I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Notes from an ant-farm.

Someone would have to check the numbers, but it is possible that if Kanye hadn't run, Trump would have won Wisconsin and Minnesota, and that would be that.  But then you'd have to look at how many people voted for the Green party, and took votes away from Biden.  And then, what about the Libertarian party, and so on?  Ah it's just a mishmash.  I'm glad I'm not an American.  My job is to criticise and analyze as an outsider, like Alexis de Tocqueville, and just as handsome.  Anyway, we shouldn't blame Kanye, just because he's a conservative.

"America will destroy itself from within," (paraphrase).  It's got all the money to dither and fiddle away into damnation, for sure.  When I look at political parties, and sad pathetic people, bickering and battling away at each other like spoilt little children, I think that America needs a parent.  A monarch.  Mostly symbolic, but waiting up there in the stratosphere, ready to resolve lame little issues, faster than lawyers, so we can all get some sleep.  Here, the law is a frickin' industry, and it has its own way of exploiting and controlling people.  It's like walking through Chicago and not being allowed to carry a gun legally, so you cannot defend yourself from the endless onslaught of criminals.  We weren't born to live like safe, frozen dolls in a doll house.  So easy to be pushed out and to fall, shattered on the ground, eh?  We were not born to walk around afraid and angry, surrounded by our own imaginary closets.

FDR set forth the idea that those are not free who are not economically free.  Well, so are people not free who are forced to live like frightened, reactionary children, squabbling amongst themselves, with words, and never really finding any solid worth in life.  Always watching over property lines, ready to lob the latest hate bomm at the next trespasser - because all trespassing is deliberate, and all trespassers are in denial about it.  All greed is good, and all takers are legal until they are not.  I can't stand it anymore, personally.  This vast, petty game is a straight-jacket on our ability to transcend - and to evolve!  This is one reason why we, as a species, have been getting smaller and dumber.  And more complacent.  More doll-like.  More fragile.  Giant heads in tiny bodies.  To have a innocuous, benign, yet parental monarch would satiate our childish hunger for cruelty and hate, and bring us back into being what we are at heart: family animals.

If you construct a giant state, filled with millions of people, and you expect them all to adhere to the same ideas and principles - and laws - then lawyers and judges are not the solution, to rising turmoil.  Like entropy, the fractive chaos will ultimately overtake the law and it's agents.  Which is a hallmark of decline - and it happens over and over again through history.

There is something to be said for the stability that a national, wise, detached parental figure might offer.  Over hundreds of years.  Unfortunately, this would bring in the idea that some people are more genetically correct than others, and so on.  Maybe what we need is a big granddaddy computer, or an alien ghost-god from outer space.  Anyway, the fading away of religious moral values is what opens us up to the need for something else to contain our misbehaviour and destruction and corruption, etc.  I am not speaking as an adherent of any religion, but as an armchair anthropologist.

Whatever.  Now that we are entering the momentary era of Bidenism, then everyone on LJ has to make sure that they give out their comments equally, and that everyone receives the same number and quality of comments.  I am sure you will all be very motivated to follow this stricture, sounds-like-sphincter.  We should be able to keep track of it all, inexpensively, because we now have smart computers, which can run infinite blockchains, sounds-like-chaingangs.  A.I. will be our liberation and overlord, sounds-like-overcooked.  No one will ever have to pay for a Live Journal again, and everyone will receive ample benefits, even better than paid accounts, because theory will be picking up the tab, sounds like picking-up-crabs.  Everyone can post whatever they want, unless anything they write offends at least one person, and therefore no one can write anything, except what will be coming down the chute, sounds like shit, from the party leaders, sounds like breeders, not readers.  But, keep those comments coming, because we are required to be fair, or someone's gonna get sent to the reeducation centre, sounds like get-shot-in-head.
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