I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

front and centre

I've been shot-down-dragged-out for two days now. Got walloped and pulverised by an attack on my central brain, which was replaced by the current, "healing migraine." People have no idea. This puts off my dealing with the SSA lady's shenanigans for a few days. I need at least one workable day before I go to library, where I can comment you, and it would make more sense to go Saturday. My computer/net now appears to be operable, but I need to save the memory space for other things, and am now going to relax and try to watch a movie. Again: "Becoming Jane." Was hardly able to lift head, but began rousing self while looking up cities (again) on CL and Wikipedia. I have to remind myself that I only live in this town as a bridge to somewhere else. So, I musts needs get a new primary doctor just so I can get referred and get an eye operation. Problem started after my finasteride withdrawal, as did other unmentionable things. But the front of my head is being swallowed by baldness and soon I will look like the almost-late Ed O'Neil. The zucchini pizza boats are great, but I cannot eat a lot of them, as they have too much cheese. If I eat one portion a day I have two weeks of it ahead, yo. Virtually free food. Because good I need to balance out my expenditures on cashews by mail, etc. And the little yellow squash "crackers" are just a delight. Goodnight. I read most of your posts. Vision problem is becoming an obstacle to computer things though. If this SSA nonsense goes badly, I might end up homeless by this time next year. Foo on that. I think we should get all the disabled people together and they shall decide whether to allow other people to have jobs or not. Because. We know a little bit more about the realities of living. And birds shall police the profligate.

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