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But, seriously, this is nothing compared to 30 years from now.

I'm not so sure about being on LJ tonight, as my issues haint abated.  Tomorrow should be an active day.

Took dog outside for his 6:pm.  Along comes this black guy tellng me he had to talk to me because I had a big heart.  He just went around in incoherent circles.  But it turns out he is the twin brother of A-hole Guy, living just across the street basically.  A-hole Guy owns two houses, a motorcycle, and one - maybe two - cars - and he can't help his brother?  Get more drunk?

I had to sit him down on the front steps just to figure out what he was saying.  Put a mask on and still had my earplugs in.  So what fun.  The guy takes out a mask but just plays with it, and continues to talk just a foot away from me, upwind.  You don't know the past.  When I first moved here, blacks were basically trying to walk into my apartment while I was outside.  It is astonishing.  So, my policy has always been not to give any money, ever.  But I treat them like people and try to see if there is some other way out.  Well, this guy had no patience for another way out because that way is DRY.

Even if it was about food, he get's his check in fur days.  I've gone without food for two weeks.  The things I've had to go through just to get my own food here.   Life ain't TV, kids - stop expecting it to be.  I would have helped some other way, but he wasn't interested, so.  Part of being a 'good christian' is not feeding bullshit.  Love the sinner not the dinner.

I told himj that his brother was constantly lying, so... and he just laaaaffed...

On an unrelated note, until I write all about it, here is the latest show by Ben Shapiro, who says a LOT on the Kenosha troubles.  Good show.  Just because he sucks on LJBQ doesn't mean he can't be right on other things, and he is NOT a racist.  Neither are you if you think for yourself.  Btw - the three guys the so-called "white nationalist vigilante racist" shot were all whites, with prior offenses, and who were attacking him, not vice versa.  Chuck that frikin' TV.

I had a roommate who was from Kenosha.  He truly disgusted me, even though he was a musician.  (White, btw).  The landlord was having sex downstairs and suddenly this guy starts laughing out loud at it like a hyena.  I went in and yelled him into the kitchen floor.  Little thanks did I get from the landlord because, when I returned from Seattle, a day late, I found he had thrown all my belongings out onto the sidewalk.  I didn't recover much.  That was one of several times I lost my stuff.  Never again.  Anyway, I looked a little more into Kenosha and vowed I would NEVER move anywhere near there.  Dysfunctiontopia. And I never did, and good for me.  Although, I am still close enough - to it, to Chicago, to Minneapolis, to Saint Louis, to here.  Gotta get a move on. The little city I am in has all the segregation and strife of Wisconsin, being mostly Germans and blacks, just like Milwaukee, yet with all the boring, inane, egopolitan stupidity of Illinois.

Can America Survive This?

Chaos continues in Kenosha and spreads to Minneapolis as a false rumor of another police shooting goes viral; the NBA closes down to protest supposed American systemic racism; and the RNC defends cops and the flag on its third night.
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