I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

out of time - (written earlier)

Day 3 of relapse. Intense fatigue. Can't really think or write up anything for yas tonight. Computer/net is also slow, which is fine if I am not using it. Crazy man downstairs is acting up again. I expect to watch or listen to debate. Finally, Clinton, etc., deep corruption is being exposed. And sites like Politico are still enablers in denial. I've been talking about Clinton corruption since years and years ago, back when i was being regarded therefore as a jackass male NAZI or whatever that was. Touchy people! Touchy cult members! Recall them accusing people of being racists if they mispronounced Kamala Harris' name? Well, Kamala Harris has done nothing of substance, never addresses questions, cleverly lies and flip-flops on everything, and is where she is because she is black. Does that mean I am a racist and a rapist, (as she called Biden), for pointing that out? I honestly cannot understand why anyone would vote for such a morally corrupt party. Thank goodness I am a true progressive independent.

"Mrs. Harris, do you believe Joe Biden will pack the court if he is elected?"

"You know, I stand exactly with Joe Biden on this. He is clearly right on this issue. I stand with him in saying, 'People - are - voting!'"


"Do you denounce Antifa?"

"People - are - voting!"

"Do you plan to get rid of the filibuster?"

"People - are - voting!"

"...and the electoral college?"

"People - are - voting!"
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