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I am the person who will destroy China.

Black(s don't) Like Me

Note: My last post was not about any of my LJ friends! Just realised it might be read that way. To all new peeps: I never, never post oblique, passive-aggressive posts about any LJ friend. In fact, I pride myself on that. If I want to say something concerning you, I will say it to you. I also do not write vague posts about, or to, unknown people. You can do that, if you want, but I don't think it is appropriate, for me. I would post something like that privately, or, if I thought the person might read it, then I would put a little trigger warning at the top. I really feel strongly about not inadvertently confusing or offending my LJ friends. I absolutely love all of you, fuckers that you are.

Had some wine this morning, went back to sleep, woke up late, took dog out, shoved off downtown.

First, I am walking down the sidewalk, and out comes a woman from the church. She walks directly at me, while I am walking on right side of sidewalk. She is wearing a mask, so it doesn't make sense that she dares to walk into someone. Then her husband and kid follow her and take up the rest of the sidewalk. I don't onto the grass, and she finally gets out of the way. is this what they are teaching in churches these days?

Next, a group of three guys is walking towards me, the first two, the tallest, step out of the way, as do I, respectfully. The third guy makes some angry comment at me as I pass. I stop, turn around and say, "What?" because I didn't know what he said. Then he just goes, "yeah, that's what!" It is just a joy to see people just playing these games in their heads, as if they mean anything. And, someone starts yelling at me for no reason.

I walked up the tracks a bit, retrieved a bag of jars, etc., I had stashed in some bushes, returned to f-market. Returned the jars, etc., to the farmers. Little old farmer lady now has a crush on me and followed me to the next table. Girl who seems to like me was now dressed all freaky bizarre, which is fine, and caught up w/ talkign to some peeps. It was noon and the market was closing. Two more annoying people, sitting at their little table, watched as now ignored them. Previously, they had laughed at me, or gossiped, etc., so I just ignore them now.

Walking home, there was Annoying Person #6. As I was crossing the street, a car came charging at me, so I had to stop, as it honked a sped by. Guess who this was. That's right, A-hole Guy. Wanting to kill me. As I crossed from gas station to vacant corner lot, there appeared Annoying Person #7. A big guy, to whom I once strained to talk, was standing on the gas station corner, now looking at me. In the recent past, this guy, and a friend, of course, were walking right behind me, gossiping loudly about me, and running right up behind me, making fun like 4rth graders. I posted about this earlier.

What did all 7 annoying people have in common? They were all black. Every white person I came across was very friendly towards me. Yeah, I'd say there is a race problem in America. Can't walk down the sidewalk without a black person acting like he or she owns it. Cars try to drive down the street, and blacks are standing around in the middle of it, because they have to own that, too. They accost white people at intersections, and so on.

You probably heard or saw: A car was slowly driving down the street, which was illegally filled with more angry "protestors". When the driver finally got out of the crowd, he or she stepped on the gas. Sooo... the crowd started running after him or her. Another needless confrontation, which could have ended in another death. So, a cop shows up, tells the driver to get out of the car - with his (or her) hands up! The media never reports on how innocent drivers are attacked, only on the blacks who get injured. Never the whites. It is completely insane.

BLM leader, in Louisville recently, (speaking of whites): I could SEE the fear in their eyes! And that's EXACTLY how I WANT them to live!" She gets paid for this, by Soros and others, who are interested in self-destructing this country. Those who refuse to see this are part of the problem, part of the growing racism, part of the killings. They are one and the same of a systemically racist institution, blaming innocent people for their own bullshit.

Now, I remember when I knew lots of friendly blacks, including Africans. You don't find this reckless egoism in Africa, except in urban areas where it is fomented by Americans. There are good blacks in America. Today, I crossed a parking lot, where a few black kids were riding bikes. A very young black boy walked around, carrying a little white kitten, wanting people to see it. I smiled. And I lamented the loss of innocence that was soon to take this child. It's criminal what is going on.

No American is guilty of slavery that happened hundreds of years ago. If that were true, then all American blacks would be responsible for slavery in India, Egypt, Africa, China, etc., which has been going on since the beginning of civilisation. Because America caused it. What many white Americans are guilty of is being normal human beings who took advantage of opportunities as they existed, or could be made.

What we need to focus on are corporations which continue to exploit the planet, and at any laws which permit racism. There are none that I know of, beyond Affirmative Action, which is based on race. Looking for white racism in every nook and cranny is simply paranoid superstition.

Maybe one way many blacks have relieved themselves of this insanity is by now saying that the entire system, (definition???), including everyone in it, is racist. Therefore, all blacks are also contributing to white racism - unless they violently attack the system, via any innocent white that might be standing around. Sorry, but that is black racism.

Preachers of critical race theory, and related, claim that every single thing that has happened in the American system has been an instrument of white abuse of blacks. So, there is no law that has been made which has been an instrument not of ethics or justice, but of white power. Therefore, any law is illegitimate. Do you know what this academic hogwash ultimately amounts to? A justification for violence, since all law is violence. In other words, it is a justification for the supremacy of the law of the jungle. It is not thought, it is a dressing up of anger and hate and irresponsibility in a disguise of thought.

