I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Like the dreams behind our closed eyes, escape lies within the seclusion of the polling booth.

Is there anyone in the world who does not know what today is? That's right. I hope each and every one of you does your civic duty and celebrates the birthday of Adam Ant.

After downing and bagging that tree, I incurred prohibitive brain fatigue, of a very unique sort. For the rest of the day, I could do virtually no thinking, reading, writing, etc. This problem continued on today, despite a good amount of sleep. I applied myself to trying to relieve this. The plan was to walk to Walgreens for some needed things, return home and order pizza. Ordering pizza, to be delivered, is a ritual I practice religiously every five years, approximately.

Had to jettison that plan, although maybe pizza. I already had a fancy sardine sandwich, a half bag of organic cheese puffs, and a lot of Kombucha. So, life isn't all bad. Except inside my body.

I should finish a directly political post I started, even though the likelihood of anyone reading it before they vote is now very small. Still have to work on those other two posts I mentioned earlier. This is how my nlife is lived, constantly set-back.

I will say, it looks very good for Trump. I knew he'd win Florida. That was a state that was considered pivotal for him, along w/ OH, NC, MI, PA and maybe WI. Almost a week ago, I concluded he would probably win most of these. If Kanye could give him his own votes, Trump might win WI and MN. The Dems want it to hinge on PA, which is where the chance for dem voter fraud is highest. Mail-in ballots w/o postmarks are being accepted; filled-in ballots have been handed out to voters in at least one place; and Republican poll-watchers are being kicked out of voting places in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Philadelphia is it's own planet, with its own thick kind of morality. The votes in PA will hold things up for days, if not weeks.

Looks like I need to try to sleep now. Happy birthday.

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