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Here is the Bigfoot post I started weeks ago.  I'm not even sure I am completing it now.  The main idea is the Bigfoot is slightly more possible than not, simply because environmental factors work in his favour.  To many, it may seem unscientific to suppose that Bigfoot may exist.  But, really, that is the nature of science.  To pose hypotheses, which will either be proved right, or will linger in limbo forever, since you can't prove a negative.  It is also the nature of science to pose imaginative hypotheses.  Or, hypotheses based on circumstantial conditions.  It is also the nature of science to consider folklore, and even hear-say.  Ultimately, cold hard, irrefutable facts are necessary to prove a hypothesis.  But a whole lot of other stuff goes into creating or running a hypothesis.  And, that's just fine.  There would be no science without, first, imagination.  Indeed, our imagination is currently failing us tragically.  For, even as we discover new species never known to science before, countless species are going extinct even before we can even identify them, much less imagine them.  You have heard this called the Sixth Great Extinction, of the Anthropocene.  I always wondered why it wasn't something more Biblical like, say, "The Seventh Great Extinction."  What do you know, scientists recently discovered another mass-extinction event, in the past.  Therefore, that does now make our current catastrophe, "The Seventh Great Extinction."  If there really is a Bigfoot, he is really hanging on by a thread.  So, let us humble ourselves, and inspire ourselves, to try to find this possible, cryptic species before he too goes extinct.  Even if Bigfoot has never existed, there is probably something out there, filling the same niche, that really does.

[START] - Possibly, CFS attacks people who's minds are too open, judging from my own case. My mind was wide open for business - but then CFS caused most of my brains to fall out. After every relapse, I set to reestablishing my open-mindedness. Today, I want to tell you why I think it is possible that Bigfoot exists.

If you aksed me, "What do you believe," I wouldn't have an easy time answering that question, because I think, "belief," is a primitive concept, at least personally. I really have a habit of seeing things in percentages of probability, based ont hings I know, and not on things I don't know, but I do allow that I don't know everything - and that's why probability works for me. I don't presume that I must be some kind of authority on whether, e.g., god exists or not, and I do dislike those who take on the mission of educating other on such things, this way or that. As far as I am concerned, belief is a dead-end. It is a satisfaction with incomplete information, substituted for reality, and consequently legitimises denial of further, incoming information. Belief, by this definition, is superstition. We do know, or believe we know, that physical nature does not work in this way. It is instead full of contradiction and uncertainty. It is only when we get into the realm of animals and the greatest of apes that nature parades itself around, pitting one believer against some contradictory believer - both assuming they are absolutely right - in continuous battles for ultimate evolution over all others, when, indeed, such evolution does not bode well for those at the top, in a planet of limitted means.

I don't know whether Bigfoot exists, because he hasn't written me in ages. When I knew him, his feet really were not that big. But I can estimate it, with some kind of personal stat. I'd give it about a 54% probability: Bigfoot exists. 46% he doesn't. That's about the same percentage I would prefer trump over Biden. But that does not make me a 100%, Republican, Always-Trumper! Or a racist! Or anything. I can't even vote so shuddup! America is wasted on the Americans.

On the other hand, I do have strong suspicions - stronger probabilities - for other questions. Is there life elsewhere in the galaxy? I would pretty much give that a 99.9% yes. And intelligent life elsewhere in the universe? Same answer. (Putting aside the idea that the universe itself can be said to be intelligent). Can these probabilities be said to be beliefs? Yes, if we are also going to consider low-probabilities to be beliefs. So, I'd prefer not to. It's a slippery word. I go through the entire day acting, planning, as if gravity exists, but my imagination can sometimes pose some kind of alternate reality, and who's to say? We could NOT have come up with the theory of relativity by assuming that gravity existed, by the Newtonian definition. Even here, living on earth, our most certain expectations or assumptions are, in bigger pictures, beyond our own minute finity, superstitions. Wagers. Myths. And yet, I do hold that the very human drive to believe is something a part of all nature. Hope springs eternal. But, it does not mean that the, "God part of the brain," means there is a god. And, on the other hand, it kinda does.

