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a bend in the road


I went through past bills, etc., and organised and filed them.  It was a lot.  Also trashed several mags, newspapers, etc.  That took until about 3:pm.  At around 4:pm, I began boiling peas, lentils, rice.  Fried the salmon, so I could give some to dog - along w/ salmon/turkey wet food, etc.  It is important to note that my dog was treated very well today, and the heat had him acting a little restless and independent at times.  Meanwhile, all day, the idiot A-hole Guy is speeding his loud motorcycle all over the area, making my dog nervous.

Worked on the rest of the salmon et al dish, which is a lot.  Included some of old frozen stuff.  Left it going while I took dog out at around 5:30pm.  Before I proceed, let tell you somethings.  First, I keep my long hair up inside my cap when I go outside, because I don't need to be bothered by idiots.  Next, I have a shortwave/FM/AM radio that sits behind the back of my bed.  When I want to turn the channel, etc., I swing my left arm back.  But ever since I got harmed by finasteride, I have some kind of arthritis in that shoulder, and so it is painful to reach backwards now.  I have been working on getting that better.  Feeling like I can.  And, a some of you may remember, I broke my left elbow maybe ten years ago - (and probably the right one, too, but that was never x-rayed).  Now, let's return to our story...

Took dog out, he did his stuff, I scooped his stuff up because it is going to rain. I sprayed his ear.  He acted like he wanted to run.  What we do is I pull his tail or bump his butt and he starts running in a big circle in the yard, while I manage him on the leash.  (I have the shorter leash these days, because he gets into other dogs' urine, so I need to pull him out quickly), but the leash is still long.

Dog, since he was so in-a-good-mood, and distracted by the neighbourhood, including A-hole Motorcycle Guy, kept wanton to run down off the lawn, on to the sidewalk.  The lawn is raised, with a slope along the sides, by a foot or two.  Well, I am urging my dog to do his regular run, and he SHOULD have consented, because I did all the right things, but suddenly he darts away towards the street, while I have the leash hanging on only the tips of my fingers.  I I were to pull, it would strain or break my fingers, and the dog would get away.  So, I had to run with him.  He went down the slope onto the sidewalk, and I am running faster after him, knowing I will not be able to keep it up, (since once I am down the slope, he will be running even faster - too fast for any control). 

So, yep, I come down the slope, flying down onto the sidewalk and, as predicted, the dog gets away.  IMy left arm has hit the sidewalk, with a large scrape along the back of the forearm.  My glasses are on the ground, broken.  My cap has come off and all my hair is out.  I hear a tiny voice ask, "Are you alright?" but I don't know where it came from.  Maybe people in the car watching, or the guy who went into the house next door.  My dog has slowed or stopped and I yell at him, while I'm lying on the sidewalk, "COME HERE!"  He is cautious, but he comes, close enough so I can grab his harness, (which I do).  I growl as I reach for my glasses and put them on, as well as my cap, hair hanging out.  So, we go back up the slope, up my steps, and inside.

I washed the scrape on my arm.  Didn't feel like anything was broken.  Then I realised I couldn't straighten my left arm.  It hurts when I did certain things.  But it is pretty functional for being broken.  I can barely pop pills into my mouth using that arm.

The left elbow, which was once broken, seems to be involved.  In fact, I am feeling my arm and the elbow is the only place that hurts to the touch.  All the work on getting that arm better, now is undone.  All because A-hole Guy has been terrorising households with that motorcycle, which he revs loudly.  After 7 years here, the police have done nothing about it.  Now, If I were to call and complain about them, and tell them I broke my arm because of it, they would blow me off.  "Well, did you have security cameras?!"

I have stopped taking Glucosamine/Condroitin and MSM, because they may be triggering migraines.  Well, looks like I need to take them again, for the arm.

And, I have been avoiding my doctor, and everything else, because of coronavirus.  Now I might end up having to go to the emergency room.  A rib is also hurting.  Discovered a few cuts above me left eye.

I was planning on working on the tablet set-up now, but I thing I'll skip that for now.  Need to fix main computer again before I can be back on LJ. Looked at elbow and it is swelling. I do have some prednisone here. Considering going to the ER, maybe tomorrow. Coming back with alcohol. That's what happened the last time I broke it, and it really worked quite well. The doc, back then, told me that I healed well. even though I didn't go to the ER until 14 days after the break.

I am not going to let this stop me from cleaning and event8ually getting out of this neighbourhood.

However, these injuries are going to result in some really serious CFS.
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