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I am the person who will destroy China.

Cannot get a break around here.

Trying to accomplish things.  Yet another incursion by A-hole Guy interferes.

I have told you about a lot of people in this area.  Most of them are cowards, e.g., of my dog.  But when, after 7 years, they realise my dog is harmless, so they walk by defiantly and ever so bravely, acting like they are badass.  And many of the blacks around here have a thing about pushing whites around, something I don't stand for, personally.  One of the main jerks, who lives two houses down, and owns a house or two to the side of this house, is A-hole Guy, who suffers from extreme jealousy or hate towards me, and has been on a campaign to force me out of the neighbourhood, ever since I moved here.  He is associated with the Nethers.  Today, after being noodle-whipped by a police officer on my behalf, he sent yet another mower over here, to trespass on this property.

Dear MRS. Landlord,

I had to go out and tell another A-hole Guy mower to get off the property, 5 minutes ago, (11:10am, Tuesday 7/28/2020).  I asked him why he was there, and he said another landlord had told him to mow this property.  Whether he was referring to A-hole Guy's friend who own [That House] East [My Street], or A-hole Guy himself, who oversees the mowing on THAT property, A-hole Guy is responsible.  In the past, he has told another mower to mow here, several times.  He never does it himself.  I told today's mower all about the set-up for [This House], and that A-hole Guy, "is greedy."  I asked him to, "please stay off this property."  So, the mower obliged.

However, this underscores how A-hole Guy will not leave this place, or me, alone.  A week or so ago, as you probably got word of, I was accosted yet again by A-hole Guy, who was yelling at me for my dog pissing on a tree A-hole Guy claims as his own.  In fact, my dog has not pissed there in a year or so.  He continued to insist I was lying, so I shouted him away, and went inside and called the police.  Spoke to the officer, who had to call A-hole Guy by phone.  I am quite sure A-hole Guy pulled out his sweet, alternate, (psychopath), personality, speaking to the officer.  The latter returned and told me he had told A-hole Guy to be more civil, etc.  The officer did not give a sufficient admonishment to A-hole Guy, as he relayed to me, "his concerns that my dog not crap on the area he landscapes," and so forth.  This was BS, because I never let my dog crap there, and everyone knows it.

I will remind you that A-hole Guy once yelled at me, because HE had trespassed on THIS property, and stepped in dog poop, in an area I let my dog poop.  This is absolute nonsense.  In any event, the officer informed me that I could put out a restraining order on him, re: [This House], as per Nether Guy.  I think that would be a good idea for you to pursue, considering the aggression directed at me, all the trespassing, and the endless passive aggressions on this property, including the scattering of my recyclables up and down the street.  I do know that it was A-hole Guy who did the latter, as, a little after I had walked down the street and looked around, he pulled out in his car, and drove by me - at four o:clock in the morning!?!

Back to his latest attack, on PUBLIC property.  I scared him by yelling, and he walked quickly away to his house, as I took my dog almost parallel back inside [This House].  As he walked, he threatened that he and his friends were, "going to get," me, and, "we gonna do something to you," as if he was finallizing his intention to whatever.  I just yelled over him that he was nuts.  But I forgot to include his threat in my information to the officer.

Well, soon after that, he set off a giant firecracker.  What else? - Oh, then his main tool/fool showed up with a large gasoline can; and soon he started the regular march of friends and tools, showing their complete support of him and his lies, by walking by zombies and glaring at me.  That included the guy with the gas can once again.  Yes, it was also meant for mowing, but it fits the pattern so worn in the past.  NOW, we have one of his guys mowing the property at [This House].  Are you going to do something about this, or are you also going to let this slide, joining in the gossip that I am loony toons?  It has been six years since I first asked for security cameras.

Two days after you did nothing in response to my email, a neighbour next door had his TV stolen.  Next, I was sitting out with my dog, about 3:am, and gunshots rang out from between this house and [That House], probably meaning to scare me off.  Over a week before July 4th, there was a constant battery of professional fireworks coming from either the [Back Street] corner house, or the [Back Street] house next to it.  A little later, came the shooting which killed one person and injured 5 others.  And this was likely associated w/ new tenants of A-hole Guy and or his friends who own [That House], if not inspired by the former.

