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I am the person who will destroy China.


An Antifa mob attacked a caravan of Jews for Trump, throwing bottles, throwing rocks, shooting pepper spray, ripping off flags, punching drivers, assaulting Jews and attacking Rudy Giuliani.   Apparently, not one of, not one in the months upon months of these violent rallies, ever paused to entertain the idea, "Hey, wait a minute!  This is just like Kristallnacht!"  But, you say, they were just doing this because of Trump, not because they were Jews!  Just like they were burning buildings, and attacking police and others, including blacks? -  Because of Trump?  When a husband beats his wife, is his wife to blame?  Or Monday Night Football?  No.

After Hillary Clinton lost the election, she vowed revenge.  Only two years ago, she said she still wanted to be president.  Hell hath no fury.  She continued saying the election had been illegitimate, and publicly called Biden never to concede the election, under any circumstance.  That is a call to violence.  Even if Trump were to win in a landslide, there would be no concession.  The other day, Biden announced, "Mister President, I will never wave the white flag of surrender!'  What an idiot.  In addition, a plan has been set forth, based on the meme of no concession, to arrest the election results away from Trump.  Violence has been threatened by BLM, Antifa and many Dems, no matter what the outcome.  This all follows four years of insisting that Trump is evil itself, a buddy to Putin, a more prolific liar than Biden, and so on.  They have been projecting their own sins onto Trump.  And this constant drum-beat has been encouraging flash mobs to attack anyone associated with Trump.

Remember when they called Trump an anti-Semite?  Even after he had acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital of Israel?  Recently, Trump has managed to broker a peace deal between Israel and the UAE, Sudan, and other Arab states.  He has received four Noble Prize nominations.  But what the media reports are the angry Dems who keep insisting that he is an anti-Semite, and a racist, and so on.  There are Jews in his immediate family.  He succeeded in NYC.  He is not anti-Semitic.

Meanwhile, some guy attacks a synagogue in Pittsburgh.  Like many other mass-shooters, he was not pro-trump.  He was a leftist anti-Semite.  Everyone blamed this attack on Trump, which was simply superstitious bullcrap.  In the time that BLM and Antifa have risen to notoriety, there have been COUNTLESS attacks on Jews and synagogues.  The rise of assaults in NYC has been largely due to the rise in attacks against Jews.  The Democrat mayor of that city ignored gatherings by other groups, but publicly castigated a gathering of Jews celebrating a holy day.  Receiving flack, he later apologised for singling out Jews.  But his rote response was indicative of a wildfire of antisemitism that has parallelled the Dem-backed, "mostly-peaceful," riots, lootings, and shootings.

The leaders of BLM are publicly-avowed anti-Semites.  Antifa apparently associates itself with the anti-Semitic wing of Antifa in Europe.  Where is this all coming from?  Why now?  Look at who's funding most of it: George Soros.  As a teen, he helped the German NAZI's by ratting out Jews in the ghetto's.  Jews that were then sent to their deaths.  Soros, born Jewish, hates Israel, and is attempting to destabilise the USA, as he did in Ukraine, with the help of Euro-NAZI's.  He is more focused on destruction than on his touted aim of equalising all countries and bringing them all under the same world government.  Who would reign prominently in such a government?  China, who is imprisoning millions of Caucasian Muslims, and who has taken over Hong Kong and Tibet, with it's eye now on Taiwain.  When the USA is destabilised, China wins.  Which is why China is one of the big funders of BLM, Antifa and Democrat candidates.

The USA media is not reporting any of this, just as the New York Times refused to report that Jews were being incinerated in Germany, during WW2.  Historians have shown that many things happen in waves of 80 years.  80 years ago, FDR and the liberal establishment was ignoring Hitler's persecution of the Jews.  The same thing is happening now: The USA media is refusing to report on the atrocious rise of antisemitism on the left, just as they refuse to report on anything that benefits Trump, like the Hunter/Biden scandals, which are sourced, factual and legitimate - unlike the endless Russian Collusion prank, which the media, and Big tech, revelled in for years, checking no facts, just piling up, and encouraging everyone to hate Trump.

As during pre-WW2 Germany, these are stressful times, and people are accumulating into mobs and movements, lashing out at anyone associated with anything successful.  Today, that includes Jews, and that includes Trump.  It is a kind of Ludditism, but directed towards human beings.  The Unabommer saw reason to kill human beings, based on his hatred of technology.  How much more, today, is the rationale to kill human beings, based on pure hatred - of human beings?  This is very, very dangerous stuff.  And everyone who knows me must please speak out against it - fight it - disallow it.  It is a sham of sensationalism, set fire by cellphones and Facebook.

Observe: They are pulling driver out of his car, to be beaten.

Antifa Mob Attacks Jews for Trump Caravan in New York

Antifa mob attacks Rudy Giuliani at 'Jews for Trump' event ...

WATCH: Anti-Trump Attackers Punch Drivers, Rip Flags Off Vehicles

Another event: A group of Jews showed up to support a BLM rally and were, instead, attacked.  So much for modern multiculturalism.
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