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getting past it

Obama is campaigning for Biden and, in his latest speech, he again pulled the race card, because Trump is clearly a racist. I think because if those cages Obama built for illegal immigrant children. Or, I don't know why. Apparently, I am a racist, for not backing BLM and Antifa. Everybody who doesn't comply with their prejudiced emotional outlook is a racist. It's a loop, a self-fulfilling ideation.

When I told a Portland LJ friend that I, who even has an anti-fascist LJ community, believe Antifa to be a fascist organisation, ("no! it's an idea! that kills!"), she said I had, "crossed the line," which made her look really immature to me. She said, "It is important to fight fascism. Everyone should!" Well, I beg your question, but... How can everyone be fighting fascists? Does that mean whatever fascists there are will also be fighting themselves? Which kinda points to the absurdity inherent in Antifa itself - the hypocrisy.

How can just about everyone be a racist, when all I see are Dems and most everyone else saying they oppose racism? It's like the march/protests that followed Charlottesville: 3,000 antifascists showed up to "resist" a march of 30 neo-Nazi's, if that's what they were. Apparently, the most dangerous white supremacist group in the country is, "Proud Boys," who's leader is a half-black Cuban who denounces violence from all sides.

Anyway, during the debate, Biden did not pull the racist card, which was refreshing. But he did pull the Hitler card - that old standby. He was mocking Trump's, "cozying up," to the leader of North Korea, and thereby allegedly keeping us out of war. Something like, "If we had cozied up to Hitler, there would never have been a war!" Which seems like a practiced zinger he studied during his months in the bunker.

Well, the ironic thing is, it was Roosevelt and the Democrat-leaning New York Times who first dithered on Hitler, and spent a long time denying that he was snuffing out millions of Jews. The point is, there is endless hypocrisy to be found on the left. BLM leaders, and many supporters, are outright anti-Semitic, seeing Jews as having "gone white" for the privilege to be had in it. Unlike so many wealthy black families, of course.

The Dems have forever looked for Trump's collusion with Russia, admittedly to obscured the Clinton email scandal, when we find out that the collusion has been coming from the left, the lies and corruption from Biden. And this great mass of Democrats claiming to support peace and justice, when they are tearing cities apart. I have known several social justice warriors, and I will tell you, most, if not all of them, had petty, officious and domineering personalities. Nobody wants or needs to be around that.

OK - so, I have rambled on about hypocrisy from the left. I have done this as a preamble to discussing gross hypocrisy on the right which, I may have appeared to have forgotten about, in all my study of my turncoat and trench-coat progressives. But, oh no, I have not forgotten - I just know it too well. So, look forward to that post, maybe. Right now, I am sweltering under these covers, and should be trying to go to sleep, so bye for now.
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