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I am the person who will destroy China.

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I am pulling out of relapse.  Today, I have been drawan into (hours of) sleep, instead of fighting for it.  I spent all morning waiting for a package, to be sure no one stole this one.  Most of the time, I sat in a living room wicker chair, head down, resting, head up peering out window, head down, head up - while so tired.  My dog has a mission during these times, to be alert, and then to break when someone comes up on the porch.  I like to give him whatever purpose I can find.  The front door was open, and the glass "screen" door was closed but tied.  So, he could run down there and look outside better. 

The package came right after I gave up my vigil.  I hope the dog's barking does not scare delivery people into being quieter, when I need them to be louder, so I know there's a package!  After it arrived, at noon, I abandoned myself to sleep and, on and off, I have been asleep all day.  Which is a GOOD thing. I am feeling better, and really may get things done starting tomorrow.  Tonight, cooked broccoli and started the Kombucha.  I put a metal lid down on a small grill which was still hot.  Didn't expect a tiny bit of the hard rubber handle to start cooking.  Stopped it quick, but smell was universal.  Used my Axe as an air freshener - again.

While waiting in the living room, the sound of Crazy Man Downstair's loud, complaining voice was occasionally intelligible. I wondered if he was back to complaining to the LL about "me". Probably for the first time since he has been here, I listened briefly on the floor. Sounded like he was whining about Biden. Which was fine. Of course, because I was in my own living room, creaking a few floorboards, he began his retaliatory stomping again. He probably thinks tonight's smell of broccoli and burnt rubber is my retaliation against him, and so he will start BANGING to wake me up at night, and so on. Undaunted, I must get back to cleaning - and moving. How happy he will be when I shall replaced by, as he said in his phone call, "All these black guys who empty out their gun around here. They should empty them out on HIM!" Who?
Tags: crazy bald guy downstairs, my cfs diary (2020)

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