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Louisiana court upholds black man's life sentence for trying to steal hedge clippers

Fair Wayne Bryant was sentenced to life in prison in 1997 for attempted simple burglary, and justices rejected his recent appeal

A black man in Louisiana will continue to serve a life sentence in prison for trying to steal hedge clippers after the state supreme court denied a request to review his sentence.

Fair Wayne Bryant was convicted in 1997 of attempted simple burglary.

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NOTE: This is crazy and retarded.  It appears to be a real example of injustice, which you know I oppose everywhere.  Complete unfounded.  It comes from the state of Louisiana, which is a fulcrum of stupidity, and also the place where toppling statues and take-a-knee began.  But the whole country is not Louisiana.  In addition to this, this reminded me of a friend who stole my wonderful lawn-mower.  What sentence does he get?  He was a communist, Antifa agitator, whom I have tracked from Louisiana to the West coast - possibly paid directly from Soros - and, of course, WHITE.  Using my lawn mower based on the idiotic premise that he deserved it because of my white privilege, so he could make money!  Like a capitalist!  Gag me with a spoon!

I consider this the same injustice that destroyed my tires and car, and burnt down my garage, and forced me out of a home bequeathed to me. It is all the same fucking bullshit. Most human beings are like ants dancing and dying beneath a magnifying glass.  Oh, the glory of it.  They are like a fingernail bugger-flip against the span of eternity - against the vastness of this infinite creation.  The arrogance of man.  The only way we can come anywhere close to this grand creation is by putting our animality behind us and transcending into so much greater.  Do I need to enumerate these values?  Not at this point.
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