I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

here it comes

Well, I did another trek today, which was a repeat of yesterday, 9:am-11:am.  Yesterday's occurred before long relapse was over, and had an impact, including cramped legs.  So, this one, on top of that, had a bigger impact, requiring me to do fast breathes for hours afterwards.  Despite being stronger while walking, carrying the heaviest load yet, this year, it also left my legs super-cramped and trying to lock up.  Even my hands tried to lock up, and they were never exercised much, really.  Eventually ate corn flakes, and later, cooked up salmon and a great side dish which was mostly veggies and the leftover rice from the last time.  My muscles will need that meat.  Went to sleep after taking dog out, around 6:30pm.  Woke up 9:30pm, and saw I could watch Modern Family, which is what I will do. Have been playing a George-Harrison-centric mix most of the day - it lasts 16 hours.  Nothing much happened during the trek.  Aldi's check-out guy was that guy I wrote about before, who wanted to say hi, chat.  Same today, but I ran to a quicker register.  I think, when we ever talk next, I will open with, "Are you going to college?"  Because I know he should.  He seems intelligent.  And the fact that he looks like Barack Obama may be a sign he is destined for greatness.  Or, maybe that association has tarnished a bit by now.
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