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Girls I missed - Shannon

Posted on 2020.11.10 at 11:39
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After being homeless in Philly, I returned to Ye Olde City, because of CFS.  I basically did nothing but stare at a painfully spinning ceiling for years.  There was a warrant out for my arrest, but all I could do was lie in bed.  Eventually, I tried to address that warrant.  The attourneys told me I must prove that I am sick.  And, only for that reason, I applied for Social Security / Disability.  In fact, against the wishes of my SS lawyer, I even asked the SSA to give me the minimum amount possible in payments.  I won the case, because of the truth of my illness, and that got my warrant annulled.

From Social Security, I ended up with a year's worth of back payments, which amounted to several thousand dollars, in one lump sum.  I bought a used car.  And I spent a lot of  non-ill time running around in that car, visitting cafes, and all that.  Spending my money.  Subconsciously looking for a wife.  So, I will not deny that.  The difference between me and your regular rogues is that I have a lot of class, and am sophisticated, and I listen, and respect, and demure, and refrain.

I also decided to start a non-profit organisation, spending some of that money on it.  It was meant to help people with fatigue illnesses, (hopefully buying a house for them), and to create little urban park which would provide seclusion for them, and also help kids learn to respect and love nature.  I did buy two large urban lots, with the help of the park district and its wonderful administrator, R.I.P.

I was also interested in non-evasive species, and prairie planting, etc.  This had me contacting local people interested in plants.  One place was a greenhouse and outdoor growing business in a very nearby city.  When I first arrived, I talked to the manager, but noticed this extremely attractive girl, out of place, attending to the plants.

Her name was Shannon, which is a nice Irish name, but her father was German.  Shannon, Erin, Brenda, Megan, Kelly - I love these names.  And, this was one of the most attractive girls I had ever seen.  Delicate features chiselled perfectly, with a quite but attentive demeanour known only to the gods.  Turns out, Shannon soon became a manager.  So, every time I went there, I ended up talking to her, much to my joy.  And she liked me.  She did.  There are some people inj the world who don't know, or don't care, that they might make millions on their face alone, and tread upon all the rest of us with narry a blink.  Some people don't know or believe that is what the world is about.  Some people are naive, some people are wise.

So, she enjoyed my visits.  Here is another case of me being on a business mission, when I end up entranced by some female.  So, I am the type to proceed with principle, all else be damned.  But, I am also the type who is, ah, you know, pretty free and considerate of possibilities.  So, there was this tug-of-war going on in me.  But, I decided to keep it business, and, anything after that, well, that would be great.

I asked Shannon if she would like to come over and take a look at my two large vacant lots, with all their nifty plants.  She said yes, and, next thing you know, I was showing her around - with her frickin boyfriend following along!  And, let me tell you, she was a typical Ye Olde City UGH - visually, he clearly did not deserve her.  And - why was he here?  It was because he was intensely jealous.  Well, because it was business, that was OK, I guess.  Strange, but OK.  I continued the tour, with the two behind me.  I cleared some vines to pass, saying, "Ow!" - like the plant was hurt - and Shannon laughed.  Poor, poor jealous boyfriend!  I outranked him in every way.  Who, tell me, who! could tough the heart of a horticulturalist the way I do, hmmm?  WHo?!

Crazy Gay Guy On The Corner got to meet Shannon briefly.  While he was simmering underneath: that we had been surveying the lots he thought were his own - even though he never bought them.  Afterwards, I asked CGGOTC what he thought of her visits, and he said she was, "Cute as hell!"  I later told Shannon this, and she laughed politely.

Well, Shannon's boyfriend tailgated me after I visitted Shannon's business.  And he sent a letter telling me to stop visitting her.  And to stop send, "the letters!"  In fact, the letters were on official letterhead, and were all about business.  But, yet again in my life, I am disturbed by lesser minds.  I later wrote to Shannon, telling her I was done with this.  Her boyfriend had come out of nowhere and acted like he was her attourney.  Where is the spine of a girl like that?

Let me tell you.  It looks to me that there are no feminists, when it comes to sex, or relationships.  Interested females do not, in general, assert themselves in choosing a mate.  Instead, they wait for things to happen to them.  And so, Shannon ended up with a mere dork of a man, common in those regions.  Having CFS, I was not one to fight for her.  She was incredibly beautiful, though.  And in a natural way.  She would have been a fine wife.  Who knows what sadness she feels now.  Good, good girl, Shannon.  Too comfortable and normal, though, like everybody in that city.  But a woman who hold plants in her heart holds mine as well.

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