I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

You Need To Ask Yourself.

So, I did report to you the news that Biden people were kicking out poll-watchers and Trump lawyers, and various other "discrepancies," like Dem poll people handing out pre-filled-out ballots to voters.

Now, a PA supreme court judge has overruled a local judges order to let Philly Dems NOT allow outsiders to observe their vote-counting.  Does this look suspicious to you.  It should, because these are the same people who have said, "I will never wave the white flag of surrender," and, "Biden should concede under NO circumstances!" and, "We will count the votes until Trump loses,"(PA Attorney General).  Behind windows that have been papered over, the Philly Dems are doing their "counting," and so Biden is now gaining on Trump in Pennsylvania.

CORRECTION: Yes, the local judge OK'd the Philly Dems from keeping observers out.  But a state Supreme Court judge has overruled that.  Observers can now go in.  (It was Andrea Mitchell who sent out the fake news that a PA Supreme Court judge had sided with the local judge.  She, wife of Greenspan, has been responsible for other shenanigans in the recent past, when it came to Trump.  She blames everything on Russians).  However, a judge in Georgia has rejected Trump's plea to allow transparency, mainly in a heavilly Dem county.  A similar plea was rejected in Michigan.

In Michigan, due to "an accounting error," 138,000 pro-Biden ballots suddenly showed up.  In Michigan, windows of some ballot count locations have been boarded over.  Apparently, names of dead people are being entered as voters.  Evidence that non-residents are voting in Nevada. Also, Harry Reed is manipulating ballots in Nevada.  In Arizona, Dem poll workers are requiring voters to use sharpies, rather than pens - which invalidates the ballots!  As Giuliani said, this serious corruption is happening all over the country.

Meanwhile, the media is ganging up, as usual, and telling Trump to stop suing - to stop acting like a little baby.  Can you imagine?  There is more than a small chance that the vote is being stolen, and the corporate, pro-China media responds by mocking the president.  One "journalist" called the president an interloper.  Are you aware that China is preparing to invade Taiwan, and the media isn't letting you know anything about it?  This is bad, bad shit.

You have to ask yourself why this is happening.  And why the endless "Russian Collusion" witch-hunt?  And why was Intelligence allowed to spy on the 2016 Trump campaign?  Why has all this massive deceit been happening?  And why all these concerted riots?  Why the wholesale decimation of downtown enterprise zones in Dem cities?  And why this viral pandemic, which probably 'escaped' from the Wuhan lab, where Gates and Fauci visitted - a pandemic which was so convenient to Democrat aims and campaigns?  And why was Biden's son selling influence in China, benefitting his father and, who else?


As Brendan Behan said, WE ALL LOSE.

And, d'ya know what?  For the past week or so, every times I try to do a search online, via Ekoru, or Yahoo, etc., something is redirecting my search to Microsoft's, (Bill Gates'), BING, which can be monitored.  Possibly - probably, I know, by now - someone wants to know what I am up to.  The way I write, you know.  The only search that works now is StartPage, which is a very PRIVATE search engine.  Unfortunately, StartPage brings up entries provided by Google, meaning the first page is always anti-Trump, and such.  A Google technician reported that Google's skewed search engine actually gained 3.5 million votes for the 2016 Hillary Clinton election bid.  Twitter and Facebook are now censoring people who post or retweet about suspicious voting and vote-count issues.

You really need to ask yourself.

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