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I live in the middle of a tragic triangle.  Chicago, to the east, has it regular shootings - and two were killed during the riots last night.  Saint Louis, to the southwest, was the scene of the Ferguson protests and violence - and now had four police officers shot during the current riots.  Up to the northwest, there is Minneapolis, ground zero of the current protests and riots.

I have written of my experiences here in this town, noting the dysfunction, the stupidity in confronting coronavirus, and, most recently, the rising tide of sirens.  I told you how A-hole Guy was going berserk on his motorcycle because he could not deal with the lock-down.  Then there was the Super-8 killing, in Ye Olde City, by a guy from here.  Things were boiling, within this triangle, and then someone threw a frozen turkey in, and everything exploded.  And, up until then, I was being blown off by the LL, the police, and the owner of this house, because I was reporting the reality that bullshit was high and rising.  I paid $100 for home security, because the police and the LL think I am silly unless I have pictures to show them, from surveillance cameras.

I'll write much more on what has been going on nationally soon.  But I just want to pass along this video of a certain Jasmine Kelly, whose sister was shot by one of the so-called protesters.  She is in Davenport, Iowa.  Part of the tragic triangle.  But there have been several other deaths, elsewhere.  And a police officer is in a coma, on life support, in Las Vegas.  These stories are not being told in the corporate, mainstream media - just as my silly journal writings and pleas to my LL have not been heard - because they are politically incorrect.  You will see lies in the media that Russia is behind the riots, or that rioters are merely protesters.  And, I have to set the BBC, etc., record straight: Alex Jones, who has been banned on Facebook, YouTube, etc., did NOT set a homeless camp on fire.  He sent a crew to film Antifa members, who soon set a homeless man's mattress on fire, which the camera crew caught on video.  But, facts are the first to fall in times of fury.  More than ever, this is a time for you to think, and look for the bigger pictures.

Woman, 22, killed at protest as civil unrest roils Davenport
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