I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.


I have pretty much recovered from the very bad migraine, and am therefore up doing anything and everythign I can, before the next downfall.

I shall add a new term and definition to my madman lexicon.  It helps to do this, because creating a new term is like making a folder into which you can throw a bunch of related files.  It saves a lot of explanation, when all you have to do is use one word or phrase, yes?

You read the recent TIME PASSAGES post, regarding thinking yourself into a place in the past - almost an alternate universe.  This mental "time travel" is done via bed.  And so i am calling it, "beditation."

"BEDITATION": A kind of meditation in bed, with eyes closed, which uses a relaxation of the mind, memory and visualisation.  One references back to a past time in a past bed, and imagines those past surroundings now to be the present ones.  Thus, the meditation is a kind of imaginary, emotional and somatic time-travel.  It can be argued that an actual psychic event occurs, in this exercise, if one takes a relativistic or supernatural view of reality.  However, such a conclusion is not necessary to the term.

Beditation can also describe simple relaxation of mind, and then the stochastic visualisations which occur prior to sleep, and may even be extended to refer to the act of dreaming.
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