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SENSITIVE (and I'd like to keep it that way) - Part 1

I have many albums on my, "Easy Listening," playlist.  It's great, especially for night.  I was hearing a song by The Sundays, and it reminded me of one of my LJ friends.  I thought she would like this song - in fact, she would probably like the Sundays in general.  Here is the song, "Leave This City."  Not the lyrics, mainly the sound...

The best albums by the Sundays are, Static and Silence (1997), Reading, Writing and Arithmetic (1990 debut), and, Blind (1992). They were a very influential band to subsequent female rock, and indie rock. They really don't get the honour they deserve. I was once extra proud of them because the singer's accent told me they were from Australia, but I was wrong about that. They probably listened to Australian artists, but they were form the UK. Thank goodness for the 1990's, by the way, which popularised indie music like the Cardigans, the Throwing Muses, Mazzy Star, Garbage, grunge, and so much more. Here's a few more songs by The Sundays:


Here's Where The Story Ends

I Kicked A Boy - This 1990 song, (which reminds me of when a girl kicked me), was well before, "I Kissed a Girl...", or all the anti-boy songs we have come to know and love, from LeVigne, Clarkson, Swift, and too many to count at the moment.

Homeward (Living alone...)

When I'm Thinking About You

One album on my Easy Listening list is the last John Lennon album, featuring Squeaky Fromme I mean Yoko Ono. I never listened to this album much, so it is good to have on the list. One song off this album is for baby Sean(sp?) Lennon, and I think a certain LJ friend would appreciate this one, Beautiful Boy. It contains a famous John Lennon Quote.

Track 11 on this album is a Yoko song, Beautiful Boys, which appears to be a kind of complement or flip-side. John's song has a little Japanese flavour to it, but this song is much more Japanese-sounding. It made me think of how John had such an empty heart until he went all the way to the other side of Eurasia to find a Japanese girl to fulfill him. On the other hand, you have Japanese people so hungry for American music, and now Americans crazy for J-Pop and K-Pop. It's like, you go so far west and you lose the East in you, and vice versa, so you find what you never found in your own home country, the East you lacked, or vice versa. Listen to traditional Korean music. Most of it sounds like American cowboy music.

John Lennon made a number of other SENSITIVE songs, including Woman, which was apparently a flip-side to Beautiful Boy/s(?). A classic is, "I'm Just A Jealous Guy," which was also covered by Brian Ferry. Also off the Imagine album: Oh My Love; and one of the most anguished, soul-searching songs of all times: How?

After Lennon died, the remaining Beatles produced, "Free As A Bird," centred on something Lennon had recorded while singing in the shower. I do like this song.

Unfortunately, my ability to do searches online has completely stopped. So, I will continue this later.
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