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Manufacturing DISSENT !

I am sorry to tell many of you, but I would support Donald Trump almost regardless of his policy, because the left, enabled by the media, has become a serious danger to the country.  I recall, back in Bill Clinton's days, when the media was trying to gain legislature allowing it to consolidate, meaning fewer companies could own more radio and TV stations, and newspapers, in local markets.  That means that one corporation could own three TV stations, the main newspaper, and several radio stations in, e.g., Chicago.  But, it gets worse when you look at smaller cities, where one company can absolutely dominate the entire media and news market.  In addition, countless mergers by big media companies, like Time Warner, Comcast, etc., etc., have been allowed, if not encouraged, to succeed.

Back in the day, leftists like Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Bernie Sanders, and so many more, railed against this development, because centralised news virtually always ends up as biased news, whether supporting interests of the overlording corporation, or of the buddy nanny state, or of self-interested billionaires, or of external benefactors such as Russia or China, or of any single political view or party.  The introduction of disingenuous, sensationalised news coverage by Fox News, innitiated a competition for ratings, by other networks and channels, by any manner necessary.  In addition, many cable channels turned their focus away from their original charter, towards more lucrative programming, via sensationalism.  This was all a general dumbing down of the audience, corporations appealing to short-term, immediate attention, and prurient interests.  In order to make money.

Well, that is not dissimilar to feeding an animal and endless stream of cocaine, at his prompting.  It is a lowering of common acuity to the lowest common denominators, which have largely been sex, violence, dysfunction or disruption of conventional mores, bullying, shouting, shooting, and so forth.  The once halfway venerable CNN began reporting select stories, on a 2-day cycle, basically, mainly to grab public obsession.  For example: When the airplane filled with computer techs from Austin went down outside of Thailand, CNN spent hours upon hours looking for some nonexistent ping near Australia, when all evidence pointed to the plane having gone down in the upper Indian Ocean.  Rating predominated, and, churned out an audience of willful idiots.  This, and worse, was predicted to happen by all the saints of the left.  And their complaint continued until...  Until the whole set-up began to favour , the left, specifically, the Democratic party.

Even though the aging Chomsky tries to stand for sense and sanity, the main thrust of the left, and its thinkers, who have been becoming more and more radical or revolutionary, has been that now, the fact that the media has centralised into the control of 6 main corporations, possibly 5, is just fine.  So long as it supports their narratives.  It does not occur to them, apparently, that this is a terrible problem for our country no matter WHAT party might benefit.  So, that it should benefit the Democrats should NOT impede a true radical from fighting against it, and arguing for greater decentralisation of power, money and ideas.  This is sad, because the eventual run of things will eventually favour the far right, and where will all the leftist sycophants be then?

It is always important to step out of the momentary clash of wants and egos, and look at the bigger, deeper picture, for some sense of what the future might or should be.  The path we are on is NOT the one we should be taking.  And because I denounce it, which happens to support Democrats at the moment, does not mean I am therefore a racist NAZI.  Look out for these buzzwords they are feeding you!  Don't be played by this system.  Just like - don't be played by George Soros.

There was also a time when many liberals entertained the idea that 9/11 was an inside job, so long as a Republican was in office.  When Bush left, and Obama entered, liberals could not conceive that a Democrat might be carrying on any kinds of conspiracies from the previous administrations.  Alex Jones, who once railed against Bush, and continued to rail against Obama, was seen as a crazy Republican partisan, which was not true.

Trump largely sprung from the populist musterings of Jones, Paul and Savich, who were all very very much anti-conventional Republicans, and had a great deal in common with the "far left", including the desire for health, privacy, escaping the rule of Big Brother, anti-mega-corporatism, pro-peace, anti-police!  However, embedded powers that be swiftly moved in the separate the populists into Socialism versus Fascism, Multiculturalism versus the Racists.

The wedge that was wielded to exact this division could be seen everywhere.  Whereas Hillary Clinton had in fact colluded with Russia, an expensive process was commenced to convey that it was Trump who was guilty of such a crime.  Trump was blamed for 'causing' the shooting in Pittsburgh, when the anti-Semite shooter was in fact a leftist, and Trump in fact has always been pro-Jewish and pro-Israel.  But the media kept repeating this false connexion.  This lie.

There were many people protesting in Charlottesville, but left and right.  A minority of these were leftist militants, and an even smaller minority were right-wing militants.  When Trump said, "There were good people on both sides," this was endlessly paraded by the media as Trump having been in support of White Supremacists.  Another lie, perpetrated by the Democrat-allied media.  Gobbled up by a sensationalism-addicted public.

Trump gave a speech, and the whole media lit up that he had said, "I stand with the Confederate Generals," when, in fact, he had never said such a thing.  Lies.  Just as Hillary targetted Trump for sins of which she herself was guilty, the Dems continued to target Trump for sins of which Biden is guilty - lying, corruption, racism, profiteering.  Indeed, Trump has lost million$ after being in office.

