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Real Life Journal

Here's a list of the LJ people I met in real life.

  • The daughter of the City Assessor, or something like that.  She was raving about, "Closer," and we decided to see it together.  But she insisted it was not a date.  We talked outside the theatre, before and after.  Then we went to her place, where she played Tears For Fears, which she was very into.  She is the person who introduced me to Jem, which I turned Ashley onto.

  • A girl named Lindsay.  We met in a park, for some reason.  In another town.  We lay in the grass.  We didn't click as possible daters.  She stopped posting some time ago.

  • A large lesbian and her little reddish friend.  We went out for coffee.  We also went to the annual summer festival downtown, where one of the girls from the Cafe Saga spotted us.  The lesbian wanted to marry me, not having sex with each other.  An open marriage.  It was just a thought.  She later posted the same sort of request on CL.  Her friend liked me, but I just liked her as a friend.  A long time after I forgot about them, she AIM'd me, and it took me a while to figure out who this was, complaining to me about me not seeing them or something.

  • Two gothy punks from a neighbouring town, one male, one  female.  I picked them up at their double-wide.  Mom had to inspect me, cuz these were youngins.  I drove them around, and ended up at Borders for coffee, where one of the girls from the Cafe Saga observed us from her station.  My car, btw, had no back seats, so the guy had to lie down in the back.  My car was that way so I could rest any time I needed to.  I wish I had that car, but someone ruined it.  A neighbour or my older brother.

  • A black girl who went to school with someone famous in Atlanta.  In fact, she apparently decked her.  We did a few things together.  She was almost a gf.  Second base.  Other people jeered at us.  We watched a movie in the back of my car, in a park, and a police guy showed up and told us to leave.

  • Ashley, of course, from Oklahoma.  She visitted for a week or so.  We lost my dog, so spent some time driving around in the cold, looking for her.  Found her at the animal shelter.  That dog was so jealous of Ashley, she barked insanely when we kissed.  Relationship ended then started again, and then ended when my sister turned off my telephone.  My siblings mean so well.

  • I seem to remember another girl, who had a jealous friend who created an LJ account just to mock me.  I got that account deleted by LJ.

  • I met a girl during the Cafe Saga, and viewed her LJ later.

  • ONE MORE: I met a young girl who's name was, "psychostalker," and was very excellently artistic.  So, I went to a local college and told them about her.  That prompted them to start an art programme for high school artists, ushering them towards college.  She lived in a nearby town.  I dropped of some funky things for her.  But I never psychostalked her.  It was a nice friendship.  These days, I could have been trapped for pedophilia, I suppose.  But I never flirted or alluded to anything sexual.  Just the idea of talking to a high schooler, though, made some people act really suspiciously towards me.  What a sad world.

So, that's 10.  11!  I also had a MySpace, which is still up, wherein I had either 3,000 or 5,000 friends.  I was a porn star, lol.  I actually had (have) many LJ's and MySpaces.  I used two MySpace accounts to communicate to at least one girl in the Cafe Saga, briefly.  I mainly pulled a prank on her, in retaliation for her gossip.  She had a baby, to whom she gave a name that was similar to mine, but she didn't realise it until I told her.  Some other girl did the same thing.  I do have a nice name.  I'm very happy with it.  OH!  I remembered another one...  (go back to list)...

When my father was dying in the hospital, I showed him copies of 'psychostalker's' artwork.  He was very impressed.  My visit really perked him up.  My sister told me that was the most animate he had been in some time.  He grabbed my hands, and we said goodbye.  Out in the corridor, my sister, as usual, insinuated blame, that I would not stay longer.  Instead of appreciating the fact that I actually visitted him.  My father was something of a disappointment to my boyhood.  But, I hold no resentment towards him.

I stopped meeting people from LJ a long time ago. More bother than good ever came of it. My journal is now entirely anonymous and free like an anonymous bird. Flying in the hyperspace. Unfettered and free of brain. I never add anyone local, in fact, even if I don't know them. I am a strict privacy buff, giving out no personal ID information. I am a strong supporter of Assange, Snowden and other whistle-blowers. You maybe see my community, concerning internet privacy, whistle-blowing, Big Brother, conspiracy theories, etc., here: wiki_truth. It is probably my most "right-wing" community, by current definitions. All others are obviously "left-wing." My big thing was to try and bring both sides together, because there is so much common ground. But the forces that be work against such a thing, because they profit from divide-and-conquer, and don't want anyone to see things as up versus down, instead of left versus right. Very sad. Sad planet.
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