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According to this report, Homeland Security added an invisible watermark to official ballots.  In Michigan and Arizona, 48% of pro-Biden ballots did not contain the watermark.  In other words, they were fake.

The most beautiful trap of all time | Pewter Report

I can't vouch for the veracity of this report at this moment.  It does make sense that Trump would order a watermark.  However, I don't know how it was possible to come up with this percentage so early, when observers are being put off at a distance.  But, it is possible that there were FBI plants.

This sting would not have addressed the issue of ballot-counting places accepting ballots after November 3.  I have thought that Trump should have passed an executive order banning mail, or mailed ballots, going to all ballot-counting places.  That might not have been possible, since some states have allowed a prolonged count, which might include late ballots.  In any event, if the Watermark Sting is true, then it is a game-changer, to say the least.

Commentary: Trump's Double Play: Voter Fraud Sting Operation and Election Win...Brilliant!

"Could it be true?"

"FactCheck": "Bogus QAnon Claim!"


VIDEO: "Sting Operation Confirmed by Military High Rank"


For a lot on the recent election disputes, include actual evidence of fraud, see PROJECT VERITAS.

For alternate information, go to NEWSMAX TV on cable or online.

For an alternative to Facebook, check out PARLER, or LIVEJOURNAL.COM.
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