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Been suffering the consequences of the two weekend treks.  All things considered, I am doing better than usual.  Sudden intense headache today, signalling the bout will probably be over tomorrow.  Now that I am no longer comatose, tonight would be a good time for vegetation.

But I have to put a "lost" ad in the local paper.  I placed one in CraigsList.  I am thinking that when I check my mail, all that will be there will be idiots trying to scam me out of the reward.  I notified the local police, who have found no wallet.  I must ask at the farmers' market on Saturday.  And maybe get myself together and do a mega-shop, with the help of the truck guy.  Other than that, just regaining mental/psych capacities.  Did some tidying.  Must steam broccoli tonight, and clean the yellow squash and cukes I grabbed next to food pantry, Sunday.

Sunday's storm devastated two mobile home parks in one town, w/ 100mph straight winds.  And a tornado touched down in a nearby county.  And my wallet probably got blown into the river and is on its way to the Gulf.  The big storms humbled my dog, so to speak.  Then there was me being gone on Saturday, and then Sunday.  Then there is the crazy man downstairs kicking up aggravation.  Finally, my dog saw a little dog walk by while we were sitting on our front steps - and this was followed by two dogs, one in a pink harness, whom I told you about  before.

These things have caused my dog to become really annoying.  Headstrong, callous, resistant, impatient, standing stupidly in my way, just like a jerk man who suddenly saw a hot babe and things he is now the centre of the universe.  "I've still got it!"  I had to yell at him last night, 3:am, because he kept flopping down loudly on the drum-like floor.  Sometimes he does this if it hot and humid, sometimes after the man downstairs has been stomping and banging, and sometimes just to wake me up so I will take him outside.  Suddenly wide awake, I must resist the urge to take him out, lest he starts pulling this prank all the time.

My dog was impossible, outside this evening.  Hyper-alert.  Distracted by everything and everyone.  Luckilly, this area is ever-offering such distractions, horns, barks, hammers, car stereos, kids, etc. it sometimes drives me nuts.  Esp. when I have a  migraine, and am dressed in my big dark blue, "Sydney," shirt, and another underneath, expecting only to be out a few minutes, but am instead lead back and forth back and forth like a robot zombie melting in the sun.

Meanwhile, that girl who had waved at me - she walks by the painter who is sitting one house down, and says something to me, and then she says, "You don't speak English?"  I thought that guy spoke English, IDK.  But she wasn't having the prerequisite sense enough to talk to me.  My back was turned, at first.  She had a gruff monster voice, and this confused me.  And then she was gone, across the street, into the weeds of her domain.  Maybe this is good.  There is something to be said for playing it safe.  I already have my dog with his gruff monster voice, and I can hardly sleep in the same room as him.  This girl sounded like a Billy Goat Gruff Troll who might want to lurk under my bed.

I have to check my mail, place the ad, and figure out the rest of the night.  Hopefully my computer/net is not the complete dud it was yesterday/Monday. [Nope]. My brain is starting to go again...
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