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No World Order!

Today turned out to be prettty bad, so this is the second week I missed the f-market due to CFS. Missing that, I thought about maybe continuing w/ the second leg on to Walgreens, but that could be done any day, maybe tomorrow. And, if I am going to Walgreens any day, why not Aldi's? Why not do a few hauls from thither? Me thinks soly. I can combine that trip w/ one for nuts at F&F, one to CVS for rubbing alcohol and supplements, one to the vet, one to to return a security light, one to maybe get glasses, one to the used DVD store, and so one to Subway for a delightful salad, one to the pizza place for two pizzas. I'll do some of these, though I still need to try to avoid COVID. After I figure things out, I should be back on LJ later. I am also considering some moving/etc. leads that just popped up.

I have been playing my music list since last weekend, broadcast to a radio in the kitchen which neighbours can probably hear if they try - or they can tune in to 88.1. I have been playing by decade - 1940's, 50's, 60's, etc. Now I am on the 1990's. Presently up is "Vex" by Steel Pulse, 1994. You should hear some of the lyrics of these songs - and this is possibly one of the first places the term, "No justice, no peace!" emerged, in reaction to the Rodney King killing. This is way back in 1994, mind you.  That's probably when I got the album.

After the crash of 2007 hit, I recall walking over to a black neighbour's house, going up and sitting on his steps, and bitching with him about the banks, and how we needed to start a revolution, while his little family listened attentively from the porch. (For a while after that, a white van with dark windows and antennae hung out on my street. And I got a lot of hackers.

When Obama was elected, I went to my front door and shouted out, "Obama!" And, I supported him the second time around.  He turned out to be not as wonderful as many continue to believe today, in fact, he was bad. The point is, I supported him twice.

Then, around 2009??, the Commie Antifa guy showed up, asking me if I would allow him to use one of my vacant lots. (I had purchased these lots with my non-profit, with the cooperation of the park district, to help urban people learn to love and respect nature - but that fell through. I told him I no longer really owned them. But, I did contact the community foundation, to give him some kind of legitimacy).

There, he got people to build up a funky garden with straw bales and an old tub and whatnot. They had a few little festivals with music and hugs. The guy mowed my lawn, in return for my help - and then, being a commie, he stole my lawnmower. That's when it began to show that the far left was no longer progressive, but was untrustworthy. This guy, possibly an FBI agent, popped up in other protests in Louisiana and the West Coast. The roots of Antifa, yo. Which is funded by Soros and China and Big Tech.

Anyway, I have long been a radical progressive, until that became a misnomer. As for my association/s with blacks, you can go back and read some of that HERE. But I've been thinking of writing more, like about the black girls in my life.

An episode of, "Modern Family," has Phil pursued by a cute black woman, and he gets nervous, about infidelity, lying about her to his wife. The black woman suddenly discovers that the house NEXT to Phil's house is for sale, but he does everything to try to get her not to pursue it. So, she becomes convinced that his refusal to sell it, (he is an agent), is because she is black.

She reprimands Phil for his obvious racism. And says, "You never have to think about race, but we have to ALL THE TIME!" In fact, another recent show, "Brothers and Sisters," episode, ("Something New"), had an argument with a black gf saying basically the same thing to her white bf. Not only is this common lingo by now, it is common in the media.

If you go out at night, in a sexy dress, (male or female), you stand a small chance of being grabbed by a male. Thus, you have this restriction up against ever doing it, and you may have this mental safeguard up that all males are likely to attack you thus, right? Just to be safe, you hold on to this prejudice. Because it might save time, helping you know how to react, in case you are ever attacked, and it keeps you from ever dumbly walking into such a vulnerable position.

But we should remember that all men are not all out to grab every woman, all the time, and everywhere. The only time that such a thought must need naturally pop into our head is when we are actually being grabbed by a man, if at all - or ever.

