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Even though he is pro-violence, I do listen to Hal Turner, at times. He was once a member of the CIA, or something. He gives out information on military movements, which turn out to be true. He also speculates, which I am fine with listening to. Listening to a wide diversity of conspiracy theories can actually be very helpful, if one is also astute to other info and ideas.

Two or three weeks ago, he gave out the information that people were receiving packets of seeds, in the mail, from China. For no apparent reason. Turner had more information, which was ore theory-like, as to why China was sending these seeds to Americans, which I will get to later. I searched online, and found only one account of this happening, which was credible. However, you maybe know that people receive dud packages from Amazon, etc., in the mail, for no reason. And one of these senders has been China. Really for no reason other than they are getting rid of surfeit product, or making delivery mistakes. But - on the other hand - maybe these seeds were meant to destroy USA crops?!

Turner had said he was certain that the mainstream media would report on this "conspiratorial" activity. Why? Because the seeds posed damage to our crops, and the Dept. of Agriculture needed to warn people not to plant the seeds. Sure enough, a week or so later, a report came out from various sources, about the seeds, with a warning to contact the D.O.A. should anyone receive these seeds.

What a nefarious thing for China to be doing, if that is what they are doing, which is probably what they are doing. Because has a history of cheating in so many ways. They took over Hong Kong while the USA was enveloped in a COVID crisis, which originated from China, at a time when naval forces are mustering, and so on.

Turner claimed that these are GMO weed seeds, designed to destroy crops. Well, any weeds are bad, but deliberate attack weeds would be much worse. I don't know if we will ever be told if this is an actual biological attack from China, for diplomatic reasons. If it is so, Trump would be the one to reveal it. If it is not so, we might get an assurance from the government, yes? As it is, there is no info on this either way. But there is motive, and there is history. China is a very bad country, at least from the perspective of capitalist America.

As GMO biological weapons, according to Turner, who is often right, but often crazy, these seeds grow into weeds. And here is how they kill crops: "They graft their roots onto the roots of other plants, which kills the other plants." I don't know where he gets this information or theory, but he does have good sources, as well as an ambitious imagination.

So, I am just letting you know about the possible mode of action. However, it is confirmed fact that these packages of seeds are being sent to Americans, especially in Utah. Hal Turner has a theory about that, as well, which I won't get into. The reason why China would attack the world's breadbasket is, according to Turner, because China's Yellow River flooded out a vast area of crops, and if China is going to starve, then so should America.

OK. So, a long time ago, now, I wrote a post about evil China, which I did not complete. Here it is. I don't think I will spend time finding links for proof, because the military movements, and related, are all true, and can be searched online. This post was probably written in later May, 2020.

Some weeks ago, I informed you that the USA was pulling back it's bommers and missile launchers near Taiwan. This was done because an anticipated crisis in the region would make those weapons vulnerable to a first-strike by newer Chinese missiles. The USA is not stupid, and generally has advanced intelligence on such threats. So, the emphasis here is that the withdrawal was mad due to a perceived upcoming conflict. And such a conflict would somehow involve China.

Today, there are three new tinderboxes in the world, ready to explode. One is in the far north of India, where that region has been claimed by India, Pakistan and China, for at least the last 45 years. In a particular valley there, 20 Indian soldiers were killed by China, and now China has announced that that area is a part of China. Like Tibet, Sinchüan (Xinquan), Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Another flashpoint in is Korea, where North Korea, China's old ally and puppet, has moved back into areas nearer to South Korea, from which it had withdrawn. It had done so as a token of peaceful cooperation. Now, it is back to readying for war, and has even completely blow up a building dedicated to peace between the North and the South, (and China and the USA).

In addition, an ongoing area of potential - or probable - conflict has been in the South China Sea, international waters which China is claiming as its own, as it builds military islands there, sending in ships and troops. China has several times more aircraft carriers than the USA at this point. In Hong Kong, mass protests have been staged against Chinese violation of its agreement to keep the former state semi-free. Those protesters displayed American flags, thinking the West would step in to support them. The world becomes more and more uncomfortable with China's incarceration of one million Muslims. A Chinese super-highway has been built all the way into Europe. China basically controls a massive Mexican port south of Long Beach, as well as the Panama Canal.