What are we doing here, except playing silly human games of semantics, right? Words. I think there is life elsewhere in the universe. But, if you don't like those words, those estimations, what can you do? You can call me a conspiracy theorist. In some societies, you can persecute me because of my religion. Do we really need to keep pushing these evolution, competition games? That is why, whenever there are questions, of anything, you should always ask yourself: What is the politics? Who has the power? What is that power trying to do? Even the most scientific questions should not only be perused as objectively as possible - but should be pursued under a political light. (But neither ONLY one or the other!) (This is why, although I strongly disagree with, "critical race theory," I appreciate it as this sort of political analysis. But it is lacking in scientific, philosophical, psychological, etc., support).

Does Bigfoot exist? More likely than not. And here are some of my supporting premises or circumstances:

  • We have the example of Neandertal, surviving up until about 25,000 years ago, but continuing on in human genes as well. That isn't too long ago. The ape, Gigantopithicus, survived in Indochina up until 10,000 years ago. This is only what our records say, so far. These, and other, species could have survived right down to this day, in unstudied places, especially if they escaped our sight due to being nocturnal. I have reason to suspect that Neandertal was nocturnal.

  • Neandertal could be Bigfoot. Neandertal was big, and surely the source of many Giant myths in Europe and beyond. neandertal could have been virtually extinguished as a coherent species in Europe, yet continued on in North America and Russia/Himalayas. It is known that ErEctus fashioned boats, so it is possible that Neandertal could migrate to other land masses. Apparently, Bigfoot is said to have very long hair. I don't think we are certain as to just how hairy was Neandertal, but he would haVE HAD TO HAVE BEEN, GIVEN THE NORTHERN CLIME, AND POSSIBLE NOCTurnality. In addition, neandertal probably kept to the hills, especially later in its reign. Beigfoot is said to inhabit hilly, wooded areas.

  • Gigantopithicus could be Bigfoot. Less likely than above. Depictions of Bigfoot do describe an apelike face. It is very possible that Gigantopithicus was more intelligent than a modern-day gorilla. Gigantopithicus was possibly similarly peace-loving. In a verdant, plush environment, he need not be otherwise. Bigfoot is said to be peace-loving, (and sometimes even vegetarian), except when startled.

  • Bigfoot could be something in-between Neandertal and Gigantopithicus. That's what descriptions look like to me. He could even be an Erectus that went down a different path. So, there are real possibilities for an evolutionary background for Bigfoot. Any such species is either of very small population, or completely nocturnal and reclusive - or both. Otherwise, we would have discovered the species. Such is said to be the nature of Bigfoot. I think it is not beyond possibility than some primate, esp. hominid, species - and there were many many in the past - had a rough go when it came to getting along with Sapiens, to the point of being hunted, and so intensified its natural orientation towards secrecy. Whenever you get some species branching off into a more predatory-oriented branch, you will often find that there is one or more other branches of non-predatory and/or archaic types. So, it is entirely possible that an alternate hominid did evolve in the shadows. At least it is theoretically possible. (Note also that non-predatory and nocturnal species are more likely to remain hidden than are predators).

  • There was an extinction of giant mammals, lasting up until about 10,000+ years ago, especially in North America, (at the tail end of the trend). Out went giant bison, saber-toothed tigers, the dire wolf, mammoths, etc. Our current bison survived. It is possible that there was some kind of large hominid which almost went extinct, but survived in safe pockets. There is no evidence that, if he exists, Bigfoot has any knowledge of iron-working or agriculture. It would be interesting to look for signs of stone-age weaponry, which could suggest communication with early Native Americans.

