which he surely was.  What a time.  He continued on, making movies heralding the poor man, while Hitler consolidated his base partly by reeducating and exploiting the poor man.  The real irony is where these two guys intersect.  Two completely different ideas on how to save humanity, one grassroots, one top-down, but you've got to see the connexion.  "The Great Dictator," is a wonderful, stupid, awesome movie by Chaplin.  The way he scampers up those curtains is memorable.

Last thought: We go through our lives, wondering, questioning, looking, hoping, just getting by.  Sometimes the whole lot of keeping a body and its station going just seems too much to ask.  Just to keep all those cells going, that this sperm may one day hook up with that ova, and then, what?  That was it?  We went through all this numb doubting and hollow anguish just so - just so that we may replicate?  And so there shall be more like us down the road who, as well, have no clue but they solve it all by making more copies of themselves?  It is comical, and more than tragic, if you share my species, but the damn genomes seem to be heavilly invested, full of hope and meaning.  Good for them - but how for them?

It's like the whole human race has been slam-banged on a table, for the urgencies of desire, but really amounting little more than, comparably, being abducted by clinical aliens.  Religious sorts will say that there is faith in all of us, and so, if we keep on subjugating ourselves to this takeover, in proper ritual, then the great new world will one day arrive.  or, we should have faith that it SHOULD, and so we SHOULD keep directing this endless urge to recreate genes into proper social temper.  I don't know.  You know, all this is something Oscar Wilde could have taken up.  The existentialism, for the existentialists.  The carrot at the end of the rainbow, the religionists.  My only thought here is that we just, keep, on, going, and those genes just keep getting their way.  Are we dupes, or children, or deliberate actors for the future?

It's a fun, almost-philosophical game-of-it.  But, if you look at what is happening to the planet, and at the chances of ruin, then, maybe you feel you must shake yourself like a dog in the rain, and get going with your own life - what you want.  But, what do you want that is not the urgencies of genes?  Of the battings of intransigent molecules?  Listen.  Who would say that greater strivings are in line with the holy...  I say that all of this confusion of wills and intentions and memories and dreams and loss - I think they are the greater part of divinity, and should be left to fathom as they will.
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