You should know that A-hole Guy, and a few associates, female and male, encouraged the jackassery of Nether Guy and what's her name, when they lived downstairs.  He is very much connected to things constantly going sour around here, and not dealing with him, or the consequences, is part of the problem.  The broken window theory is manifest and incarnate here, especially because it is backed by A-hole Guy, who thinks he owns the neighbourhood.

And it doesn't end there.  The bald-head whiner downstairs came out, yelling at me, "for shovelling," early this year, why?  Because he felt confident, joining in on the hate-fest directed by Nether Guy at yours truly.  He blamed me for my responsible shovelling somehow waking him up, when he is almost ALWAYS up in the late, late night.  I do not kindly to people trying to stick their crap to me just to gain social favour or street cred.  Bullshit, the man is a coward.  Why am I mentioning this?  Because, after the latest confrontation w/ A-hole Guy, whereupon A-hole Guy responded with his flurry of supporters - of his lies - the guy downstairs felt comfortable enough to start his late-night banging again.  One incident involved no less than 30 knocks below my bed, from 4:am-4:10am.  Do you see how all of this dysfunction fits together?  Here's another example:

During the lockdown, A-hole Guy was in denial, and so was out on his motorcycle constantly, (as well as mowing constantly), racing through nearby streets, over and over and over.  This was loud and annoying, especially when the motor was revved while near this house.  It made my dog nervous.  As I was out with my dog, he suddenly ran out of control, bounding away, while my fingers strained to hold the end of the leash.  I ended up being pulled over the [This House] embankment, slamming my face and body onto the sidewalk, which caused me injuries.  I got up and moved on with my life.

But this tyrannical idiot seems just fine with agitating people and pets in the area, maybe unaware that this helps cause anger and violence in other households.  Others imitated him, riding bikes and motorbikes on the sidewalk, sometimes running down my dog, during COVID.  Then came the fireworks, and the great crescendo, the shootings around the corner.  Why does no one have a clue that BS and badassery can ultimately encourage violence and deaths?  It is not a conspiracy theory, it's reality.

I am not asking you for anything, because I know you won't do it.  I am telling you that it is your responsibility to do something here.  And the best things for you to do is put out a restraining order on A-hole Guy, put up security cameras, and paint the house and fix the gutter to show that someone actually cares.  Nothing is accomplished by denying me.  How easy it is.  I request security cameras from you.  I report a vandalism incident to the police.  But because there are no security camera pics, the police do not take me seriously.  And because the police do not take me seriously, you do not take me seriously.  Quite a nice little scam you've got going there.

Though you are heads above the holy host of fuck-ups in this city, you could do better.  And, unless someone, like an outsider who knows things can be better, actually describes to you what is wrong, and what can be done, then you will keep going along to get along.  I have been here for seven years, and you must know I've never had any intention of harming you, or being out to get you.  And, you may sense that I have tried to act decently regarding others.  So, what on earth would motivate me to complain to you, other than me either being crazy, or being RIGHT.

That's all I have to say.  Other than, who gave your employees the right to address me by my first name?  I do not know them and they do not know me.  A little professionalism here, please.


I might send this letter later, or not.  Do you think I should.  Things just get worse if people keep letting BS slide.

Also, I am supposed to get around to maybe thinking about possibly suing the LL for the abuse that has occurred against me. I am disabled, and this is known to her, the man downstairs, and others. She actually chose to sleep, rather than open my apartment, causing me to be outside in sub-zero weather, for 21 hours. This, along with the sleep-schedule disruption, caused me severe difficulties for my health for some time. I need to mention this, etc., to SSA, as well.

Also, I don't know why certain jerkwads seem drawn to messing with me. One reason is that they feel so invested in their little groups, ergo money, whilst I wander about independently. The more I mind my own business, they more they seek to trip me up. I believe they are all demented closet homosexuals.
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