Africans are become more angry at Chinese massive extraction of resources there, and its abuse of blacks both there and in China. And China, a country in the temperate zone, is considering itself a country bordering the Arctic, so that it can contest for oil there. And so on. With the global expansion of China, driven by its product market saturations catering to the USA, Europe, rising demands by consumers in a country of 1.6 billion people, it is inevitable that military conflicts are in store - for everyone - affecting you and me. Great world, and other, wars, often convey the economic (and social-control) rise of one power, versus the decline of another. It is an inevitable trend, involving the shaking up of industries, supply-chains, investments, "standard value grids", resources, wealth, and so on.

Add: With the global assumption of territorial and resource rights by China, there has also been continuous theft of intellectual property rights, important and extensive information via the internet, and related personal information via such forums as Zoom, which our Senators, etc., have been using during the CoronaCrisis, discussing critical issues of national economic and military security. There has been a decades long ignorance among these leaders, and others, that such threats could occur on the internet, especially from dear China. During endless political scandles here, targetting Russia, Trump, the new Coronavirus, Trump, racism, sexcapades, and Trump, any threat from China has constantly been obfuscated - hidden by gossip and blame, nonstop diversionary news cycles, and politicians and companies that have been funded by dark money from China, or bought over by China, which demands 51% ownership of every company operating there. Many of those companies are ex-patriots, who fled the USA for the cheap labour and lower environmental regulations. Thus, capitalism, which knows no home, paves the way for the downfall of the USA, and the rise of China - i.e., global war.

Also,there is a theory that major changes occur, in a country or the world, in waves of 80 years.

Since I started this post, other things have happened or been confirmed. You probably know that India, Pakistan and China all lay claim to Kashmir. India has the main presence and claim there. There is a kind of truce barring India or China from fighting each other over the area with military weapons. But it doesn't say anything about baseball bats. After some smaller incident, Chinese forces felt compelled to go into Kashmir and beat Indian forces with baseball bats. 21 people were killed. Fortunately, there was a sit-down talk between India and China, following the rise in tensions.

After the USA evacuation of troops and missiles from Taiwan, anticipated a conflict, wherein Chinese missiles would be able to take out those USA missiles installed there; after Chinese warships in the Pacific's South China Sea, (where China has been building artificial-island bases); after drones over Taiwan, and problems in the Koreas, a USA aircraft carrier went up in flames in San Diego, and the USA sent warships towards into the South China Sea, and around Taiwan. Things continue to heat up. I don't know if I mentioned it, but the USA is vastly behind China in aircraft carriers. Trump is revamping a few helicopters to become fighter carriers - one of those ships was that which caught fire in San Diego recently.

I am not arguing for conspiracy theories, but I am asking people to keep their minds open, do research, and think. The current COVID pandemic was largely introduced to the USA by (possibly deliberate?) negligence, which is a fact. There is a good argument made that the virus came from a lab, in China. And, prior to recognition of the pandemic here, China's ally, North Korea, was introducing truckloads of counterfeit USA currency, in Seattle and other areas where the virus started off. Not saying this is another way the virus was being passed, but keeping the mind open. North Korea has tried to destabilise our currency in the past. Interestingly, this actual conspiracy was discovered and stopped at the Canadian border, where a shipment was trying to head into Minnesota - and that is the state where George Floyd, who had COVID-19, was apprehended by police for attempting to pass counterfeit currency, which is just weird.

Then came the BLM / Antifa protests, which I have asserted are being funded by George Soros, Big Tech and China. Several top Dems have attempted to blame the riots on funding by Russia - as per usual - which is another example of that bait-and-switch game I have described earlier. There may be insufficient evidence for direct Chinese funding, but it is well known that China helps fund the DNC, as it has also helped spur the "take-a-knee" protests in the NBA. The demolition of historical American statues strongly resembles the cultural revolution in China, lead by Mao.

All things considered, I believe it is essential to keep in mind the possibility that China is waging a cold war against the USA, which may or may not have included the introduction of COVID-19, and/or of the race riots, and now packages of weed seeds. Aggressions by China towards Tibet, India, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the USA are actual realities. Exploiting the resources and people of Africa, running a highway through Europe, buying up the Panama Canal, involvement in Peru, claims upon the Arctic, etc., etc., are all a part of deliberate expansionism, both derived from business interests and from central long-range planning.