The Democrats have gone out of their way to convey that Trump's handling of the COVID emergency has been a sham, irresponsible, unscientific, etc.  These are all sins of which they themselves have been guilty!  All Dems, in primary Debates, were blowing off the seriousness of COVID.  Democratic governours severely fouled things up by sending COVID patients into nursing homes, thus killing thousands of people - almost as if they wanted to get their quota up, insanely.  All things considered, including all results, in my opinion, despite his stupid, finasteride-demented tweets, Trump has done the best job to be expected from any leader.

In fact, he got a Noble Peace Prize nomination for his success in procurring PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST, he probably deserves another for his dealing with the virus, all Democratic hot air aside.  I am not supporting Trump because of any of this.  I am certainly not supporting Trump because his environmental record.  I am supporting Trump because the left has become something many sages have warned us to never allow.  Sages and common sense.  Who would support a party that bullies by innuendo and insult, who lies and insinuates, who spends countless millions on witch-hunts they themselves know are fatuous, and who, at every step, attempt to remove a sitting president, to alter the constitution illegally, to remove the minority-guard filibuster, to add more Democratic states to the Senate, and to pack the court so it becomes another political tool, while forever dodging questions over these clear intentions?  These plans have been attested to by Harris and others.

But the Democrats lie and never fess up.  Instead, instead of condemning the violence of Antifa and BLM, they turn the issue to demanding that Trump condemn White Wing Extremist violence, which is NOT even an issue compared to all the violence in Democratic cities, the fomenting of racism, the burning down of black businesses, the injury of innocent lives, which the Dems have just cow-towed to, encouraging it.  It is a disgusting reflexion of the success of the media monopoly grip upon this country that Biden is ten points in the lead.  It saddens me greatly.  This is not America.  This is a puppet of deranged billionaires and China.  I remember when I said I would move to Canada if a Republican were to become president.  Now, it is very, very much the opposite.  Trouble, trouble, trouble.

You can read my upcoming post on Soros, the billionaire who has gone into several countries, picked a touchy meme, (like racism), and completely imploded each country by the assistance of millions of eager, indoctrinated useful idiots.  He learnt his stuff from his service to Hitler.  He hates Israel and he foments dissent, yet to criticise him is to be branded an anti-Semite.  Just like it is racist to call out BLM for its racist, destructive and anti-Semitic agenda.  BLM, who is funded by Soros.  As is Antifa.  This man should be targetted as an international terrorist and taken out, just like other terrorist leaders in recent years.  Because that is what he is - a billionaire dividing and conquering, profitting, enabled by the media, controlling elections, dictating policy.  This is what George Orwell warned about, and I am frankly aghast that very few are standing up against it, simply because it fills in all the dots of being, "ant-fascist," or, "anti-racist," or such.  Look - and learn the bigger pictures!!!

Trump has been badgered to denounce white supremacist, endlessly.  Even though he has done so in the past, he is badgered to do so NOW, because the reporter has CAMERA TIME, and it isn't real unless it is NOW.  This has been going on for so long, I had to pose the scenario that the Dems were planning a real, "white supremacist," attack, just so they could blame it on Trump.  Well, along comes the conspiracy in Michigan, against the governour who was also responsible for killing hundreds by sending COVID patients into nursing homes.  As Jane Fonda said of COVID, "This is God's gift to the left!," so, apparently, is a right-wing conspiracy against the governour of Michigan.

Well, this was investigated by the FBI - which could mean by Donald trump or by Hillary Clinton...  And it is being prosecuted by Donald Trump's Department of Justice.  Nevertheless, the governour was quick to blame this conspiracy on Donald Trump - on his words.  Donald Trump has never called any group in the nation to become violent, end of story.  If he is responsible, as the media claims, for the conspiracy in Michigan - then how about the riots in L.A.?  After he called for California to be 'liberated'?

Because, no... those riots were caused by people following along Democratic talking points.  Despite the fact that Dems have tried to blame on all the riots somehow on Trump, it has been DEMOCRATS that have fueled them, in every way, with funding from outside.  As usual, the Dems take THEIR SINS and try to project them on TRUMP, so they can then excoriate him.  The reality is that the almost complete majority of riots have been associated with the Democratic Party and its funders, like Soros, Buffet and Big Tech.  Look at the conspirators in Michigan: They claimed that Trump was the enemy, just like anyone in government.  And, that governour did lockdown too hard.  So, how is it that another rebellion against COVID constraints, but this time - right-wing, has been caused by Trump?  Where is the evidence?  Where is the science?

In fact, the Democrats, who keep shouting that people must follow the science, have been acting like freaking Luddites - cavemen!  Donald Trump has in fact followed the science on COVID, sometimes in contradiction to the WHO, and properly so.  The Dems have been following a fascistic lockdown agenda, (all up until the election), and have been close-minded to the science that says that lockdowns have not been the great prophylactic against COVID as they, and the media, have claimed.  The states that have had the least deaths have not been red states, but blue.

