I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

before the fall

The other day, I waited for my F&F package all morning at a living room window, (on a bamboo chair which squeaks).  Dog lay nearby, so I spoke to him.  This enraged the man downstairs, so he calls someone and starts talking so loudly it filled my living room.  Same thing happened again later - he heard me, stomps to the phone, shouts.

ON Sunday morning, 2:am, there were many gunshots nearby.  A-hole guy, and others, assume this scares me, white guy, and so they proceed to mess with me.  In addition, a car had passed by my earlier, and a guy asked, "Is that an Akita?!"  I said yes.  "He is LOVELY," etc.  A very rare occurrence here - he was black but probably gay.  Good for him.  Anyway, any time A-hole Guy sees anyone talking to me, his extreme jealousy makes him either stop it by shouting, or messing with me later, like when he trashed my trash.  Because I am trash.  So, these two situation meant that, for sure, I was destined to be messed with very soon.

Sure enough, on Sunday morning, there was a whisky bottle scattered all over where I walk my dog.  On Monday, the rain pipe near my window had been bent up.  And my garbage bin had been rolled away to the side of another house.  In the last two instances, the person had to have been on this property - the property A-hole Guy claims to own.

Trying to do as much as my CFS would let me, I scooped poop while dog sat watching.  Bagged it.  Swept the broken glass into a paper bag.  Straightened out the battered drainage pipe.  And walked over to the house, rolled the garbage bin back to where it had been.  What an outrageous trouble-maker I am, right?

Going back inside, I hear the crazy bald man downstairs SHOUTING on the phone.  What did I do that was so illegal?  Oh, yes, see, I ATTACKED him with the water pipe against the wall, and I rolled my bin back to where it had been - near one of his windows, as well as my back door, so fuhf.  He had been stomping around, and banging on the walls tonight.  I was TRYING to reconnect my sleep bouts back into a coherent circadian rhythm.  Instead, his BANGS shock my system, my heart is felt racing hours later, and I don't sleep unit about 11:30pm.  This is how I end up getting blamed for things and people who have nothing to do with me - BY people who have nothing to do with me.

See how those gunshots increased the stress and paranoia in the hood, amongst others as well, and had one effect of hitting the considerate guy with CFS, of whom so many are stupidly jealous.  Some people get jealous of dead people in their graves, and never stop rationalising revenge, directed towards, now, what ever select surrogate or proxy.  A great swarm of permanently demented siblings are on a mission to project their parents left and right, and go to any extreme in symbolically castigated them.  It's a fucking freak show, where my life doesn't matter.

My LL will not help. She avoids me, for she has joined the Dems, and therefore I am a racist. When a bullet flies at your head, and you dodge it, does that make you a racist, too?

(PS - Here I am, awakening half an hour after I went to sleep).
Tags: a-hole guy, crazy people - in general, local customs, psychology - blame the victim, psychology - projection, racism

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