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The Big Loss - (?) - Part the Two

Since none of you entered my, "What did they do wrong?" contest, I will force-feed you the correct answers. Actually, I am only doing this as an adjunct to the main subject: What to expect for the next four years, if the planet does not explode in the meantime.

The Dems whole plan was to demonise Trump, ad nauseum, hoping to make all GOP candidates guilty by association. A campaign of hate. They were intending to knock out a slew of GOP candidates this year, take over the Senate, and proceed to enact the moves they failed to discuss during the debates: Packing the Supreme Court; getting rid of the filibuster permanently; and making PR and WDC states, so they would achieve a permanent Nirvana-like majority.

A blue wave never materialised. Instead, the GOP kept the Senate, (with enough room to prevent ties, which Harris could break); Pelosi's majority in the House was actually cut in half, and many other seats, especially Governorships, went to Republicans.

Behind the apparent win of Biden, there has been a big loss by the Dems, and they are now in disarray. Some are attacking others, demanding they drop the whole Woke/Multisectional/Everybody-is-a-racist thing. Others are doing the opposite: AOC shouted that one Dem's loss in conservative Missouri was because she didn't run a radical campaign.  They are fissuring.

The endless campaign to Satanise Trump, which he himself often encouraged, betrayed to many voters that the Dems were blowing smoke, acting childish, and often lying. It made them look as if they were possessed, with one track, vindictive minds. The riots, which they enabled, until they were forced to denounce them, didn't make this image any more positive. Their resorting, in so many spats, to calling their opponents racists, just to appease their new radical base, really turned off a lot of people - not because they were all racists, but because they were all PEOPLE.

Allowing the far left to take over, partly as a bow to Sanders, and partly as a genuflexion to their holy grail, the black vote, (even though that bloc was apparently taken over by crazy people. Absolutists, antisemites, building-burners, pro-China zombies who were apparently completely immune to the sacred COVID, unlike everybody else on Earth)... See, that didn't really turn a lot of people on.

What was expected to be a referendum on Trump, which would injure all other Republicans, was in fact a referendum on this new manifestation of the Dem party. There was actually a little red wave, including many new GOP females entering Congress. But, like ACB, means nothing for women, as far as the Dems were concerned. Trump did apparently lose, but he picked up 17% of black male voters, and many Hispanics disgruntled by their real-world experience with "socialism," i.e., tyrannical Statism. And he picked up more white woman. This was a general win for Republicans.  It cut into the Dems' multisectional/identity coalition, and now they are worried. Apparently, so many blacks and Hispanics didn't buy the line that Trumpism = racism. In fact, they probably found it daft if not insulting.

Personally, I think everything people hated about Hillary Clinton had transmogrified into the nature of the entire Democratic Party, itself. Like Clinton, the whole party now looked at GOP people as Deplorables. Like Clinton, it insisted it was morally correct, and the enemy was Satan. And, it insisted that it not only MUST it win, IT WILL WIN. Just like Clinton - before she lost.

The Dem party didn't win, precisely because of this inane hubris. Now, what are the dems looking at? In 2022, the Republicans will very likely take the House. Do you know what that means? Read on. THEN, in 2024, it is likely that a Republican will win the presidency, especially if he or she ends up running against Harris, because THIS. And, that new president could still be Trump. If he were younger, I would say it would be a forgone conclusion. Only his age, or some related malady, might convince Trump not to run in 2024.

OK, I had to go through all that in order to help illustrate what I think the next four years will look like.

We will now have a fairly weak president, due to a now somewhat uncertain and demoralised Democrat party, and due to Biden's age, AND his past corruption, which will be documented. This will be even more true in 2022, especially if the GOP takes the House. At that point, at the prompting of Trump and others, impeachment proceedings against Biden will take place. They will probably be left as late as possible, because the GOP does not want to see Harris as president. The Clinton tactic of constantly creating new diversions, and lying, and projecting sins onto others, will no longer succeed in covering up the past, in substituting for policy, and in snookering the American public. Things do not look good for the Democratic party, and some members will be headed for jail.