Even though, "Stop-and-Frisk," is wrong, this absolutism is the basis of it. More crime exists in black neighbourhoods, by black males, and thus the police in those areas tend to have an absolute up, saying it is better to assume that all blacks are potential threats, than it is to get shot down by someone why grabs his gun first, whilst sweet-talking you. The problem is that, when the police ALWAYS think this way, inevitably, mistakes and injustices will occur.

It's the same when blacks believe they have to, "think about race all the time." Many times, they are seeing racism from whites when it just doesn't exist. [This is not to say it never exists, either].  And when some proceed to almost INSIST that it MUST exist, always and everywhere, then this effective violence inevitably leads to more violence, and actual racism from some whites. It's a self-fulfilling prophesy, (which gets comfortable Dem politicians reelected, and also fuels the hate of David Duke).

That's what absolutes - fundamentalism - born of paranoia, do. Racism exists, but it is almost never the ONLY thing. If it were, no blacks would be rich, or halfway rich, like all the leaders of BLM, etc. Obama would never have been elected - twice. The NBA and NFL would either be all white, or pay in peanuts. Blacks would not be in every other commercial on TV. American music would be some kind of space-age version of Stephen Foster.

Going from affirmative action to demanding that the entire system cannot ever, in any way, compensate for past racism, and so must be torn down, is just a radical, fundamentalist insanity - the only ends of which are bloodshed, and a token handful of black politicians, and the like, cohorting with many Dem whites, and GOP corporate heads, all riding the gravy train. Same old, same old.

Thinking race is the only thing ignores the reality of corporate capitalism, resulting in the radical leaders, yet again, buddying up to the rich; and the greater mass of poor blacks and whites only being hurt the more, just like the blacks who live in cities which are being looted today. The BLM movement helped put an end to the OCCUPY movement, (while both had been funded by Soros, btw). But I keep to the latter, realising what mistakes are being made by the former. You can join the only active #occupywallstreet LJ community here: o_c_c_u_p_y.

Single-factor thinking is what elevated criminals to levels of power after the revolutions in Russia and, essentially, Germany. (It is completely opposed to my insistence, in this journal, upon MULTIFACTORAL! analysis). Conveniently, it is an easy slogan by which bullies and psychopaths rationalise selfish, greedy, animalistic and destructive theft or injury. This crap has happened in civilisations past, and it has always lead to devastation, whereupon more sane children then had to be born from the ashes of the past inhumanity.

Not only does violence beget violence, violence is never justified for any cause, and only defeats that cause in the end. Because other people don't don't like it, for one thing. And injury: is memory.

So, to all the naive narcissists out there: Time out! Go to your rooms! Do your homework!

The only true revolution comes from a kind mind and a thoughtful heart.

That's not what comes from fundamentalism. What comes from fundamentalism is polarisation, whether it be from violent 'communism', or from fascism, or jihad religionists, or racism, or George Soros.

Really, aren't people being a tad presumptuous and ego-centric, believing that our single species can be divided up into polar opposites, in some kind of pretentious pseudoscientific fervour; and the only ones having the divine wisdom to wage this crusade are those dim-witted belligerants wholy consumed by deceitful abstractions? pffft. That is the opposite of what I'm about, kids.

Months ago, I perceived this movement to be a kind of religion, like that of the statue-toppling Taliban. Based on very fewfacts, but more on superstitions and personal agendae.

Cellphone, media, and social-media selective-amplification may make it seem like facts are on the side of this movement, but they are not. Shout loud enough, tell the same lies over and over again, appeal to the anger or good will of people, and instill threats and fear.  Those who resist are the infidels.

Sure enough, a month or so later, I heard others describing the movement in this way.  As a religion.  I will post about the facts later.

But that I say as much, now, to many, 'makes me a racist'. Just as anyone who says 'all lives matter' is a racist. Or anyone who refuses to pump a fist against the police is a racist. And may so be beaten or shot. Fear keeps many from seeing that the reason the movement relies on such fallacies, and on such coercion, is because it is WRONG, rationally, morally, economically, practically and humanely. It is a smokescreen, put up to, among other things, try to force people to vote Democratic.

