I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

but you can't put out fires with words

This is precisely why I am on disability.  Very bad day.  Have been on a downturn, following the recent activities and SSA stress.  So, I must rest, sleep, not do much.  That makes it seem like all I am is tired.  Nay.  Some really difficult stuff goes on here, hour after hour, year after year.  This is day two of a 2x/day garlic therapy, hoping it cleans me out, within a few days.  Looking forward to getting going again, in the nice weather.  I'll know when the rash is gone, because that is ALWAYS associated w/ these downturns.  So long as it is there, it seems like I have candidiasis of the brain. No doctor has ever taken "the yeast connection" seriously, because they associate it with female vaginal infections, which is, you know, silly.  And they do not know, or consider, that Candida takes four different forms, and one is very aggressive, and can not only get into the blood but into cells.  But, I cannot say this is the basic problem w/ me.  HHV-6 might be involved.  It is a bird's nest of an illness.

Heard woman on radio, talkign about California fires: "These fires are likely going to be continuing to be growing."


Try: "These fires are likely to continue growing."

Or simply: "These fires will keep growing."
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