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Up close and poisonal.

My dog insisted on going out an hour early this morning.  He is behaving weirdly.  Very weirdly.  Once again, the angry motorcycles have made him nervous.  Then there were the gunshots as we sat outside.  Then the neighbours shouting predictably this morning.  And maybe the crazy man downstairs messed with him when I was away.  A lot going on, and his limbic system is taking over.  And maybe those bits of GF pizza the other night didn't help.

We did our mini-walkabout this morning, and sat on the steps.  Started to get his leash ready for a big runaround, when I saw a black girl approaching from across the street.  Had to figure out which direction she would go, before I proceeded with the dog.  Also looked to see if she was cute, and it turned out to be the woman from down the street.  Made eye contact but no talking.

This person is pals with A-hole Guy and the Nethers, and even assisted the latter in their bangings.  I was friendly with her, and the Nethers, and her daughter, etc., but they all hated on me.  The daughter said something to me, and this woman tells her, "Don't talk to strangers!"  Even though I had been here for a few years, and the girl yapped it up with plenty of strangers if they were black.

But, as often happens with my universe, maybe she appeared this morning as a balance against the madness coming from her buddy, A-hole Guy.  This also occurred with another person.  A few things have changed since the early days, including me shouting back at A-hole Guy, forcing the crazy man to shut up and cower back inside, and, last night, sitting calmly on the steps as bullets flew.

Maybe she has an inkling for me, which happens every now and then, but the woman is constantly knocked up, it is baffling, like this is all she knows how to do, and yet damn it all she is proud.  She was dressed all hot this morning - out on the prowl, apparently.

In the early days, a crazy woman came by her house, when she lived next-door, yelling and screaming at her, from outside.  Why?  because she, and A-hole Guy, and the Nethers, are the problem around here.  One man got punched out-cold on her porch by her boyfriend.  And someone threw a rock threw her front  window.  I asked what had happened and she said, "It was just a misunderstanding."  Like the people who took over her apartment while she was away and had a party there which required the police.  So many mere misunderstandings going on here.

Half of this woman's face is burnt.  Which I had sympathy for.  I imagine that someone else retaliated against her by throwing a cocktail through her window.  But not much behaviour is changing.  New renters come through, and the problems start all over again, stupidly encouraged by A-hole Guy, who then has to evict them.  Every time there is a change, it collapses, usually around me and my dog.  So many freaks have come through here just resolved to hate me.  It's astonishing, and totally fictionworthy.

Every year, in the spring, leading up to July 4, there is always trouble around here, so I expect it.  In the earlier days, there was a lot more of it.  Gunshots, cherry bomms, etc.  But it comes back every March, as it does most places in the Northern Hemisphere.  (Down South, it must be September).  But more so right here.  And, coming out of the so-called lockdown, it has intensified - as it also fed the national riots.  Sorry if I don't join in, or condone this behaviour, but I have my own ways, which I have a natural right to believe the best.  I do have evidence to support this theory.

My 'dash' key is failing me.  And I need to get my eyes fixed.  I really don't need my dog ending up having COVID, you know.  Don't need him being shot, either.  Some one was killed the other day, on the same street I trekked down yesterday.  I'm living the life.
Tags: a-hole guy, black and white, gunshots! / gunshots?, local customs, my neighbours, psychology - violence
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