Of course, not all members are aware of this. Not all supporters understand. Not many read the actual facts. No one gives a damn about all the OTHER black lives lost - or the cops - or the other 60+ deaths caused by the riots so far. And many are just too stupid to see that their grand, altruist, comfortable support of the "almost peaceful" protestors is linked directly to encouraging the violence. The two are directly related. They are both based on falsehoods.

If supporters truly believed in peace and justice, they would know enough to stop rationalising and defending the rioters and looters. To stop enabling them, and arguing for them.  And find out - or wait to find out - what the truth is.  Blood is on your hands.

Remember when the Dems were opposed to violence, to war, to blackmail tactics, to bullies, to fundamentalists, to judging or harming others based on the colour of their skin? Remember Clinton-and-Clinton, and Biden, voting for law and order, and the Crime Bill? Was that all rhetoric?  Are we seeing their true colours now?

Remember Dems running these cities for the last half century? There is going to be a major political shift here, recalling that which occurred after Johnson signed in the Civil Rights act. And Dems are not going to like it.

For one thing, there are a lot of blacks who like making sense, and who want to vote for making sense. Not that Trump is the most sensible president we have had, but people see him as standing between them and the stupid violence, and see the BiDems as encouraging it.  Whereas the Dems now claim that it has always been the GOP which has been encouraging. Such crass bullshit.

Anyway, you can also see that I have been a lone voice shouting out about police abuse in the past, when others just went, "Why does he think he has to keep talking about this?!" Because it has been true. After the billions spent on George Bush's wars, soldiers with PTSD became cops, military equipment went to precincts, and cops were trained on cold, frenetic video kill-games.

After 2001, a milieu of militancy has permeated the country. Many marginals have been harmed by the militarisation of the police.  They have been the poor, the elderly, the handicapped, the mentally ill, the homeless, the harmless pot-smoker, pets, Arabs, Hispanics - and blacks. Lots of blacks - but not ONLY blacks. And many of these incidents were legally justified shootings. But, I do the facts later.  Or, you can do the research.

A major problem is that every time blacks take over an issue, like poverty, police abuse, schools, etc., that issue gets racialised, and so never really solved - and so a lot of marginal people get hurt along the way.

Fundamentalism, in any direction, is insanity. After polarising and polarising, and thus reaping more and more mayhem, what do all fundamentalists do? They seek more CONTROL, as they also want more POWER. They are bullies. Idiots. That means that, as failure pushes in, they all run to make the STATE more powerful.

No one sane wants that, left or right. But, you do the thinking about this: EVERY TIME, it leads to statism, corporatism, state fascism, Soviet gulags, Jihad Caliphates, Theocracy, banana republic dictatorships - just think about it.

There is no good end to this. No solutions or progressions are offered. The Dems are just Bidening their time until November.

The party of racism, the KKK, Jim Crow laws, is becoming the party of black racists and anti-Semites. What is it that makes this happen? Look at all the racist things Biden has said, and he is completely forgiven - like the anti-Semitic leaders of BLM - by all partisans, especially the VP running-mate, who had vehemently asserted he is a racist only months ago.

Doesn't anybody see the hypocrisy, denial and double-standards just shooting up like weeds in this party? Why would anybody wanting to move forward invest in such a trap - a quagmire? Dems keep promising change, but in reality choose to keep the status quo, so they can again run by complaining about it, and then make more promises. Blame it all on comrade Trump.  Every restive group needs to target an enemy, just to hold itself together.

Vex songs by Steel Pulse, include 'Endangered Species', 'New World Order', 'X Resurrection', and, 'No Justice, No Peace'. (You can search for lyrics of the latter two).

I do love this song... I'm in an hangreh mood ...

Totally world disorder...
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