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Political ammunitions.

Here is an incomplete post. I am truncating it, and posting it, just to be done with it. Maybe I will expand on it as a part-2, but probably not, since this is politically time-relevant.  If you are decidedly Biden, then there is no point in you reading this; unless you are desperate for an excuse to drop me. In keeping with the new ideology.

There was a time when buying American, and keeping jobs in America, was what virtually all democrats wanted - and these were issues made highly prominent in Dem campaigns. Good old progressive, Ed Schultz, who was an early member of the Democracy Radio and Air America clubs, (which included Stephanie Miller and Rachel Maddow), was a strong believer in saving American jobs and businesses. He kinda got rubbed out of the picture, later on, when he was hired by RT, (i.e., Russian Collusion), and then died. He started off as a republican, (for the tax breaks), but became a staunch democrat, after seeing the rising joblessness and poverty in America's fly-over country. Ed Shultz was the last great gasp of the Democratic party really supporting the unions, (and opposing illegal immigrant job-takers), as opposed to selling out to China.  From Wiki:

His political views became more liberal after he visited a Salvation Army cafeteria in 1998 and later took his radio show on the road riding in a 38-foot motorhome. Throughout the tour, Schultz visited families in rural North Dakota and described his tour as "the on-the-job experience that have changed my thinking as to where we're going as a country."[6]

The Dems drifted away from the real concerns of rural, poor and fly-over citizens for a number of years. I would say that the drifting apart accelerated a few years into the Obama administration, something the Dems rejected by interpretting disenrachised voters as racists or ignorant deplorables.  In fact, it was the Dems who were being ignorant.  People at ground level, ground zero, and up-close to their work had better perceptions of what was goign on than a lot of vain politicians vying for attention and prestige in WDC.  So, the Dems did not recognise the seriousness of their departure from traditional Dem values and policies, because they blew off the input from those the new policies were alienating.  More interest was invested in building up the party with illegal aliens; winning favour and campaign money from China; lobbying for money from larger, centralising big business, such as Big Tech; turning backs on workers and unions, arguing that everyone must accept a new normal of slow growth, i.e., decline; going all-in on the Obama-inspired black vote while simultaneously patronising those blacks who did not fully fall behind an increasingly radical, nanny-state orientation, and additional focus on fractive Identity Politics, e.g., the #metoo movement, which was, especially after Trump, largely reactionary, negative and unoriginal.  Not a lot of  normal, non-WDC people are really keen on fitting themselves into such a mentality.

I have written a lot about the decline of the USA middle class, esp. at this tag: "class - decline of the middle class." The posts of this tag are less than 1/2 public, unfortunately. In addition to, or parallel to, misdirected Dem policies and attitudes, economic and environmental changes helped cause decline in rural and fly-over countries, such as the unfair trade and business policies of China; Hurricane Katrina and California fires; the actual Depression of 2007/2008, and the Southern/western and Midwest droughts. A growing focus on cities and city political interests, over slower agrarian and rural living and economics, also contributed the widening democrat blind-spot.

Not noticing the consequences of their changed policies, the Dems lost the 2016 election. Steelworkers, autoworkers, farmers, manufacturers and small businesses were in an economic drought and, out of the 2015-2016 wave of populism, many of them flocked to Donald Trump, seeking help. For this, and for not demanding a socialism free lunch, they were branded as white nationalists, which was redefined to mean fascists and racists. They wanted to go back to a time when they actually made money, not to a time when there was more discrimination towards blacks. Failing to see how the middle had fallen out of America, and how America's working class base was being impoverished, meant that the Dems failed also to see that blacks were also victim to the same recession. It wasn't about whites wanting more of the same pie. The entire pie was shrinking. In recent years, blacks have shown support for Donald Trump up to 30% at times. Because the blind-spot of Democrats in denial has been so gaping.

Today, we have Lady Gaga showing her dim narcissism by making a commercial where she is weirdly dressed as a a working class bubbuh, only to appear more like a parody of such. Real people no longer know when the Dems are being aloof and sarcastic, or just plain stupid. Briefly, after the 2016 loss, most of the corporate media made a decision to try to 'get more in touch' with the people out in fly-over territory - the people they had assumed to be ignorant proles and trolls, and red-neck Republicans. But that effort only lasted a few months. NPR's effort lasted about a year or so. It was sometimes good, but often ridiculous, and before too long, NPR became even more snooty, authoritative and absurd than it was before. Sadly, I had to completely abandon listening to NPR, (which means I also no longer enjoy many of its non-news programmes). It, like CNN, ms/NBC, etc., etc., settled into repeating false accusations and insinuations against Trump.