[Woops - I am repeating this...]. Several years ago, a port was developed in Mexico, just south of the Port of Long Beach, big enough to handle both massive China cargo ships, and, consequently, warships. The port is basically an extension of Chinese territory. At the same time, a superhighway system was built from that port, up through Texas, the central USA, and Canada, called the Transcontinental Highway, (I believe), which can facilitate trade, but also troop movements. Not that it ever will - but it can. Humans are resolute opportunists - so what happens when a deranged leader comes into power in China, and the Chinese people like the idea of a war with the USA, because their economy is no longer what it once was?

I know all the good things about China, and the Chinese people. It is not like I am on some kind of xenophobic or racist crusade. I am just saying that we need to keep an eye out, and not side with China when it cheats every which way, or crushes the people in Hong Kong, or imprisons and sterilizes a million Muslims. The New York Times, which, like FDR, deliberately failed to report on the holocaust of 6 million Jews in WW2 Europe, largely supports China and ignores China's persecution of Uyghers. Here is a piece of alleged Chinese propaganda allowed in the NYT's op-ed page, which was denounced by Tom Cotton:

My Relatives in Wuhan Survived. My Uncle in New York Did Not” by Dr. Yi Rao

The NYT has been accused of antisemitism in the past; and the BLM organisation has several avowed antisemites in charge. Should China ever ride in on the tails of all this divide-and-conquer, how delighted might be those leaders to find that China will have little tolerance for blacks under their reign.

The top Dems fail to criticise China, but use Russia as a ruse, because they know where the dark money comes from. But less Machiavellian Dems support China, if only by default, because, number one, they follow the rhetoric of their leaders. Some may feel that, since Chinese people are a minority in the USA, that means that it is racist to contest a country filled with well, well over a billion Chinese people - one of the largest majorities on earth. Other Dems may fancy themselves radical communists, or socialists, (as they fancy themselves special social justice warriors against racism), and so to contradict China is to contradict Marxism.

China is not Marxist. China is STATIST, which is something Germany became under Hitler, and the USSR became under various leaders. Statism serves the interests of the privileged, pandering to the common man, while rights are taken away, and eventually the system falls - upon the poor, and usually through war. And, all risen empires tend to fall - on those that preceded them.

Members of the Chinese government are conceited, full of the arrogance and certainty of easy power. And, it was largely the USA's policy, since Nixon, to make things easy for China, by "opening up trade", while China stole and controlled USA companies and jobs, cheated on intellectual property rights, and manipulated its currency unfairly to its advantage. Meanwhile, even now, many of our politicians, during the pandemic, are conferencing secret information via ZOOM, which is notoriously monitored by China!

Long ago, I mentioned that my computer kept getting besieged by IP's from China, as china was big on hacking. She, and her hubby, both Dems, immediately rejected hearing this, and insisted it was Russia that was the main problem. People need to wake up. Here is an example of the dogmatic arrogance by Chinese leaders. Listen to how this ambassador so ruthlessly defends his own scheming ignorance, re: COVID pandemic:

Stephen Sackur speaks to the veteran Chinese ambassador in London Liu Xiaoming. Is China the villain or the hero of this pandemic?

Again, I like Asians. My boyhood best friend was from Hong Kong. I roomed with someone from Singapore - and another from China. I have been into Lao Tsu most of my life. And so on. I will not be dragged down into the adolescent game of using ad hominum blame to silence resistance to waking up to reality. I insist that people recognise that there are threats from China, of unusual character and proportions. That's all. I will conclude this post with a comment I made somewhere, which is basically irrelevant, and maybe a few links.

"Seeing as our country has been trashed by companies and jobs moving to China, which exerts control and unfair trade, we have little need of construction equipment, you should know. But, hey, got any more lead-tainted toys, low-quality steel or hyper-contagious viruses? Just what we need!"

War with China becoming a 'practical reality', warns Chinese military.

Alternative media outlets under massive cyberattack

328 Chinese nationals caught trying to illegally enter US at the southern border

China to develop Arctic shipping routes opened by global warming - BBC News

Australia likely to join key naval exercise with India, US ...

‘Descent Into Hell’: China Warns of Potential War With US Over Taiwan
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