It is a rationalisation of acting upon emotion and errant wants. This bullshit would be taking us backwards in humane maturity to before Civil Rights Laws, the Constitution, the Magna Carta, the Bible, and hundeds or thousands of years BACK INTO a world of UN-civilisation, where slavery runs rampant as the fortune of the powerful. And whom shall that be? International billionaires, corporations and theocracies. Instead of protecting and developing the freedoms we've got, we will be selling ourselves into economic slavery. Blacks who push us in this direction are just as culpable as were the Africans who sold their neighbours away to the Europeans.

No American is guilty of the sins of hundreds of years ago. If any of them are, then so are blacks guilty of profitting from those sins, as well as of American corporations exploitation of the wealth of the planet. Because we are living in the richest country in all human history, with blood on our hands from all the time on hands, being pulled in by cellphone videos and media hype. We have lost the distinction between our selves and the maddening world - between our own protected sanity and the destructiveness of mob psychology, and it's rationalisations. Because we can click a link and watch murder at lightning speed, we think ourselves omnipotent. This is an age of manic narcissism, facilitated by the culmination of civilisation's greatest thinkers and inventers, the technology that soon will have greater powers then we lording over every one of us.

If it is so easy for you or me to run the internet, chat, and flash-mob, how much easier do you think it is for those far more powerful? While we think technology is democratizing us, there are other forces actually manipulating public opinion and activity, towards more power for themselves, i.e., towards tyranny. Divide and conquer. Turn people into bottle-throwing animals, and take us back to the Biblical days where ruthless kings ruled, and had their way with whatever prophet might wander by.

And bricks. Do you know how all these riots suddenly had so many bricks to throw? It is because they are trucked in, along with med supplies, water, etc. Soros has been behind riots going back to 2011, here and in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. So far, evidence suggests that some people who are behind these supply shipments are Soros, Dempsey and Buffet. The first and last made their money by trading on hedge funds, etc. The ultimate vultures, who just happen to back so-called liberal uprisings.

I, personally, feel no guilt or blame over anything called white privilege or white guilt. In fact, what I see, in reality, is a never ending spree by many blacks to take advantage and abuse, without acknowledging any guilt of their own. Having a background in psychology, I see this, unmistakably, as a pathology. I, myself, will not lend myself, or my life, to the self-therapy, and eventual recovery, of so many hell-bent black assholes. Do you know why I think Jesus actually was white? Because he let the rabble put him on a cross.

As I said, no white is guilty, and needs to woke themselves to this. But, I am especially not guilty. As I once said to my sister, "Guilt is a crime." Why? Because it usually involves a diversion from true progressivism, to move forward, ever charitably, and gratefully, with no need to ever sin the way of guilt. Say what you see, with a loving heart, do what you can, and even if you falter, do not waste time wallowing in guilt. There is no guilt in humanity itself.

I never agreed to the idea of original sin, which I saw as a trick to gain adherence to the church. NOW, there is the trick being played by many, called, "all whites are guilty," and I see that in the same way, as bullshit. I do try to go about my day in a charitable way, but, many times I encountre blacks, they spit on this, basically. Here, btw, is a list of why I am even less guilty that the non-guilty whites:

  • I was not born in this country.

  • I was taken to this country against my will.

  • I am not an American citizen. How am I guilty for slavery?

  • I am Irish. Remember? The Irish who fought to end slavery? The Irish who were refused employment? JFK? The Clintons? Thomas Jefferson, who liked black women?  OK, he was Welsh.

  • I grew up in a poor black family... Really, in a poor partly black neighbourhood. But I attended a 90% black grade school.

  • I have no money. I don't even have a car. A-hole Guy has two cars, a motorcycle, and one or two houses. Yet I am somehow the problem.

  • I have a disability. On top of that I was injured by a pharmaceutical drug. How is that white privilege?

  • All my siblings went on into lucrative careers. Me? I am stuck living alone in a hellhole. With a LL lording her priviledge over me.

  • I have tried my damnedest to get along with everyone, and my natural inclination is to help. Many blacks who see me simply assume, because all white males are generically evil, (racism), then I am responsible for their bad day. Or, I am targetted on their good days.

Tired of this subject.

Went out with dog, 5:30pm. A little Hispanic boy came walking up the sidewalk. He was smiling, "I like your dog!" I said, "Thank you, very much!," smiling. "He's very cute!" (Meanwhile my dog was doing a major dump). And this kid was smiling at me. Like a normal person!

This was followed by a rotund black woman, and. Do I really need to tell you what happened?

And, for any black, or BLM-sympathizing, person who might be reading this. Don't support the crap. It is going to do far, far more harm than good. Support respect and equality! Not violence and racism! And look to yourselves. "The unexamined life is not worth living."
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