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(Note: This is not the post which I told an LJ friend I would be writing soon)...

There is an idea out there that the future can look back and cause things to happen in the present or the past. So, if you do something odd presently, it might be something in the future causing you to do it. An example used to illustrate retrocausality is the Mandela Effect, (which I have found to be fundamentally flawed). It is also illustrated in discussions of hypothetical time-travellers who go into the past and change it, (and so the future), which is riddled with paradox and improbability. This is a topic I should post more about in my "Time Passages" series. I recommend reading the breif Wiki page. You will also find some interesting links here: https://www.ekoru.org/?target=all&q=retrocausality+the+effect+phenomenon

(I posted a comment to an LJ friend, which prompted me to think of retrocausality. Under stressful environments, do all babies learn to become stressful people. Or is there something in many babies which guides them towards learning from the problem, and becoming fully functional adults? Yes, and this can happen even in the womb. But, what could cause it, unless it were some kind of retrocausality?? Here is part of my comment:

"Not everything babies and children learn at this sort of time is bad. They can look at someone with anxiety and wisely, even when they don't have words, work away at how they are going to deal with similar issues later in their own lives. It's like the child who grows up in a crazy dysfunctional family to become a big success and loving parent. They can work on the stuff in the womb(!) It really is something amazing."

(I am being redundant deliberately).

How could a fetus learn to manage a future that hasn't even happened yet, apparently gleaning no real information from the outside, such as via word? For one thing, that this happens is merely a hypothesis, (which I support). So, the veracity of answers hinges on that the veracity of hypothesis. Imagine, for the moment, that the hypothesis is true. (I would argue this in a later post). The only answer is that the more intelligent future is reaching back and informing the child as he or she grows, hmm?

Most of my view has been developed from the strange nature of quantum mechanics, in which there is no certainty. In quantum entanglement, two particles thousands of miles apart may act as if they are the same particle, spinning this way or that like twins, but completely uninformed by each other, (at or below the speed of light). I believe I have concluded in this journal that, in the case of entangled particles, the phenomenon is tantamount to particle A retrocausing the actions of particle B, and, "simultaneously," of particle B retrocausing the actions of particle A. Any such connexion beyond the speed of light is itself proof of retrocausality, because we are defining retro according to any influence shown in our world, at or below the speed of light).

So separated in space, the two particles are as well separated in time, and each is the other's future, and the other's past. In the superluminal connexion, they are the same particle.

Specific entanglements, and other weird quantum actions, occur and/or are observed because outside variables have been removed. A and B are both insulated from forces trying to collapse them into their own separate timelines. Similarly, quantum particles in a computing cubit get to go wild, and unpredictable, only so far as the walls of their cubit - then, the gross info is extracted by the computer. Quantum magic is tiny tiny local. So, how could it even influence anything big and real like us?

It is very simple: Because everything is composed of quantum particles, i.e., colours. They are the stuff of all being. Therefore, there is everywhere some discrete, resonant bleed-through, not only across the subatomic realm, but through our big, medicosmic scale.

That means subtle shifts can be made in reality, associated with mass superluminal quantum entanglement/s, which can be explained not only as the past influencing the present, but as the future influencing the present, i.e., the past. I think I did a good job of explaining that.

Sometimes, "Time's Arrow," goes both ways, and, we have seen that many physicists believe this to be completely true, and what we experience as times therefore does not really exist. But, you can't argue with math. Unless you understand that there is another factor at play, and that would be, imo, consciousness which does and does not exist.

My idea of a, "Origami Universe," is that there is a universal compatibilisation of all entities into an external time, but this partly involves a conscious-rife organising of meaning or symbols relevant to each and all beings or entities, which is what brings us psychic events such as deja vous, and such, even though deja vous can often or always be a looped circuit in the brain. (Tell me what the brain is, then).

So, each entity is served its own timeline of experiences, while all entities agree, or resist, a universal time. (Go beyond this, you get into red-shift). Well, this folding together, and making of salient events for observers, is not simply a creation by a universal mind, it is a dynamic process involving all players, and may lend itself to a wider mind as much as to no mind at all. ("God is so great, he allows for his own existence").

Imagine a folding-together of papers to utilise as much space as possible, what you get are florets produced by computers of chaos theory, fractals imitating each other down into infinite space.

Well, this is what happens with the origami universe, but not only through space, but through time, (which is a form of space, and vice versa). In order to utilise the most time available, for all possible entities, these folding florets extend through the present, into the past, and into the future. All at the same time.

Because, like consciousness, it is a holographic process involving suberluminal entanglement, or communication. Therefore, the past is ever informing the future, and the future is ever informing the past. If something does not grow right here, the future steps in to guide the growth in another way, and vice versa. But retrocausality is mainly invisible to us, because it is outside of the temporal realm it serves to create. Get it?

Consciousness is the local balancing of the present with the past - in your mind and mind's eye - which is dynamically connected to the superluminal, entangled dynamic processes of the universe, which can be said to include retrocausality, psychic phenomena and meaning. The whole process is a living one oriented towards creating meaning as much as it is in creating mass and energy. And, so, pain and pleasure.

So, now you may see that it easy to look into the womb and see that a child may be informed by the future, connected as he or she is, far more than we, to the dynamic stuff of the universe. There is consciousness and thought there, but it has not yet been broken into words and clumsy logic, because it is closer to being part of the intelligence of the universe, which can also be said to be cold flat chance, like the amazing productions of random-driven evolution over millions of years which, to some, seems to prove an intelligent creator.

Both arguments are correct, though they, in our small, temporal realm, clearly contradict each other. Paradox is the only way to navigate all this magic.

I have written of the clear intelligence of animals, insects and even of plants. The same thing is going on with them, as it is with us. The origami universe is just playing everything out so there is meaning through time. Meaning is like a compromise or agreement between the infinite/superluminal scale, and the finity of our own dead skulls.

yes, I believe retrocausality exists, but as I have qualified it - generally as a grosse partaker in things as we already know them, with occasional flashes of weirdness. Really, philosophically - and I can't go into it now - but there can never be any growth into the future unless there is fully complicit of the future in that growth, itself, "growing backwards," or beckoning from beyond.

My own dog has displayed awareness of future events, of which I have written several times. Such awareness, and even all psychic awareness, is an involvement of the future in present conditions or awareness. It could be no other way, in an origami universe which outside of time, in order to create the time that it is in.

Note: For new users: This has been a Theme Post. For more on Time and Consciousness, please follow the tags. To see other series, scroll down my tags page to "s-".

Also, the "mediation" of consciousness, of past and future, is something I need to write about later. It's definitely another of my own ideas. (Interestingly, it also relates to economics: the gifting example). It should also hold some insight into the subjective perception of the flow of time, which was reminded to me by another LJ friend. See you there.

Also: It seems everyone was busy with their weekend and never read one of my more interesting posts, on my train-hopping to Seattle. Be sure to check it out or I will just plain give up. Love always.
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