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I am the person who will destroy China.

Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down

I recall Hillary Clinton, herself, saying it.  It was a long time ago, probably during her husband's administration.  She was describing a tactic used by Republicans at the time.  And it is a tactic used by bullies, deniers, power-seekers, jerks and just plain idiots just about everywhere.  It is a kind of paranoid superstition.  She said that Republicans constantly blame Democrats of the faults or sins which of which they, themselves, are guilty.  In other words, if a politician is embezzling money, or in bed with enemy countries, or in bed with young men, or what have you, all they have to do is shift attention towards the opposing politicians, blaming them for such crimes.

As was so common, many Republicans were grandiose, religious, self-proclaimed moralists.  So, when some of them slipped into dirty deeds, (as sometimes 'ironically' happens with blow-hard do-gooders), the public was far more primed to believe THEM than the innocent people they were pointing fingers at.  This baboon-logic tactic has been going on since the crucifixion of Jesus to the persecution of madman by A-hole Guy.  What is superstitious about it?  Well, it really does project the nasty self onto the Other.

You see, for example, as A-hole Guy is constantly being passive aggressive, trespassing against me, and so on, he psychologically rationalises his right to do so by assuming that I am up to the same game.  And the more I am NOT, then the more he becomes paranoid that I AM.  It's a major sociological trap, so often exploited by sociopaths.

Politicians tend to be sneaky and opportunistic sorts, and so many of them know how to turn this basic psychological nonsense into political advantage.  In an era when many in society are stabbing each other in the back, some politicians both reap the fun of doing their own stabbing AND manipulate the sympathetic public to believe them when they blame other politicians of being the actual stabbers - the original sinners.  Reminding the electorate that people are basically, secretly bad was once the great purview of the Republicans, as Hillary so daftly illuminated.

The problem is that Hillary Clinton, and the rest of the DNC Dems, began to fight fire with fire.  As they sought to prove they could be even more militaristic and patriotic than the Republicans, they also employed the tactic of cheating, whilst blaming the Republicans of cheating.  Right?

The pathos really began before Obama's second term - then after he had recently told Putin 'off-mike', "I can't help you until after the election!"(para).  In came Hillary to the administration, after uprisings partly funded by pro-DNC George Soros, and in came the campaign to make Russia an enemy, occluding the ties-that-Bidenned to China, basically, and other nefarious activities.  China was becoming the pet of the Dems, while fleecing this country every which way possible.

When Trump came along, opposing, among other things, special treatment for China, there was an uproar.  Thence began an endless campaign to connect Trump to evil Russia, a diversionary tactic.  They tried to connect him to vast sex scandals, including the Epstein pedophile empire, when it was Bill Clinton who had more frequent and obvious connexions to the latter.  Many of the others who became exposed, like Weinstein, Cosby, whatever, were Dems.

Now Dems are claiming that the COVID virus is actually the TRUMP virus.  Somehow, we all caught it from him.  Had nothing to do with China.  If Trump says bad China, the Dems say bad Trump, and pull the media and public along with them.  In fact, it was the Dems, who were so wrapped up in impeachment propaganda, who ignored the rise of the Coronavirus during the winter.

There are so many little examples of the Dems constantly trying to "out-Trump Trump, by blaming him for things they may be guilty of, or associated with, they are too numerous to list.  But the race riots, including deaths and destruction of public property, somehow got blamed on Trump when he sought to mediate the violence with Federal troops, completely within his right.  As is the present operation of DHS officers in Portland, who are in fact identified as DHS.  The reason for their camouflage is something I can discuss elsewhere.

Anyway, all those riots and protests involved a heck of a lot of violations of COVID-19 lockdown orders, with Governors out marching side-by-side with protesters - no social distancing.  But the Dems and media ignore this crime, which lead to a spike in COVID-19 cases in June, and instead focused on blaming Trump for his rally in Tulsa.

