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I am the person who will destroy China.

tag - you're it!

Expect two more 'political' esseys soon, one on Glenn Greenwald and related, and one on the rise of fascism in America.  I am just too fatigued tonight to complete and post them.  So many more up my proverbial sleeve.

My journal has seen an increase in readership due to these cutting-edge, non-nonsense, devil-may-care, to-the-bone, extra special posts, relevant to the i.m.p.e.n.d.i.n.g. election.  I know a 343 LJ ranking isn't amazing, but I think it is the highest I've ever gone - and I am not trying or caring.  If I wanted to write for popularity, I could do better, but lose my soul and eventually mind.  I write to be fun, thoughtful and real.   Normally, a lot of people don't care to stop and smell my prose buds.  But, these are heavy times.  It is encouraging to see people actually read - I mean encouraging that some people care or think.  Willing to keep an open mind. I see this whole country being turned inside out and it is terrible.  I can't see not writing about it.

So, to you strangers that keep tuning in, while you wait for the next earth-shattering expose, (and I mean, like, shattering a dry ball of dirt), you might find more relevant posts by following my TAGS, which are now beyond 7,000 in number.  (Soon, I will have to develop a tag system for my tag system).  The problems and issues that are swirling around us, like heavy wet clothes in a hot and humid drier, have been mustering and oscillating for decades.  Some issues are as deep as our own ancient past as humans - as animals even - even.  So, my tags can help you explore some of that depth, if not density or depravity, and follow wherever new connexions may lead you.  I really think that, in this age of 2-d screens, and talking head sound bites, and push-button attention spans, there is a need for everyone to develop bigger pictures inside their own heads, if only to keep them from reacting so mechanically or emotionally.  I have an illness that predisposes me to hyper-reacting and stressing out, so I know how important this is, to keep a cool head when all else around you are losing theirs.  Yes, that was Rudyard Fucking Kipling who said that.
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