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I am the person who will destroy China.

turning want into food

Another bad day, turning into a good one.  Still doing garlic therapy.  Ha a nap.  Awoke as if drunk, demented, clogged up head.  Took hours and hours to push that away.  But this is good.  I believe this is the end process of finally clearing out what I believe is yeast in the blood and, if not in the brain, then resulting toxins in the brain.  Whatever the agent, a massive immune system reaction is involved, chronically.  And yeast not only makes formaldehyde, vinegar, acetaldehyde, but also alcohol, which explains a little of the drunkness.   Not a good experience tho.  Did get a small amount of irrelevant online stuff done.

I am all out of nuts and seeds - my mainstays.  No bread or tamales.  Just a few things left.  Most of the canned food is green beans or corn, because this is the Midwest.  Corn is usually GMO, w/ added glyphosate and mercury, plus sugar, and virtually no nutrition.  But my survival cornbread is still going strong.  I have quick oats.  Mind you, not only have I been missing a lot of shopping due to COVID.  I have also been deliberately trying to exhaust food resources, esp. canned and frozen.  Why?  It's a bugger to transport that during a move, so.

Anyway, with no prospects for a dinner, I decided to reward myself, recovering, with a full meat and potatoes meal.  How?  There were two big cans of expired chicken from the Mennonites, so delicious, (but their turkey is to die for), in the pantry.  So, I opened one of those.  There was a can of small potatae, used that.  And, although the cabbage was beginning to go bad, I used some of that and boiled the rest.  Heated/fried them all up in a pan, (no oil), and there it was - a wonderful meal.  Garlic, salt and pepper - and ketchup on the potatae.  So good!  Had a little piece of survival cornbread for desert, and washed it down with my fermented veggie juice.  Ta da!

So, I do expect I may be able to shop tomorrow.  Unfortunately, countless other people will be out shopping, as they also got SNAP benefits and SSI on Sept. 1, and SSA  tomorrow.  I may get 2 pizzas.  Also need more stuff to treat a new mite infection on dog.  Then, Saturday will be the next jaunt.  IF indeed I am recovering, then that should be possible.  Will also use library WiFi.  Had a wee run in w/ that old man again, today.  Will write about that tomorrow.  May style it for presentation in letter to LL, as well.  Later.  Stay well.  PS - I missed Master Chef eliminating my beloved Bri!

For CFS diary: This is almost the end of a relapse stint that must have begun ~6 days ago?
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