This sounds scary, but I don't see it being the central focus of the next four years - or at least 3. I see the next 3-4 years as being comparable to the Jimmy Carter era. America had just come out of a very trying time, and many blamed that on Nixon, as many now blame Trump. The attacks against Nixon had not only been similar to those against Trump, they became much of the playbook for 2015 and beyond. There was a boring dunderhead called Gerald Ford who brought in a whole new time of mindless relaxation and, in this sense, he was the first two years of the Carter administration which, proper, lasted another 4 years. That was a time of escape and political pointlessness, where Carter sat mainly as a warm fuzzy punching bag for Saturday Night Live.

I see Biden as being very similar. He is going to try his darnedest to keep his lid on everything, lest his past come back to devour him. And the past includes China.

Meanwhile, there will be, going on, a subsurface swirling of various political forces, left and right. Various faux pas by both Harris and Biden, which will feed this turbulence. America will basically try to shy away from political conflict, as well, especially because the corporate media will continue to coddle Biden. However, one day, this quite turmoil will lead to a reallignment of political interests or players, and a strong candidate will come along to sweep the electorate, and usher in a new era, just as Reagan did in 1980, for better or worse. It is very possible that this person will be Trump, and it will be possible that he will be walking in a golden aura, by the time Biden's term has done its worst.

By 2024,even if he is impeached, Biden's corruption will in fact generalise to other Dem candidates, and the Dems will end up being hoist on their own pitar.

To note: Some of the things that people blamed Reagan for - the beginnings of Thatcherism - were actually begun during the Carter Administration.  So, in a way, the last year or two of carter was the beginning of Reagan.  This could happen with Biden.  He might fake to the right to finally put off mounting criticism on more Democrat policies.

Good things will happen, 2020-2024. we will join the Paris Climate Agreement, and make progress on the environmental front. LGBT will benefit. People will basically settle down and enjoy a few years of blissful ignorance, trusting that Biden has things under control and, if he doesn't, that's alright too. "At least Trump is gone!"

Meanwhile, Trump will be litigating for years, as well as working towards 2024, in the background, like the new Hillary, but for the GOP. This part will be very intriguing, at least to me. By 2024, Trump will have spoken out about Climate Change, which he stupidly failed to do in 2020. And that will be part of the new allignment. many, many people believe climate change needs attention, yet avoid the Dems for other reasons.

There are soooo many common interests between the-artists-once-known-as-Progressives, and Libertarians and Constitutionalists, as I have pointed out many times. So, finally these will be part of a new political reallignment. Nothing gigantic. I'm not saying far left and far right will meet up like the ends of a croissant, but there will be some trading off issues and interests, which will affect the main of the parties.

This has been an historic time. We have watched the mainstream Dems hand their party over to the far left, i.e., the Mistaken Left, which is funded by China, Soros and Big tech. Holding that together will become ever more tenuous, as time goes on, and PROBABLY as China makes an "inroads" invasion of Taiwan, confident that Biden, whom China bought, will be just fine with this. Not fine.

And, as far as wars go, Dems like to get into wars. Obama was in 47 African countries. He bommed more countries than any president since FDR. I know many don't want to hear it, but the Dems have become the party of war. (Trump got us into NONE). Biden, desperate for diversions, will certainly get us into some kind of war. Probably another simmering thing which eventually becomes Vietnam.

Biden will take over all the serious and successful initiatives Trump has made on COVID, and will be the one to boast about 'his' new vaccine. The difference may be, especially if he is looking like a superstar to Dems, that the vaccine will be mandatory. Not good.

One thing is for certain: Climate Change will introduce new giant catastrophes. Biden probably won't urge for better forest management practices, btw. Whether it is environmental or not, Biden will be hit by at least one very trying emergency, which will cost him plenty, politically. I don't see him being a strong, memorable president. Yes, he may die, midterm. The only prognostication I have, should Harris become president, is that we will be in for a lot of confusion, and that won't be good if China is on the prowl.

But, still: Post COVID delight will rule the day. Lots of creative stuff will come out - music, fiction, philosophy - all which had been pressure-cooking during the lockdowns. And the Trump. So, that will be good.

These are not my hopes. I was a triple major in PEOPLE, two being Poli Sci, and International Studies. I studied econ, as well. I have been observing things for years. These are things I see, only according to educated hunches. The future can be changed. It always does. That's why it is the future.

Conclusion: "Democrats in Denial" was not an eternally winning strategy.  You'd think they would have learnt from previous Republicans in Denial.
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