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Famous cases

Here are some forensic pathologists, i.e., coroners, who worked at various historical crime scenes.  Some of these crimes had things in common, and more than one of them was a bit muddled.  For example, people still are not satisfied with the judgements made concerning the death of JFK.  Can you spot what some of these coroners did wrong, or right?  All of them have at least one thing in common.  Can you figure out what that might be??

O.J. Simpson trial: For Simpson, the coroner testifying in this trial claimed that Nicole Brown was still standing and conscious when her throat was slashed, (and thus was not the intended target); and also that Ron Goldman, fighting off the attacker for 10 minutes, despite having a fatally severed jugular vein.  This coroner later denied he had said these things, then disowned the claims.  He also lied concerning blood in the Ford Bronco.

Phil Spector (first trial): For Spector, this coroner sought to provide an alternate explanation for blood on the victim's jacket, to support the defense's claim that the death of Lana Clarkson was a suicide.  Though he had said he had no personal conflict of interest, it was later revealed that his wife was one of Spector's main attorneys.

Michael Brown: For the Brown family, this coroner conducted a 4-hour forensic analysis of the body.  The previous county autopsy had washed, embalmed, and taken evidence off the body.  The results of both autopsies contradicted some aspects of some eyewitness accounts, which had reported Wilson shot Brown in the back.  A Federal autopsy confirmed the results of the first two autopsies.  (A Federal investigation did not reveal any eyewitness who stated that Brown ever said '[hands up] don't shoot').

Jeffrey Epstein trial: For Epstein's brother, this coroner disputed New York City chief medical examiner Barbara Sampson's conclusion that Epstein's death was a suicide, asserting that three fractures in Epstein's neck were more consistent with homicide by strangulation.  The guards on duty were later charged with conspiracy and record falsification. As a result of his death, all charges against Epstein were dismissed

George Floyd: For the Floyd family, this coroner conducted an autopsy concluded that the manner of death was homicide due to mechanical asphyxia.  This conflicted with the County medical examiner's autopsy which found that the cause of death was due to “cardiopulmonary arrest...”  That first autopsy had found evidence of two forms of cardiovascular disease, fentanyl intoxication, recent methamphetamine use, and SARS-CoV-2 infection.

JFK Assassination: This coroner was chairman of the 1978 House Select Committee on Assassinations' Forensic Pathology Panel that investigated the assassination of John F. Kennedy.  This panel that "President Kennedy was struck by two rifle shots fired from behind him." The committee found acoustic evidence of a second shooter, but concluded that this shooter was irrelevant to the autopsy results.  It preserved the official narrative that the only shooter was up in the book building, and no shots came from the Grassy Knoll, or nearby.  But if you look at their picture, and straighten JFK's back out, the bullet shows a 'horizontal' course.  https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/08/HSCA-JFK-neck2-6-43.jpg

* OK.  Before you start googling, can you guess as to what all these coroners have, or had, in common?  At least in how they conducted their study, or etc.?  Hmmm?...
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