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NEANDERTALIA - Red Hairing (Part 1)

I am in Day 7 of my relapse, will be better tomorrow.  More later.  Have been exercising painful brain by following intellectual curiosity online, despite glaring screen.  This research brought me back to olde, continuing interests and bookmarks.

Where does red hair come from?  Well, I had an old hypothesis that it came from Neandertal - a hypothesis I had to semi-reject later, awaiting further evidence.  Then, some weeks or months ago, I came upon this arti/blog, which asserts that, indeed, red hair, or more specifically, the Irish, derive from Neandertal.  This piece must, of course, be credible, because it was posted at rationalskepticism.org, right?  Not right, at all.

The Scots and Irish are very Neanderthal!

It's so possible, it seems true. But, claims like, "Gaelic is probably the oldest surviving human language--well over 100,000 years according to linguists." are just clearly wrong. But, I once posted to you the amazing likelihood, as I saw it, of we moderns having inheritted some of our language from Neandertal, and I will be posting more about that later. And, it seems to me Neandertal really could have enjoyed sad music, since they were up there in Northern Climes, right?

To this day, many people mistake the term, "Neanderthal," for being stupid, brutish, violent, backwards, and all that. But that is a form of racism, on our part, or subspeciesism, (or speciesism, depending on how you define Neandertal). In fact, Neandertal was pretty smart, adept, probably wise, artistic, religious or spiritual, lingual, 'mathematical', and probably peaceful, although a hunter (and a cave-man at times). It is likely that he only turned to cannibalism as a last resort, as Sapiens was wiping him out. Just as a note, it was more than the expansion of Sapiens that did him in - it was climate change, dwindling mega-fauna, disease, in addition to our new technology and self-importance. Of course, Neandertal genes continue on in most people today, to some degree or another.

You can see the continuing prejudice against Neandertal in these relatively recent writings, which I need not link...

The anti-social mini-brains of Neanderthals ...
Jews Are Inbred Neanderthals
Jews Are NOT Exactly Human…WHAT?!?!
So Are the Neanderthals Still Jews? - "...The reason Jews have an injunction against portraying God is that Neanderthals cannot draw. However, Bradley adduces evidence that they were quite good with numbers and were overly sentimental ..."
They Are Not Like Us — "...Jews have always been a problem: because their Neanderthal genes make them twice as aggressive as the rest of the world’s Cro-Magnon derived races.. "

Well - you can actually find tonnes of more relevant derision towards Neandertal. I just happened to see a lot of Jewish-targetted derision when I was researching different types of Sapiens relative to Neandertal, such as the Basques and Etruscans. Only in the search involving Jews did the actual racism - antisemitism - pop up. I thought that was interesting enough to pass along. I don't know that either Jews or Neandertal were any more violent than anyone else, so that charge was completely fallacious. (Including the Cro-Magnon error).  And if Jews are, "inbred Neanderthals", then Jews would actually BE Neandertals(!) And, as far as Neandertal having some kind of mini-brain: His brain was bigger than that of Home Sapiens - and OUR brains, today, are actually smaller than those older Home Sapiens of yore, so.

Continuing this expedition through fact and fallacy, here are some more fake stories from the same place that originated the Red Hairing stories above, from http://www.thespoof.com, which is a British version of the ONION, except almost anyone can contribute...

Ozzy Osbourne is a Neanderthal
Calling House Republicans "Neanderthals," Biden Bungles Again
Neanderthals have relatives in Essex
Shocking Update: Neanderthals Insult Brits
Homo Sapiens Continue to Bludgeon Neanderthals
A party political poem on behalf of the Neanderthal Independence Party
God Admits Neanderthals Were His Real Chosen People
Neanderthal Evidence Suggests Humans Have Always Been Bastards

[I use the spelling, "Neandertal," why? Because it is actually more correct, in a way. NeanderTHal derives it's name from an archaeological find in the German Neanderthal Valley. However, that is pronounced NeanderTal. So, I pronounced it correctly, but also changed the spelling, to encourage others to pronounce it correctly. Some time after I made this switch, I discovered that a few leading researcher were doing the same thing. Most notably: John Hawks, at my Alma Mater, the U.W. (But, spelling it, "NeanderTAL", has another benefit: The spelling implies the subspecies(?) was TALLer than us, which it was. I am mentioning this silly point to you because it will be discussed further, later - so keep it in mind, please)].

Now, back to the theme: Red Hair. As I said, I had a hypothesis that red hair might have derived from Neandertal, thus, Celts might be more related to Neandertal, in some way. (Actually, making a direct lineage from one ethnicity back to Neandertal is largely unrealistic - because some Neandertal genes go to one group, others to another group, etc., etc. - all spread out). I suspended this hypothesis when science came up with the idea that Neadertals were not red-headed at all. We only THOUGHT they were because that's how their hair looked when we dug them up. But the new science says that TIME actually turned their hair red. They may have been brunettes before they died, but tens of thousands of years later, their hair oxidized to red.

This does not DISPROVE my semi-hypothesis. Their hair could have been red to start, either way. In Northern Climes, it would have been advantageous to them to have red or blond hair, as well as lighter skin and blue or green eyes. It is not unreasonable to hypothesize that the propensity, or gene, could have derived from Neandertal to Northern Celts. Or - the emergence of Celtic red-heads in mtDNA haplogroup R1b might have arisen independently from Neandertal, since the Celts were also in a Northern Clime, (convergent evolution). The trait has also arisen somewhat in the R1a haplogroup, as you can see by the map below. This would indicate either an independent emergence due to environmental conditions, OR, that all of R1 carried the trait but was sublimated in some regions by other groups mixing in the gene pool. The latter would not contradict the Neandertal theory, except that R1 has not been shown to derive from Neandertal. There are stronger candidates, like U.  I am not asserting that there IS a link between Neandertal and Celtic red hair.

Note that Neandertal archaeological sites are somewhat southerly, (compared to the historic range of proto/Celts, which followed the black Sea, down the Danube, through central Europe and into Gaul and Iberia). This localisation is probably because of the extent of glaciers during the later part of Neandertal's reign, which ended 28,000-35,000 years ago, (comparable to the end of Gigantopithicus), and the last glacial maximum was around 25,000 years ago, (receding roughly 13,000 later).

Classic Neandertal fossil sites:

Map of Y-haplogroup R1b in Europe:

Map of red hair frequency in Europe:

Important: LIGHTER shades in the last map denote HIGHER concentrations, whereas in the second map, it is DARKER shades.

OK -  the last thing I have for you, for now, is a very interesting piece which includes lots of facts, but also means to argue that red-heads came either from Mars or from Venus. I urge you to check it out, crazy as it is, since it has lots of stuff I hope to get into later...

"The History of the Red Haired Race"

And here is the full scientific report on those red-headed Tuatha Dé Danaan, who have been badgering us in their UFO's because they are the children of the fallen angels, (Anunnaki): The Dragon Lords of Anu
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