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I'm glad I did that.

Yo yall. One of those precarious days ya gotta ride like a wave til it's done.

Well - I didn't feel like going to Taco Bell - since I just spent $50 on crap, and car stuff. I wanted a beer then I thought. MONEY.

So the last time I fed my car 100% antifreeze, my thermostat went way cool. That's what I did when I left Walgreens today. Way not cool. I noticed my radiator cap was leaking - the rubber was all busted up. SO - hey - let's go get another one. I wait for the guy at Advance Auto Parts to stop chatting with his friend - this has been happening a lot to me lately. But, I AM A MAN OF THE PEOPLE! So, I say, come check out my car...

And he starts opening the radiator cap - "Hmmm, I think I'll let that cool off a little..." Chat chat. Now he opens the cap, and it explodes all over us! Fuck! I get a new cap, and head off to my friends at Lube Pros, who can't help me - then I go off to Pep Boys. I buy a new thermostat, and decide I'll put it on myself. I check the radiator, then the cap disappears down down down - somewhere. I ask Peps for a flashlight, and finally regain my cap. Black guy and his friend apparently gay. Smiley smiley.

So now, I don't care - I want my beer. I don't care if my car catches on fire - I need a beer. I go to Cub Foods, which has a GREAT selection. And I buy a Red Hook India Pale Ale.

Not bad! And a fine buzz. Not as great as Taj Mahal, from India - which I bought when I was in the Chg area... There is this city where there's a Loyola campus - or maybe it's still Chicago. Devon Avenue. The place is SO INCREDIBLE! Continental Indians and Pakistanis EVERYWHERE, and Asian stores up the Kazoo. I need to go back there some time!

Well - I suppose I'm becoming Indian again. These things just happen. This spring all I listened to was Arabic funk/pop, and some Hispanic Sahara music. I highly recommend Natashia Atlas. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

So, four stupid cats in the driveway when I get home. My Grandmamere keeps repeating the only line she knows, "She's a wild dog!" About our Husky. Eeeeeeeeeeeee.

And I'm so glad I've got my India Pale Ale. Here, try some......

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