  • This megafaunal extinction trend was probably associated with three things: 1 - Climate change, and expanding grasslands and deserts; 2 - Predation from Homo Sapiens not-so-Sapiens; and, 3 - A shotgun impact of asteroids on the North American Ice sheet, causing massive floods and quick climate change. (In my estimation, the probability that this asteroid impact occurred is about 80%). It is hypothesized that such change resulted in the disappearance of the Clovis people in North America. Imagine such a drastic diminution of predators, and of large competitors for food, relatively all at once. that would lay open most of the continent not only for new migrations of Sapiens, but for the shelter and/or expansion of many, mostly-non-predatory species. So, this could have been an easy in for the survival of some Bigfoot-type species, otherwise endangered elsewhere. But not in the grasslands or deserts. In the hills and forests. Even if the hypothetical Bigfoot was indigenous, and his population almost completely destroyed, the Northwest, etc., would have had conditions conducive to the survival of some remaining groups.

  • There have been legends of similar, socially-distant ape-man species, such as the Yeti, (in addition to legends of giants, wild men and spirit-beings). There are a variety of legends of such creatures in the Pacific Northwest, many of which are linked to Bigfoot via the name taken from a regional Native American language, Sasquatch


[10/11/20]- I may write more about this later. The topic is closed for tonight. Be sure to go to the Wikipedia page for Bigfoot, which mirrors some of the ideas above. Note that I put very little stock in so-called prints of Bigfoot's feet. Most, if not all, of them are mistakes or forgeries. I also am highly skeptical of so-called filmed sightings of Bigfoot. In addition, there have been a number of shysters who have pretended to have caught Bigfoot, who were only out for notoriety on the art Bell Show, or Coast-to-Coast.

However, I have heard of several reports of encountres with Bigfoot, which do appear to stand solidly, from a psychological and anthropological perspective. I do think that it is possible that a splinter hominid would have chosen to be nocturnal, and aversive to Homo Sapiens. Recordings of high-pitched "Bigfoot" screams or yelps do comport to the idea that such a hominid would have had, like Neandertal, it's voice box higher in the throat, compared to modern humans. Or, those screams might have issued from Howler Monkeys, who's habitat is in South America. We don't know. Environmental conditions are favourable to a nocturnal hominid.

One possible encountre really has my support: A man was striking flint in the woods. Suddenly, a large body tumbled down the hill near to him. This appeared to be a man-like ape. This creature did not start trouble, but, yards away, began striking large stones together, as if to show he had more power than the hiker. This is, if it happened, clearly primate behaviour. In fact, I get the same shit from the jackass downstairs. The hiker moved in closer, to get a better look. The creature then did a fake charge at the hiker, who then left, being the Homo Wiseguy that he was.

It is said that Bigfoot is vegetarian. But there are also accounts that he is aggressive, and a meat-eater. There can be variation, as there was with Neandertal. It appears that a main reason why he ahsn't been tracked down, if he exists, is that he is not only nocturnal, but he is evasive. Sure, this lends itself to mythical stories, but it is also a very likely behaviour by a hominid. I do believe that Neandertal, at least while pressed by Sapiens, was nocturnal and evasive. There have been many actual disappearances of people, usually children, in national parks. We don't know what this is. It could be a number of things - including the possibility that Bigfoot is trying to keep his numbers up. Other accounts of encountres, along with the environmental and prehistoric considerations, has me erring on the side of Bigfoot existing, rather than not. It does not mean I am convinced Bigfoot is real. I am talking percentages of probability. that's how science is done, but that is also the way I think. In this day and age, certainly in politics, it is not allowed that anyone think in such a manner, which is yet another sign of our decline as a great civilisation. Bigfoot is probably tucked away somewhere, laughing to himself. We humans were one a population of only a few thousands - and, from this, we recovered to become the predominant species on Earth. We rule by folly, and may be the last species to go, in this Seventh Great Extinction. But, if there is a Bigfoot, he has enough numbers to survive, and maybe, one day, become the prime species. What a world that would be, hey?
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