There is a great deal of science that the Dems have selectively chosen to ignore, including the higher probability that the virus emerged from a lab in China, than not.  Now, they are cancelling a debate between Biden and Trump, because Trump got the virus.   BUT TRUMP'S OWN SCIENTISTS say he will be OK-to-go tomorrow, in time for the cancelled debate.  The Dems are not looking at science, they are looking for opportunities.  If they can get the media to announce to the world that Trump is full of virus and is spurning the event because he is an orange crazy man, the n they will go with that, and the eyes, and all the billions, will follow.

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi is continuing on the effort to unseat Trump, despite the fact that Biden is in the lead, because THIS IS A PATHOLOGY.  Apparently, Trump, who was not killed by the virus, uh, hmmm, is now non compos mentis, because of his treatment.  Ohh - how about because he breathes in WDC car pollution?  Or anything?  Or that Pelosi and Biden are senile? It doesn't matter, Pelosi is moving on with this latest idiocy, trying to overturn the constitution, just so Trump can be expelled, without due process.  After all, Pelosi is second in line.

But, that's not it.  The idea is to constantly convince the dullards via the media that orange man bad.  They concocted this whole scenario that Trump would not accede to power transfer - based on Biden winning.  Based on messed up mail-in ballots.  they are fixing for a fight, and so fixing for a fail - eventually.  But, they won't mind if the fight drags the rest of this country though the mud.  A big lie, repeated often enough, becomes the truth."  Wasn't that Goebbels?

It astonishes me that all these masses of liberals who are hell-bent on fighting fascism do not see that it is they themselves who have been recruited into a future of real fascism.  I do not want tyranny, whether it comes from the left or the right.  I am ill - I have a disability.  Do you think that war and revolution will do me any good?  Or any good for the likes of me and my brethren?  Do you think that the fight for socialism will advance me in any way whatsoever?  NO!  It is an ideal, justifying the killing of millions of people, maybe me!  Maybe you!

Join in with the gossip of the group, thinking you might forestall your execution, but you are only placing yourself closer to the violent hypocrisy!  This will not serve any of us well.  I support Donald Trump because I do not want us to become compliant to external manipulators and shit-headed revolutionaries.

By catering to prurient interest, the media has directed itself towards manipulating people against each other.  On top of that, external, global forces have involved themselves in exploiting this, practicing the doctrine of divide-and-conquer.  How much more against each other than now have we been divided against each other?

Maybe - just maybe - this political acrimony has to do with forces beyond ourselves.  Dems are ever so willing to look for conspiracy theories when they implicate the right.  But not when they apply to themselves. You must stand up like an adult and look for them, whatever political direction from whence they might be coming.

Because it is not a question of left versus right.  It is a question of up versus down.   The mass-gatherings over police racism has been a ruse.  Another ruse.  Meant to divide us against ourselves.  I looked askance as the whole anti-racism thing took over OCCUPY.  But, the reality is in OCCUPY - in the economic deprivation of the masses, black and white.  It is not in critical race theory, assuming that everyone and everything is racist, and so forgiving the elites who seek to manipulate all this.

In fact, look at the anti-Semitic BLM movement, and how the leaders are marrying into the established elites.  All the time I have spent on these things, to just see them taken away by demagoguery... It challenges my hope for human transcendence.  Please, all of you, stay with me, because we must work towards the better angels of our nature.

NOTE: Do I think that the Michigan conspiracy was concocted in order to again blame Trump?  Not at this point.  It was just fortuitous to the left.  It, like many left-wing riots, partly came out of a resentment of government lockdowns.  In fact, it might have been predictable.  These conspirators might have listened to Hal Turner, a White Supremacist.  It does not mean he caused the violent aims of the conspiracy, just like Trump did not cause this or that violence.  It did occur in a blue (big city) state, where lockdown measures were strict.  (I don't think it was concocted by Soros or Hillary, but we shall wait and see what related elements might have creeped in, possibly).  At the moment, I see no Dem party conspiracy here.  I will say, it was fortuitous to that party.

Because there is a conspiracy in Michigan, it does not mean Trump is to blame.  That group said they hated Trump.  Instead, everyone wants to polarise along party lines.

The object of those who control the media, and those alligned with the Dems, is to foment division against the traditions of the country.  Confederate, and then even pro-emancipation statues, were so overthrown.  Ultimately, the aim is chaos, because then, anyone can walk in, when there is no concerted gunnery in the population, and establish themselves as the means, the source, the power in charge.  Americans have no sense that anything like this could be possible.  But I do.

And look at all those who fled Cuba and Venezuela - they are all voting for Trump.  Because real socialism kills people.  I supported Sanders, but no longer, under a banner of bloodshed, hate and denial.  All I ask is that I be left alone, to possibly contrive some better socio-economic system for our age.  Capitalism?  And then reactionary Socialism?  No.

I am looking for more, beyond, and I hope my LJ friends do not sell themselves over to some vein officious movement, which only works to stifle thinkers like you and me.  I oppose Joe Biden, strongly.  I am a true progressive independent, and my commercial is that you support Trump.  For all the lies that have been hoisted at him, nothing matches the lies behind the Democratic Party.
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