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I am the person who will destroy China.

somebody call the police

Out with dog, saw a police car parked in front of A-hole Guy's house.  Dog has learnt to be very interested in anything involving police.  Of course, he howls loudly with the sirens.  He also knows, by now, that they are the good guys.  I was hoping this had to do with said A-hole.  At 4:am last night, he drove up with on of his cars, and sat in his driveway to stare at me, as usual.  It's pathetic how he still thinks he is scaring me.  Then I walked with dog around my house, as usual.  Then, A-hole Guy pulls out in his other car, rounding the corner angrilly.  So, I wondered if anything illegal was up.

Turns out, the police car had something to do with someone right next-door.  A police man showed up at my door, causing dog to bark.  I was proud of dog who obediently remained on the stair platform, rather than rush out to look, as he is naturally so headstrong.  The police guy asked if I knew of any nonsense from someone next-door, and I said no, but would be willing to offer info if I had any.  I also asked if this had anything to do with A-hole Guy, since I will miss no opportunity to put that guy away.  No, it was not.

I refrained from mention problems with the downstairs next-door neighbours in the past.  They shot off a gun at 3:am while I was sitting out with dog, top scare me.  They have stepped into the front garden to look into my hallway.  They have stolen two of my packages, and returned them later.  They crank loud thumping music when they can get away with it.  They set of several nights of excessive fireworks on the corner, which occurred right before 6 people were shot, and one killed.  Yesterday, I had George Harrison playing, and performed some seriously masterful whistling along with, "WaWa!"  And arguments ensued out my window.  Possibly, the with the upstairs people, who might have been defending me, IF this had anything to do with me.

So - maybe the police thing was about them maybe retaliating against the upstairs people, who are white.  A TV was stolen from them, by someone very local, 3 nights after my recyclables had been scattered all over the neighbourhood.  Other than that, I never really get messed with, in a serious fashion.  Some people hate me because of some irrational jealousy, but these are buffered by so many people who, though they may not understand me, respect and actually like me, because I represent something, and I won't say what that is, but my life is deliberate.  Always, riff-raff moves in next-door, and it is not I who ends up tussling with them, it is A-hole Guy, who gets into a fight, and throws them out.  It's all a big psychological mess around here.

I just want to say, it is clear to me that Trump has a right to contest the latest race.  I supported Gore's contest in Florida, where he took over a month to concede.  It is a very good thing for democracy for one party to contest an election.  True Democrats should support this.  And, if they truly think Biden won, then they should not fear or berate it.  What should be scrutinised is the apparent set-up the DNC Dems have been building, planting thoughts into believers heads that Trump would never concede, that he would be the one stealing the election, and so on.  The behaviour and tactics of the Dems have been alarming and egregious.  If the GOP acted this way, in relation to a Dem candidate, I would say the same thing.

I think a lot of people have forgotten or mislearnt the immense work, sacrifice and intelligence which went into construction of the USA constitutional system.  I think a lot of people have angry dreams in their heads, and have little understanding of the consequences of their actions.  I think history has been chucked out the window.  The media has been dangerously supportive of the Dems and their messaging, including outright lies.  Big Tech has been censoring the truth, for political purposes.  People and organisations I once revered are now piling on, and demanding that constitutional democracy not proceed.  This is the beginning of fascism.  But more on that later.

Look at just one of the biased oppositions to recounts, etc., from Democracy Now, e.g. - http://www.democracynow.org/2020/11/10/trump_election_fraud_claims_lawsuits

Once again, Trump has every right to contest this election.  The media, on the other hand, has already deemed Biden the winner, which is simply, in reality, wrong.  They are calling him the president elect, and he is not.  It is important to keep in mind, these days, that THE MEDIA IS NOT REALITY.  Should Trump actually end up winning, the resulting riots and loss of life will be entirely the fault of the media, the DNC Dems, Big Tech, and the funders: George Soros and China.  It really baffles me that most people cannot see the tragedy that is unfolding.

And, 71 million people voted for Trump.  Many instances of voting irregularity have surfaced.  To act like 71 million people, seeking the truth, or at least closure, are nothing but deplorable racists, is just psychologically insane.  Constantly badmouthing the exercise of constitutional process is irresponsible and extremely dangerous.  STOP IT!
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