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I keep getting swamped and defeated.  If you think I fail to live up to my LJ promises, just think how it is for me in real life.  Today, I felt just about able to get to the library by 1:pm, so i could be online there for two hours, and then proceed to Walgreens.  Instead, an all-body migraine took over.  Would not have been able to go to Walgreens at any hour.  So, maybe tomorrow I will do Aldi's and then Library/Walmart tomorrow or Monday.  A fat mouse walked through my bedroom last night, and I am almost ready to put up traps.  Almost.  I never lived inh a place which is so perennially refurbished with rodents.  Cockroaches are usually a problem by september, but not this year.  I lived in a college dorm house where cockroaches carpetted the bathroom floor.  I alone called the city about it, and now that house is gone.  Along with an old baby crib that was hidden in the attic, but that is another story.

Speaking of Shanghai, I tuned into a strange new radio station on short wave from 2-3:am Central Time, 9395mhz.  It was carried by WRMI, Radio Miami International, which is an xtian station.  The 'station' they carried was, "SupremeMasterTv.com", which I at first thought was from North Korea.  It was all about everyone living in a happy loving planet, especially where no one eats meat.  When they reported stories on scientific research, they thanked the honourable researchers.  They called Mike Pence, "The Honourable," and called Trump, "His Excellency."  I totally couldn't figure it out.  Was Buddha supposed to be the Supreme Master, or was that Xi?  I think this was very comfortable Chinese propaganda, and that it was emanating from Hong Kong.  It was delightful yet very weird.  What was up with all the vegetarianism?  And they spoke about Bill Gates.  So, this is very strange.  You can look into it, as I will, later.  I should say, it was worth listening to for the science reports.
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