I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.


I trimmed bushes, etc., the other day, and let the bag sit open in order to let the innards dry, and let any crickets hop out. This eve, I folded up the bag, and set it inside. Went out tonight w/ dog, and, of course, the crickets were in the bag chirping, hoping to attract all the other crickets outside, and that makes me so sad.

While I was putting together that bag, I came upon a garter snake, and lifted it up so my dog could sniff it. Amazingly, that snake knew to stand still for a long time, whilst I was about other business), so as not to attract my wolfish canine. Animals are so fucking smart. And, when this snake DID move, my dog could barely SEE it, because of the way it moved. Staying in one place, while also moving forward, know what I mean? So, anyway, of course, I returned the snake to under my porch. What is humanly weird is that the black kid across the way, who had been chanting this weird thing at me to disturb me, suddenly shut up when I said to my dog, "Do you want to see a snake?" This place is full of freakin' cowards. Including the WHITE asshole downstairs. Which, btw, I was watching something about the Unabommer, and it totally reminded me of him, so I'll post about WHY later.

I wish I could remember the other thing I was going to say, lol, maybe later...

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