where hypotheses come to die (madman101) wrote,
where hypotheses come to die

hanging it up

I'm sorry I can't do comments. Looks like the end of the road for my computer/net. Just cannot go on with it getting worse and worse. I have to quit this server and possibly the phone company. My computer/net is seriously no longer viable at all. Virtually impossible to comment you, etc. More than that, I need to work at breakneck speed to get things done and this crap is just wasting hours and days of my time, instead of facilitating any progress. So, I need to find new WiFi, cheap, ASAP, which means I won't be very active on LJ for a while, if at all.

I did some more tidying. My living room was full of boxes and bags, etc. A big mess, because I was leaving everything there to let any possible virus disappear. So, got that done. Got boxes ready for a massive grocery shopping spree soon. While I was doing all this, in quiet foam Skechers, the asshole downstairs starts his STOMPING beneath me, because in the head of a narcissist/sociopath, (in his and A-hole Guy's), the fact that I exist, independently, is intolerable. So many jerkwad people around.

So, I normally throw a metal flip-knife into my pocket before I take the dog out. But, I had been using it to cut boxes. So, when I grabbed it, it sliced into my thumb. Lots of bleeding, but not a hospital emergency. My vision problem needs to be fixed though. Ever since going off finasteride, did not only incur that problem, etc., but am now so brawny.
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