Trump had come along and shouted, "The king has no clothes!" in reference to the media, the intelligence community, the Democrats and many of their policies, the hypocritical moralists, the Lincoln Project/RINO's, and now - Joe Biden. Joe Biden is seriously corrupt, a lying career politician, and losing his faculties. In a recent rally, he said, "I'm Joe Biden - and I'm the wife of Joe Biden!"  In another, he boasted that he was wearing a Philadelphia Eagles jacket, when, in fact, it was a totally different-coloured jacket, from a team in Delaware!  The 'king' has no clothes!  Meanwhile, Kamala Harris makes a commercial reassuring everyone that she plans to take us further into the absolutist manias of critical race theory, anti-"fascism", and Marxism in ignorance of the violence and loss of rights that these insatiable fantasies portend. Believe me, people in fly-over country, including many blacks, can see right through this selfish BS. And there are a lot of them who would really rather vote for progress on Global Warming, on fairness for LGBT, etc., but the horror of what the Dems have knowingly fomented compels them to vote otherwise.

Donald Trump has also taken the air out of many of their issues: Boosting the economy to help increase jobs; opposing illegal immigration, which the Dems also once opposed; helping blacks in other ways such as securely funding black colleges and reforming the prison system; keeping us out of war, which was once a major Dem agenda; coming down on Big Tech, who are monopolies, once opposed by Dems; helping the farmers by infusing billions of dollars of aid and development money into agriculture; helping the poor by advocating for COVID stimulus checks, food boxes from farmers, and disaster assistance; appealing to diisenfranchised workers; pushing back on China!; rewriting trade deals!; busting corruption in WDC!, and actually handling the COVID crisis in a professional way, despite a relentless attack of Dems and the media, making his work out to be yet another Russian Collusion sort of scam.

Their relentless and meticulous attacks have only illuminated how abstract and false their own ideas have been. They are living in some kind of past, being in denial of the present for the past four years. Hillary still wants revenge for his "illegitimate" election in 2016! To people beyond the DNC, BLM, Antifa and Soros, this all looks both completely comical and extremely dangerous.

[Here begins the truncation / minimisation]...

Theme: Dems have flipped on issues, like illegal immigration, which generally are making things worse for the poor, even while double-speaking that they are trying to help the poor, minorities, workers, etc.

Theme: Dems have consistently projected their own sins onto their enemies, such as: Russian collusion, corruption, lying, racism, riots, etc.

Theme: Alongside this projection, Dems have attributed to themselves not only credit for the successes or positives of their enemies, but have claimed to have originated or conducted those positives themselves. An example is strategies in dealing with COVID. In fact, many Dem governors, claiming success, have been abject failures on COVID. Imitation to gain attention is another related game.

Theme: Decline of Democratic Party.

Themes: Biden corruption; Biden senility; Biden fondling of women and young girls; Biden lying and plagiarism; Biden wrong on virtually every issue he ever voted on; Biden flip-floppery; Biden too weak to manage far-left pro-violence radicals; Biden gaining evil life energy from Hillary Clinton and Obama, and Biden on the dole for 47 years as an ineffectual career politician.

Many other themes available. I always recommend my tag, "democrats in denial". PS - As an Irish person, I am way disgusted by Biden's constant flaunting his all-important FAMILY values, to get his way in politics and in crime. In addition, I really don't give a flying burrito about the families of ANY politicians.  I do like burritos, though.  Especially good ones.

This post was originally conceived as a brief message, (over at another of my LJ's),  to real-life friends and relatives, hoping they would consider voting for Trump.  Too late for that.  A lot of them will, without wanting to hear it from me.  Anyway, if, at this late hour, you are looking for more reasons to consider Trump, follow these links.  Hopefully, the last one will take you to the actual text of Nicklaus' endorsement on twitter, which is what is worth reading.

Iowa Poll: Trump takes lead from Biden days before Nov. 3 election

The man and the record | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Golf legend Jack Nicklaus, former NFL star Jay Cutler endorse Trump
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