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Various ways the world ends...

Did a trek yesterday, resulting in front brain trouble yesterday/today.  Painful.  I compare this sort of "migraine" to the sting of the Tracker jackers in Hunger Games.  Managed to watch movie last night, old fav, "Shaun of The Dead," (my TAG), (part 1 of the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy).  It also happened to be Ashley's birthday, and this was one of the movies we shared.  Just a coincidence.  This movie is pretrty tight and pretty funny, a kind of respectful parody of the American zombie movie genre, referencing back to various Romano, etc., movies.  It has many recurring images or motifs, and little social commentaries, which make it an intelligent watch.  Keep an eye out for a snap appearance by Coldplay, (and Chris Martin singing 'out of character' along with Ash at the end).

Theatrical release poster

"Shaun of The Dead,"(2004),  was previous to another apocalyptic fav, "Seeking A Friend For The End of The World," (2012), (my TAG).  I find so many similar motiffs used of the former by the latter.  A shovel is used to fight back the zombies, while a shovel was discovered in the latter movie.  Personal LJ records were fingered through in both movies as the world ended, (and used as weapons in the former).  TV and radio reports were used as exposition and backdrop.  Ironically positive music was played during desperate times.  Society, of course, goes on a chaotic rampage, and the main characters take refuge in bars or restaurants.  Both contain 'road trips'.  The power goes out.  Romantically, all is resolved at the end.  I might come back and post more similarities, once I watch the latter later, hey.

An interesting thing about "Shaun of The Dead," is, like, "Contageon," it has come back to haunt us during this pandemic.  For one thing, although Shaun's zombies were not infected by silly monkeys, or such, the emergence of zombies everywhere, all of the sudden, did resemble a worst-case viral pandemic.  And so, this movie was used, somewhat, for medical training purposes.  Or something.  Here is an excerpt from WIKI:

Beyond film studies, a Bayesian mathematical model using Markov chain Monte Carlo methods was performed on examples of epidemic progression by Caitlyn Witkowski and Brian Blais in 2013. As an example of how such modelling could be applied to infectious disease control, Witkowski and Blais took examples of zombie apocalypses in Night of the Living Dead and Shaun of the Dead to demonstrate disease dynamics.[72]

The recent BLM and Antifa riots and protests have some connexion to the COVID-19 pandemic.  They partly came out of a pent up anxiety during the lockdowns.  George Floyd had lost his job because of the pandemic, and had also contracted COVID-19.  Possibly, the cop who pinning him down for eight minutes, was, like many cops, anxious about physically contacting people during the pandemic.  (It is also true that this was a bad cop, involved in embezzlement; that he knew Floyd, and that Floyd had addictive substances in his system).  The protests lead to a spike in COVID-19 cases in June.  These protests also followed the mainly white, pro-Trump protests in Michigan, Ohio, etc., demanding an end to the lock lockdowns.  Whereas Dems and the medical deep state(?!) became the targets for the first protesters, it was cops and whites and Trump who became the targets for the BLM / Antifa protests.  Convenient events were seized upon to project the different anxieties onto an ambiguous Rorschach test, it seems to me.

The mass, rather spineless(?) violence in both both movies, (esp. in, "Seeking a Friend), did recall to me something similar being waged in both recent 'movements'.  And the first protest was an attack denying medical science, while the latter became an attack on the main historical culture.  Together, a pretty broad, apocalyptic scope.

During the first, "white," protests, (in April), many on the left were quick to seize on comparing the protestors to, "a horde of zombies."  What was the main cognitive que triggering this comparison?  Photos of some protestors resembled the  theatrical release poster for - "Shaun of The Dead" - !  More from WIKI:

Besides the short The Plan made during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, the film saw renewed interest in this time as an Internet meme. It began trending on Twitter because the film's poster, showing zombies pressed up against door windows, bears a striking resemblance to a photojournalist's image of protesters in Ohio at the Statehouse demanding lockdown be lifted. The situation was also described as "reminiscent of some of the scenes towards the end of the movie".[58][59] The photojournalist was Joshua A. Bickel, who said that he "thought the windows and door were an interesting compositional element"; Dawn of the Dead prosthetist Tom Savini said it reminds him of Shaun of the Dead because both use the pressed-up-against-glass horror trope.[60]

Here is that photo, which you may compare to the theatrical release poster (above), linking you to a video, as well...

This backlash protest against coronavirus lockdowns in Columbus, Ohio has been likened to a ‘zombie horde’. Picture: Joshua A. Bickel/The Columbus DispatchSource:AP

After 9/11, there were a lot of zombie movies made, which mirrors anxieties over the threat of meaningless death, in a rigor-mortified society. Not to mention the parallel rise of zombie transnational (globalist) megacorps. A kind of monetary mania lead to the collapse of 2007/2008, and then came the mass protests of 2011, (when "Seeking a Friend," was being made). Maybe the protests and violence of 2020 are a kind of bookend to the disaster of 9/11, 2001. Maybe we are coming to an end to something that will one day be called, "the great Inter-Disaster Period." And, maybe zombie movies - zombie studies - will also come to a close. As you may have heard, "The Walking Dead," (running since 2011), has ended - at least until next 'season'. I know that, during the years of 2001-2020, I have come across a world full of psycho and spiritual zombies. Maybe it's going to end soon. Maybe we are going through a final cathartics where so many idiots suddenly wake up and realise, "I could actually live now!"

Nothing is stopping you - except this passing virus. If I had the health of any of the protestors, I would be working for progress and solutions. Do it now because there will be no rising from the dead.
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