I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Bad, bad day!

In fact, bad week, very bad week.  If someone on LJ was seriously injured in an auto accident, that person had a worse week than me.  Otherwise, I had the worst week on LJ, and should be getting a prize.  I know this is a chronic illness, but that does not mean every bad week is any the less terrible.  If you computed everyone's life on LJ over the last 16 years, clearly my life would come out to be the worst, because nobody can sustain such a terrible time over 16 years and still be stupid enough to be on LJ.  If I have accomplished anything in life, it is that I am the winner on LJ of being the very most beleaguered of anyone at all, if you don't include deleted or non-active journals.  It's a good thing I don't have a FB because if I did there would be some pretty tough running over there and it is likely that I would be beat by countless people in the third world and crack-addicted housewives.  However, if they gave me a handicap just for being a white male, then I think maybe I might make it to honourable mention, but then a lot of cops would win out and then a race war would ensue, so I really don't think any kind of special handicap will be given out at FB and so I have no plan of even trying that.  All I need is to know that everyone on LJ knows that my week has sucked and especially you friends of mine who have to actually read about it over and over again potentially for another 16 years.

I have no jump on tomorrow, when I am supposed to show up at the f-market, to drop off two pickle jars, one crafty bottle, and several Styrofoam egg cartons, and make an appearance at the table of the girl who likes the idea of me but has no idea that the real me lies in bed 6 out of 7 days a week.  Let's round that out to 8.5 out of 10 days, which is 85% of the time, or of my life.  So, I would just like to say to anyone who knows me: Could you just possibly drop 85% of the even slightly annoying things you say or do to me?  Instead, maybe shut up for 85% of the time, or, if you find that to be impossible, please whisper very quite but sweet compliments to me, even when I am not around.  Like, to your friends and relatives, 85% of time, speak in excessive praise of me, noting how I should be earning 85% more than most professional people because I work so much harder than them at least 85% of the time, could you just do that?

I have been wearing pre-worn socks and underwear for weeks now, not just because COVID lurks around every corner, but because I am in dispose 85% of the time.  I may be force to think of possibly carrying whites to the laundromat tomorrow morning, risking my life, or the 15% of what's left of it.  The thought of being able to do that tomorrow is so alien to me, and I feel like such shit presently, that I am not even considering making a pile of whites tonight.  For one thing, it would remind me of the holocaust.  Or all those people that got zapped into becoming floating fabrics in, "War Of The Worlds."  There are things in the fridge virtually reaching out and grabbing me trying to tell me they have gone bad, and need my attention.  But there is no way I feel like dealing with that tonight, just as I didn't last night.  Something came for me in the mail, from SSA, going over that phone interview I did last month, and requiring me to send a response w/in 10 days.  I have NO idea when I got that!  It has been sitting in my pile of mail that serves to slowly wither away any possible traces of COVID before I get around to reading it.  I think, maybe, it arrived less than 10 days ago.  But, for 6 out of the last 7 days, which we shall round out to about 85% of the past week, my brain has been completely unable to remember this, or much of anything else.  I only remembered it last night when I started thinking about something else.  Well, I need to go over that letter and do a response, maybe write a note and print it out at the library, and mail it back tomorrow morning, when I am theoretically going to be downtown but, judging from past experience, the chance of that actually happening is 100% minus 85%.  (That is about 15%)  And it has been raining cold sweat for the past 5 days!

My lah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ife...

LJ needs to get AI and learn that I do not and never will want to use the so-called new post editor!
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