I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

ours is not to blather

For the record, today is day 3 of being disabled after the trek to Aldi's.  Muscle pain followed by deep fatigue and then a rising migraine, successive but mixed together.  This morning was to be my effort to go to Walgreens, during the cooler hours, but it fell through.  However, I managed to walk to the pantry later on, even during the migraine.  The reason for this is that I need pumpkin, tomato paste and meat in order to make my dog's wet mix.  I have not been able to acquire these things lately.  Adli's does not have the first two, and meat must be cheap and also light enough to carry.  The pantry was closed.  During my journey, I was bothered by a few people - yelling, trying to run me over with their bike, etc.  Strangely, one house, next to the vacant lot near the dangerous gas station, was blasting Paul McCartney, "No one ever left alive in 19-hundred and 85 will ever do...' very loudly.  In fact, it looked like the speaker was up in a tree, with a long white extension cord running into an open window.  Some things just can't be explained.

Out w/ dog at 5:50pm, woman I mentioned yesterday appeared again, crossing the street in my direction.  But, this time, she was with a seemingly older black man, who was holding the hand of the woman's latest baby, who began crying wildly, either because he was yanking her or there were sudden weird vibes happening, or she just feared my dog, as is usually the case.  The fact that she was 'with-family' was almost as if she read my post and decided to show up just to prove she wasn't a whore.  Actually, I don't really have to post for these sorts of things to happen - all I have to do is think and then the universe reacts.  Try it some time it really works.  In fact, I could start a seminar on how to attract sexual deviants to your house just through the power of thought.

I began a post on China but not sure when that will culminate in reality.  Of course,will be writing a lot about social events lately.  Keep getting ideas for philosophical theme posts but I keep getting waylaid. Have something I need to do, but probably not ready for it and will die again in front of TV, watching "Modern Family."
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