In fact, as was done during the Ferguson riots, ads were placed in Craigslists across the country, calling for people to come in and disrupt the rally, by not wearing masks or whatever.  OctaviaCortez even admitted to asking people to say they would go to the rally, or even buy tickets, but not go.  After the rally, Dems said the rally was, "And emBARrassment!"  In fact, other real embarrassments were occurring with Dems, including flubs by Biden, the toppling of statues, something Pelosi did (can't remember).  So, they shift the blame once again.

And when Biden was ridiculed for staying in his basement due to COVID, the Dems rushed to shift and blame Trump for being in the bunker of the White House while WDC was being looted.  I think anyone would want to take a look-see at the bunker if there were riots going on around their home.  Oh - and the embarrassment of Pelosi and other old Dems taking a knee for more violence, dressing in African threads.  How absurd can you get?

Anyway, weeks ago, I could have done a better post on this topic.  Lately, I am not enthused, and my computer/net is virtually dead.  But I thought I'd throw out the above in order to post this story and video.  Alas!  Joe Biden is having criminal charges thrown at him in Ukraine.  For doing what the Dems claimed Trump was doing, trying to suppress evidence in Ukraine.  Cozying up to a foreign power.  And all that.

BREAKING: Joe Biden Now Criminal Suspect in Ukraine

The Dems need to look around at how crazy they are becoming.  Attacking people for being "murderers" because they are not wearing masks - because they have medical conditions! - ?!  Attacking people who say what is true: "All lives matter!"  Attacking anyone for anything.  A post was made over at anti_viral, showing evidence that the novel Coronavirus more likely came from a lab, probably by accident.  Someone was so insulted, seeing this as propaganda against China, that they quit the community!  It is INSANE.  Unscientific and insane.  Superstitious and paranoid, beyond anything the Republicans were like, back in the day.  The Democratic party is going out of control, controlled by leftists who are funded by Soros, China and Big Tech.  I could write more about the psychology of all this, as it is supremely interesting.

But it should be understood.  The GOPpers pulled their stunts as a means of achieving power, to defend the capital of their constituents.  Today's Dems are in a contagious Tragedy of the Commons, where each is out to out-VIRAL the other, getting the latest selfy next to a burnt-out car, or what have you.  They are not pushing for anything less than extremes, and this means, ultimately, violent revolution, which is not tenable.  Such would be a costly destruction of wealth and health in this country, much to the satisfaction of Xi.

And, whereas the GOPpers meant to betray how people are ultimately bad, today's Dems are out to prove that they and theirs are infallibly GOOD, so it is the entire SYSTEM which is bad AND MUST BE REPLACED.  If anyone anywhere is associated with that system, well then, they are racists and may they be damned.  Purged in the fires of something that basically grew out of a lot of bitching and flash-mobbing on Facebook.

It is the screen that is the true diversion.  They look at that two-dimensional little wall, promising reality, and they see little else around them.  Certainly not the humanity of those they are targetting.  This is what came before the Holocaust: objectification, dehumanisation, subjugation, abstraction, false promises, violence, and shifts so wide that were nothing more than great big lies.  Such sanctimony, such false morality and hypocrisy, where so many have been killed and overlooked, so many more than rational.

All lives do matter, including all the officers, and bystanders, and blacks killed in the riots, and all the black lives lost every day in the inner cities - just a few feet away from me, and yes, all the lives of the confederate generals, the presidents, the saints, the Abolitionists, the black war heroes, and others, who's statues were desiccated or removed.

It is sheepish nonsense to say, "Well, OK, but not the GOOD statues!"  Wrong.  What kind of morality is that?  No statues should have been illegally defiled, period.  Show a little respect for the dead.  Life is not all contained on your little two-inch screen.  Flat, two dimensional, hysterical blindness, not knowing its bounds, not knowing its consequences.

This is very much the wrong way to go.  This is the OPPOSITE of progressive.  Who cast the first stone?

Please stand by...
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