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I pulled off the f-market, yay.

Pushed back mild winegraine and associated CFS.  Took dog out at 9:45am, and was ready to go, so I left around 10:30.  This time, I was not packaging this trip with one to the library or Walgreens, just keeping it light.

There warnt nary a head of lettuce to be found.  I keep looking for just three things in my life: Rubbing alcohol, sunflower seeds, and lettuce - and I have been having NO luck lately.  Is it possible that this pandemic forced everyone to be alone and contemplative, so they all decided that to live a better, more moral life, they must act just like me and buy all the things I buy?!

But I did go wild for other veggies: A giant eggplant, three small cukes, a nice bunch of kale, one red bell pepper, 6 fine tomatoes, a jar of garlicky cuke pickles, and a dozen eggs.  I really tried to avoid buying eggs from this same guy, because they are weak eggs, (which is what trump says about the democrats).  I even told an older lady vender this.  I bought a bottle of Kombucha from her, telling her I would use it to freshen up my batch.

There is one girl I was hoping to see there - a brown/copper-haired in-shape and lively babe, but I'm not sure if I just caught the tail end of her, um, visit there.  There were two larger young females telling their cute little girl companion to chill, etc.  later, I stepped in a line behind them, and the girl turns around and looks up at me, swooning.  So cute!  The older girls thought this was adorable, and they kindly led her to another table, all smiles.

As I was leaving, I passed the girl who sits alone at her table, apart from the crowd, selling some kind of cake or pastry.  When she saw me, she broke off convo w/ her friend, fixed something on her head, and gave me a nice, over-the-top, "Good morning!"  I said hello and did a gesture.  Wasn't ready to chat, but I will next time.  Now I know she likes me - or at least what I appear to be in her brain.  It is possible she is just sitting there with too much time on her hands, letting her mind wander, and she sees me, being all alone and independent, and so this encourages her at her lonely table and puts stars in her eyes.

Finally, when I was all packed and departing, I looked over at the zombies standing about the P.O., facing the f-market with their signs.  I figured they were protesting about the P.O., and never read any sign until now: "Silence equals complicity" or something.  I don't think it was complicity because that is too big a word for around here.  Anyway, they were apparently BLM sympathizers.  Just standing there, brazenly, in silence - so I guess that means they are in complicity.  I stuck my finger in the ear facing them, to adjust the earplug, but they might have seen it as a gesture.  I wanted to shout, "Look up the facts!"

Because I am really tired of their coercive tactics, and acting like they know better than anyone else.  Grandiose virtue-signalling.  Saying that if you are silence, and peaceful, then you are the problem, is the same thing as saying you are aracist if you don't join in shouting only, "Black lives matter!"  Tired of it!  A little later, I realised that I might have shouted, "George Soros for president!! Yeah!!"  But god bless them, and all the rioters who shoot people, because they know not wtf.

BTW - As I was coming home yesterday, I saw a couple talking to a cop in front of their house.  Someone had messed with them.  As I approached, the cop started walking in my direction.  I was preparing to give him two fingers to the cap, but he shouted out, "How are you?!" as he veered dramatically out of my COVIDian way.  So, I ended up giving him a full, slanted salute, saying, "Good!"  At the same time, the cop swings his arm down to grab his gun.  I kid you not.  This also happened when I called the cops on A-hole Guy.  The cop saw a garden shovel sticking out of my back pocket, and immediately went for his gun - near not actually grabbing it.

Which reminds me of when I was pulled over for speeding, several years ago.  Two cops asked me out of the car, to take a breathalyzer test.  Suddenly, one of them saw my plastic toy gun sticking out by the drivers seat, and they went berserk, "He's got a gun!"  So they threw me up against the car, pulled my arms back and handcuffed me.  Then I talked them down as much as possible, telling them it was there because some guy had driven his car parallel to mine, and pointed a real gun directly at me.  So, I had this toy gun to scare idiots away.  They calmed down, but asked me if I would lie to take a breathalyzer test.  I said would I be punished in any way if I said no.  And they said no.  So I said no.  And they arrested me.

Took me to the station, where time, and my own craftiness, convinced the breathalyzer test that I was not drunk.  So, we chatted about dogs, they unarrested me, and left me alone, miles from home, trying to figure out how to get my car unimpounded.  Which eventually cost me money, as did the speeding ticket.  Moral of the story: Cops can be just as human and crazy as you or me.  Often worse, because of their bad training, which I have posted about many times.  But, I still have sympathy for them these days.

I have been washing veggies, and all that.  It's possible, if my good spell continues, that I might go out looking for garage sales, and bring back my load of cold hard cache.  Hopefully, it was not stolen.
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